A dime if you say you love me

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Avery Hernandez was a beautiful woman, but a hard worker too. She loved the attention she would receive from men, but also loved to take advantage of it. What happens when she meets Hades Alexander? The Asian business man with a hot rattled body and his handsome face.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter #1

Pleasure and lust can be confused as love sometimes, but me? I never do. I don’t believe in promises, people can make promises they won't keep, but they won't tell you that would they? People can lie, but they won’t tell you that either, would they..?

Since I was a teenager I knew I couldn't trust anyone but myself, not even my family, although it’s not like they would care anyways, they have always been self-minded people, they don't care about others, it’s all about them.

Hi, I am Avery Hernandez. I was born in Venezuela, but was soon put up for adoption after I was a teenage pregnancy and my mom didn't want me, I never met her. I was adopted by one of the richer families in Venezuela, but they never treated me with the love and affection I wanted, they thought that by spending money on me I would be happy.

They spoiled me rotten with gifts every week. But I didn't want that at all. I was an independent kid. My father was always nice to me and he acted like I was his own, but my mother didn't. She treated me like a servant, and if I did something wrong or left my room with a small mess she would call me horrible names and would say I was going to become a whore just because I didn't clean my room. I remember once I wanted to put some fairy lights on my curtains, I had done it without anyone's help but I hadn't realized I hadn't put them on very well. I called her to show her what I had done. I thought they looked amazing.
“Look Mom! I put fairy lights on my curtains! What do you think?” She looked at little me with a disgusted look on her face.
“They look horrible, take them down and let’s put them back up, but this time so they look at least decent.” tears were dropping down my cheeks, I couldn't hold back the feeling of worthlessness.
But now, 10 years later I am living in Melbourne Australia, as a book editor in a publishing company during the day and a dancer during the night. My mother has never reached out to me since that day I moved away from Venezuela, my father has been in touch every now and then but he is slowly drifting away too, that's why I always say I only have myself and I.

I walked into the office with a serious look on my face, I needed to play the part here, I needed to pretend. Pretending is one of my strong suits since I was in highschool, I used to pretend I was happy and that nothing was bothering me, I don’t know if they were pretending too or they just didn’t care because they never noticed. I used to cry myself to sleep almost every night thinking and asking myself what I did wrong.

I passed my boss's office and opened the door to mine. It was a slow day today so I didn’t have to worry too much about getting to check emails right now.

*DING* “I need you in my office right now Avery I have a client coming in and I need you to take notes.” Mr. Ryans announced from the intercom, guess I spoke too soon.

I walked to his office which was only a few doors away from mine. I knocked on the door and heard a low ‘come in’ so I opened the door and walked in. As I did I didn’t know what hit me, the most handsome man was sitting in one or the chairs my boss had for clients only. He had medium length black hair which was styled back fancily, his eyes were a dark forest green, I felt lost in them, his face looked like one out of a movie. His body was husky, he was strong and gave off a potent aura. My legs had started to give out but I collected myself quickly, the smell of his cologne hit my lungs after walking past him.
“Thank you for joining us Ms. Hernández, this is Mr.Alexander, he is my client, and today we are going to be discussing the future of this company, he is interested in joining his business with ours so make sure to listen carefully.” My boss said in a calm but speedy manner.
“A pleasure meeting you Mr. Alexander, as you already know I am Avery Hernández.” I said as professionally as possible and shook his hand. I felt sparks going through my body when we made contact, his hand was soft yet masculine at the same time, I felt like i could hold it all day, I quickly let go of his hand when I realized I had been holding it for way too long, my boss was looking at me with an annoyed look on his face.

I sat down in the chair across from Mr. Alexander I still didn't know his first name…
“So, as i said we will be joining businesses since Mr. Alexander is looking to get into publishing, why would a person so successful like you be interested in getting into publishing Mr. Alexander?” My boss threw a quick fake smile to me which meant I needed to take notes about EVERYTHING mr.alexander was about to say.
“Well, I’ve been looking to get into publishing since I do enjoy it myself, and it would help my company quite a bit economically and reputation wise, I would like to spread my company into as many careers as possible all over the world.” Mr. Alexander said checking his watch right after, is he in a hurry? I ask myself.

“Well it would be a pleasure doing business with you sir, we should arrange a meeting in a few days to make sure our employees are okay with some change in the curriculum.” boss said trying to sound professional even tho it was totally unpersuasive and Mr. Alexander was probably thrown off.

We all stood up and my boss and Mr. Alexander shook hands before I showed him to the door, I closed the door behind me when I stepped out of my boss’s office.
“I think you should work for me.” Mr.Alexander suddenly said and I was surprised by his sudden outcome.
“I am already working for Mr. Ryans, Mr. Alexander and I love my job as a secretary and book editor here.” I said politely and he seemed amused that he just got a job offer from him rejected.
“I am impressed, you are the first ever person to reject a job offer from me.” He said a slight smirk forming on his face.
“Sorry i guess but I am satisfied with my job right now.” I say and walk down the hall and towards my office.
“I could give you a better salary..” He said and I rolled my eyes, I swear people with money think they can win everyone over by just offering them a bunch of cash.
“I don’t need a higher salary Mr.Alexander, thank you for the offer.” not. I put the pin to open my office door and he followed me inside, are you kidding me.
“Well if you ever change your mind…” He put a card with a number on his desk, probably his office number.. “Give me a call, and by the way, just call me Hades.” He turned around and left my office, suddenly I felt self-conscious about everything. Is my desk clean? Does my skirt have ruffles? Is my hair even brushed?. Stop Avery, get a hold of yourself. I sat down in my office chair letting out a big breath I didn't know I was holding. I decided to get back to work and contact a few authors. Mr. Ryans was interested..
This is going to be a long week.
**Three Hours Later**
“Bitch wake the fuck up we have to go clubbing tonight.” I wake up to the voice of my horrible best friend, Andrew.
“I am not going clubbing tonight, I have work to do.” I say and start to pick up files from the cabinets to finish at home. He grabs my hand and throws the folders back in the cabinets before basically dragging me out of the office.
“It wasn't a question hun.” Oh for fucks sake.
I watch as Andrew makes a mess of my closet looking for a dress for me to wear to the club tonight, I really didn't feel up to it today but you know what? I need to get Mr. Alexander and his handsome hot body out of my mind so why not go out and get drunk, it's a Friday night anyways.
“Bingo!” Andrew screeches and throws a piece of clothing over to me
“Try this one on.” He said and pushed me to the bathroom locking me in there. I put on the dress struggling a little getting it over my dinosaur thighs but getting it on eventually, I unlocked the bathroom door and walked out feeling super sexy in this dress.
“Damn bitch you look HAWT.” Andrew says, looking me all over.
“All the guys are going to be all over you tonight hun.”
“Uh, I'm not sure I like how revealing this dress is.” I say looking at myself in the mirror.

“Damn, i haven't looked this good in a few days, work has made me crazy.” I said and twirl one last time to see myself better.
“Gurl, don't worry I promise tonight you will have a taste of the good old times.” He winked at me and I instantly knew what he meant.
“I am not dancing tonight Andrew you know I quit a long time ago and it was for a reason.” He sighed and rolled his eyes and walked out of the room meaning it was time to go.
When we got to the club it was packed, there was a line outside that went around the block twice
“I am not waiting in that line Andrew.” I say and turn back around to head to the car.
“Oh no honey don't worry, I know the owner.” He winked and I rolled my eyes, they totally fucked. I walk behind Andrew towards the entrance and everyone is staring at me, I could feel their eyes burning into my back as Andrew and I entered the building. The inside of the club was sort of empty, there were a few people who were dancing, some were sitting at the bar drinking and some were simply chatting at the tables. I followed Andrew through the crowd until we went to the VIP section.
“Wait we don't have VIP memberships?” He looked back and smiled at me, winking again.
“Stop asking so many questions and just follow me.” The bouncer opened the small rope that went across the small entrance to the VIP area and soon we were inside, it was amazing, luxurious, I felt like a prestigious rich person here. We got to where the stage was and Andrew and I sat down at one of the tables and he ordered us some drinks. I looked around and saw a group of men, all dressed in fancy suits and they all had fancy drinks on their hands, they all had a serious look on their face as they spoke.
“Ladies and gentleman the dancers will be starting in 5 minutes.!” We heard through a small intercom and I could see the men get excited, wait, was I literally the only woman here? I looked around again and saw no woman on site except the one waitress that was attending the big table of men.
The minutes were passing by quickly and it was soon time for the dancers to hit the dance floor, the first one came in and “Streets” by doja cat started playing soon after, I watched as she sensually moved across the dance floor never missing a beat, I really do miss dancing but leaving was for the better. Everyone had their eyes on the amazing dancer, she was truly amazing, she did a few twirls on the pole before model walking out of the stage and another dancer came in, this one had a much more revealing outfit on and all the men had their eyes filled with lust, i could hear the whistle over to her, the dancer came down from the stage and walked over to one of the men at the table beside us and started giving him a lap dance, her moves were perfect and the guy was clearly satisfied as he had a hazy look on his face.

Two hours had passed now and the last dancer of the night was about to come on, Andrew looked at me and he had this shit eating grin on his face, oh my god what did you do Andrew I rolled my eyes at him and looked at a guy on a suit with a golden rose on the pocket walked out of the backstage and took the microphone in his hand.
“Ladies and Gentleman, tonight we have a special performance as our last.”

“Welcome to the stage, Avery Hernandez!” oh no…

~*Hades POV*~
Everyone was looking for the mysterious woman, but I already knew who she was, she was in the table right beside us all this time, but she never noticed I was here, I watched as she finally caved in and stood up and walked to the stage, John, the host, left the stage and “your guilty pleasure” started playing.
I watched as she moved sensually to the start of the song, she slowly moved her hands down her body, she twirled around the pole twice before sliding down into a split, I stopped thinking just then, I simply watched her, desire filling my mind as I watched her and her pretty little dress that I just wanted to rip off her body and eat her alive. I shifted uncomfortably as I felt myself getting hard, I tried to adjust myself in my tight slacks but it was still uncomfortable.

When the song finally finished she came down from the stage and sat back down with her friend. They seemed very close..
“That was an amazing performance for Avery! Unfortunately that was our last one for the night, now our DJ will be entertaining you.”
I was ignoring what everyone was saying and looking at Avery, watching her every move, the way she rejected my job offer earlier today was so attractive, but her little attitude will get her into some trouble…
~*Avery POV*~
I sat down feeling tired from the performance, everyone had their eyes on me while I was dancing, but i could feel a strong gaze from someone else, I still could, I looked around to try and find whoever was eye raping me and I found my eyes meeting his gaze. My breath hitched as he looked at me with desire in his eyes.
He stood up from the table and walked towards bathrooms, before he completely disappeared his head turned to me and his gaze told me to follow him.
“Hey Andrew I gotta go to the restroom. I'll be right back.” I said to Andrew as I stood up and walked to the bathrooms, I could feel my heartbeat going a thousand miles.
When I took a turn to the hall I got pinned to the wall and I could feel my back whine in pain, I looked up to see mr.alexander oh my god.
“I saw your little dance Ms.Hernandez..” He said his voice low but still deep. I could feel my face start to heat up.
“I couldn't help but feel...ecstatic..” He said again but this time close to my ear, he started kissing all the way down my throat, I threw my head back giving him more space to roam around. He had me pinned against the wall, his knee in between my legs, softly pressing against my thigh. Each of his hands on either side of me our bodies pressed together. His hot breath was hitting my neck and his lips were leaving marks on my collarbone.
He stopped and lifted his head looking at me directly in my eyes. They were dark filled with desire. Before I was able to catch my breath again, he connected his hot lips with mine, they moved in sync but soon enough it was over, he pulled away from me and he had a smirk on his face, I glared back.
“Nice seeing you again Mr. Avery” He said and left me standing there dumbfounded, wait, did i just basically make out with my bosses boss….
Oh my god.
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