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Fascinate (bxb one shot)

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These one-shots are mature one and have bxb action. I hope you guys will like.

Erotica / Romance
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1. Night Attack


"Will, you know what, you're a shit. And you're saying that you love me, huh! Just go, buddy. I don't give a shit about you and your fucking feelings. It's not even 5 minutes, when you have your tongue deep down in Jessica's throat, now this!? Just go. I don't even like you." I said while controlling my feeling. How can he kissed her one minute ago and then said I love you to me like I am his life. I am done with him. I know that I love him but screw him or his so-called love. I make myself as possible as to look heartless. I took a step away from him but he capture my hand in a tight grip.

"Will, leave my hand," I growled.

"Please Liam I love you. I know that I take too much time to realise it but I am serious buddy. I love you. Please ju....." Before he could complete his sentence I slapped him. He is looking at me with wide and shocked eyes. I can't blame him, hell even I am shocked. I have never slapped anyone in rage.

He loosen his grip on my hand, releasing it. I took this chance and start running towards my home without looking back at him. Once at the home, I locked myself in my room and lay down on the bed with face down. I don't know that I am crying until I felt a tear roll down on my face. How can he do that? I always love him but he never looked at me with love. He always wanted to be my friend but I want more. I closed my eyes and think about us.

I am Liam, age 18. I have sun-kissed skin. I love playing football and have six-packs, dirty brown hairs. In short, you can call me a JOCK. Yeah, I am a jock but never in my whole life, I bullied others. Why should I do that, its not good to bully others or hurt their feeling? My whole life, I thought that I am STRAIGHT!! But whenever I saw my best buddy William, I questioned my sexuality. We spent lots of time with each other. I swear that I will cherish our friendship.

William also has sun-kissed skin and beautiful blue eyes. Those eyes are sinful. He also plays football like me. We are best buddies from nursery until I confessed my feelings to him. We love each other. But his as brother or friend while mine is more than a friend. I wanted more than a friendship. So I told him about my feelings 2 months ago. And that was the biggest mistake of my life.

"What did you just said, Liam?" He ask in a angry voice that bring a shiver down my spine.

"I-i ii love..." I never got to finish my sentence and feel a sting on my cheek. Did that bustard punch me?

"Look, you gay boy. I don't care what you like was puss*y or coc*k. Don't ever say that you love me. You disgusted me. You fa.." I punched him. How can he say that? I love him and confessed my feeling. I am not someone who can easily let him go away after punching me.

He was about to punch me again but stopped and look behind me. I followed his gaze and there was Jessica. She was the most beautiful and lovely girl. If I didn't love William I would definitely go for her. She was also our classmate. When I looked back at William, he had something strange in his eyes. Which I couldn't place. He moved toward Jessica and kiss her hard in front of me while making eye contact. I stood there looking at them with teary eyes. He asked her for being his girlfriend and she accept it. She liked him and now she had him. They hugged and kiss again.

They started walking and come near to me. With a smile William hugged me and says in a slow voice

"Listen you gay boy. Now we are not
friends and stay away from me if you don't want to spoil your reputation. One more thing, next time if you try to do that again, no one, I mean it, no one will know about your dead body." He said with so much hater and deadly voice that can feel fear. Maybe I am jock but I don't like fights. After that, we never talked. We always stayed away from each other. If anyone asked, we said that he had a girlfriend now, so he have to spend time with her more.

This has happened two months ago. We didn't talk till today. When he decided to tell me that he loves me, I would accept it but I was there when he kissed Jessica. He didn't know that I was there. I know that I can't have him. Maybe he wanted to play with my feelings. With those thoughts, I slept because thinking about it only give me pain.


When I wake up, I don't see anything first. I have a bad headache from crying. When I look at my surrounding and on my body, I am shocked to see that I don't have any clothes on. I am NUDE!! My hands are tied behind my back and something in my mouth which prevent me from speaking. I don't know what happened here. I am about to lost my mind when I feel a presence behind me. Whoever is there, held me up in a dog position. I am confused but suddenly a realisation hits me and my eyes go wide. Someone is going to RAPE ME!! I started to move my body fastly to release from their grip but they are more powerful. They pull my hairs back hard, a whimper escape from me. I can't do anything, they are not saying anything. I don't have any idea about how many they are. Suddenly I feel something wetness on my asshole. I don't want to moan but how can I control myself when Someone is there licking my hole, rimming it as their life depends on it.

It feels so good, I can feel myself getting hard. I started pushing my ass back for more access but they slapped my ass cheeks. That person is slapping and licking at the same time. I want to scream at them to stop but they keep going. I want to deny but I am loving it. Suddenly they stop slapping and push a finger in my asshole and this hurts so much. I am trying to release myself but it is not useful because they have tied my legs to bedsides. What is going on? I am not bottom. Please stop this. I am thinking about it while praying them to stop.

After sometime, I relax and start enjoying it, they push one more finger in, I shake my body but I moan when they hit my pleasurable point. Like they feel it and keep hitting it until I cum. They don't stop their work and keep going but I don't have energy, they keep going until they have their maximum all fingers in me. I cum again and again. My body feels so hot and numb. I let them do whatever they want. After some time they stopped their work and release me.

I feel myself relax but this calmness converts into horror when I feel them pushing something bigger than their fingers into my a*sshole. I am crying because they are taking my virginity. I want to save it for William. I know that he hurts me but I still love him. That person doesn't give me a time to relax and starts moving in and out harshly. He is moaning on top of me while fucking me with his rock hard cock. I want to see their face but can't turn my head.

He don't say anything just keep doing his fuc*king. I feel so dirty now. I am not pure. Why this is happening to me now? I stay there crying and whimpering while he keep fu*cking me and moaning in pleasure. I don't want to feel good but that person keep hitting my pleasure point and it feels good. I want to moan but thanks god my moans is covered by this gag.

Like that the person again know about it and open my gag. I couldn't help but moan loudly. I don't have any choices. It is so wrong but feels so right. I don't know when but I also start pushing my as*s back to him. He held my as*s in a hard grip and fuc*ks me. It feels so good. I may be not bottom but it is not bad. I like it.

"O baby you are so tight." The person said and cum with a moan in me. My body freeze because I know this voice. When that person feels my mood. He slowly take out his cock. Undo my legs, hands And turn me on my back. Now I am facing him.

"What the hell was this?" I shouted at him.

"Baby I told you that I love you but you ignore me. I..." I cut his sentence

"That doesn't mean to rape me WILLIAM," I shouted on him, I am crying but I don't care. How can he do that? I love him and he rape me.

"I know that it is not good. Please baby listen to me. Just give me a chance. You will never regret it. Please." He said softly but what can I do? He see the hesitation in my eyes and lean down to hug me. I stay there like a stone. I can't understand that all.

"Baby please let me tell you everything. Please." He said and start rubbing his hands up and down on my back. I nod at him to continue.

"Ok, um let me starts from starting. Liam I also likes you." I was about to ask him what he means? But he held his hand up to stop me. "Let me finished. I have liked you more than friends. But when you said that you love me and kissed me. I didn't know how to react. I wanted that kiss to stay longer. But I was scared. You know that my parents are homophobic. I didn't want them to hate me. So I did that all things and said bad words to you."

"Then why you confess your feelings today. Why will, why?" I ask him because there has too many questions.

"I talked to Jessica about this a month ago. She doesn't have any problem. She wanted me to be happy. We are just friends now, nothing more I promise."

"Then why did you kiss her? I saw that and you can't say that I am wrong. And what about your parents?" I can feel more anger in me and he tighten his grip.

"Well from last month I tried to make my parents accept us. It was hard fo-for me. But they accept me now. They said that they will take more time but they accept me. And for today's kiss. It was our last kiss. But both of us don't feel anything, Liam. Please give me a chance. I will do everything to make you love me more. Please" He pleaded so softly, it's like I am falling for him again. I will forgive him. But I want some answers first.

"One more question why you forced yourself on me will." I am sad because of this. I love him. After all, I am his. He will do anything he wants but why this way?

"Umm I knocked on the door but you didn't answer. So I climbed to the window. It was open. When I came in. You were in deep sleep and calling my name. Yo-you were hard. I can feel myself getting hard by seeing you. I couldn't control myself and start removing your clothes. I knew that you will kill me when you see me. So I tied your hands. First, I just wanted to rim you but you encouraged me to do more by pushing back and all of this happen." He said and look down. I know that he feel shame for that. Then I see something.



"Why there have so much lube and condoms? I knew that I don't have them." I asked him with a rise brow and cross my hands on my chest.

"Umm, i-i was thinking that if you accept my apologies then you want to make love with me so I bring them over." He said and blush. But I can feel that he is hiding something. I notice that he has some problems while sitting. Then I realised something and feel myself getting hard.

"Will." I called him in a deep husky voice.

"L-Liam" he is so red with embarrassment that I want to eat him.

"You want me to put my co*ck in your a*ss huh?" I asked him with a smirk. Because I know the answer.

"I know that you will never be a bottom so I just some kind of did experiment on me." He said shyly in a small voice, if I am not sitting with him I couldn't catch his words.

"What you did, Will?" I asked and hugs him tightly. I place kisses on his ears and lick them.

"I pre-prepare myself for you." He moaned when I bite on his earlobe. Well, it's not my fault to bite him. I get excited because he prepares himself for me.

I change our position and push him on the bed with his face in front of me. I leaned down and kiss him, moving my hands down slowly and stop at his ass*hole. I look at him with wide eyes, he blush and close his eyes.

"Will babe you want it too much huh." I said and push his bu*ttplug in. He nods with a moan.

In a second, I remove the plug and pushed in my coc*k and start fuc*king him hard. He prepared himself for me and it excites me. He feels so good wrapped around my cock. He will have problems tomorrow but right now we want it. The room is filled with our moans and grunts. We are making love to each other and it's perfect. After cumming we laid there, hugging each other and sleep.


It has been 2 years from that day since we were boyfriends or lover. But yesterday everything changed because now we are husband and husband. His family also love us. I have a most beautiful, loving and caring husband just because of his NIGHT ATTACK on me.


This story ends here. Don't forget to comment or vote"

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