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10. Ex-Bestfriends 3

Last part of Ex-bestfriends.


"Nnnnggghhhhh." Crist's eyes snapped open as he felt rough trusting in his lower back. He tried to pushed that thing away but he had no energy. He turned his head to look behind him and gasped to see Reynold standing behind him as his rigid cock was playing hide and seek with his ass hole.

"Wha-What the fffuuccckk?" Crist tried to pull his body away from Reynold but Reynold caught his hands and held them on his back. Then continued to plugged his cock in and out of his swollen asshole.

"Oohh God. I love this hole." Reynold growled as he bend down and circled his arms around Crist's chest. Then pulled him up with his back connected against Reynold's chest.

"FUCK!!" Crist's eyes rolled back as the cock inside him hit his pleasurable point and his cock started to leak.

"Yeah baby. Just-Just moan for me." Reynold licked his left earlobe then bite on it hard and Crist screamed as his cock exploded.

"Oh gwaaaadddd."

"Baby. I'm the one, who is fucking you not a GODD!!" Reynold gave him a powerful trust as Crist's body pushed forward in the bed and fell down.

"Yo-you are insane!!! Crist yelled at him then felt the cock inside him changed it's size and swell up.

With wide eyes Crist yelled at him," Don't cum inside me you moron!!"

Reynold smirked as his cock shoot a rope of thick semen inside Crist's warm womb. He grasped handful of his asscheeks, preventing him from escape then shoot more ropes of cum. "Sorry baby but aaahhhhhh you ar-are late."

Crist's eyes rolled back as his hole filled with Reynold's warm juices and moaned. Reynold emptied himself inside him then fell down on Crist's tired body.

Reynold kissed the back of his shoulder then murmured against it," So you love me?"

Crist's breath hitched at his question," Wh-What are you saying?"

A sly smile made it's way on Reynold's face and he trusted his soften cock inside him.," Nothing. Just asking what you said before fainting."

Crist moaned as the cock inside him started to come back to the life and tried to pull away," Are you beast? Leave me Rey!"

"Not until you tell me thhe truth." thrust. "So you love me?" thrust.


It's goings to be fun. Reynold thought to himself then pushed up his body with both of his hands on either sides of Crist's waist. Slowly he retreated his cock out and Crist relaxed a little but screamed as Reynold inside with a hard thrust.

"FUCK!!" Crist arched his back then gripped the bedsheets in his hands as Reynold started to fuck him with slow but long thrusts.

"Do you love me?" Reynold pulled out his whole cock then looked down at Crist's back.

"No. FUCK!!" Reynold pushed inside then gave him few thrust before pulling out.

"Do you love me?"

"No." Thrust

"Do you?"

"No." Reynold pulled out then stood up. He caught Crist's arm and flipped him over. He took both of his legs and put them on his shoulder. Then bend down while locking his gaze with Crist's eyes and placed his cock on Crist's entrance," Baby, Do you love me?"

Crist's eyes welled up as the eyes before him, reflecting the same emotions as his own. He nodded furiously as the tears poured out from his eyes and rolled down on the bedsheets," I do. I DO."

Reynold smiled and leaned down peck his forehead then moved down to his lips.," I love you too baby." Reynold murmured against his lips then pushed his cock inside him with a hard thrust. Crist opened his mouth to moan but it was eaten by Reynold as he locked their lips together.

Reynold pulled himself out but pushed inside softly while nibbling at his lips. Reynold moved both of his hands and caught Crist's hands, locking them together as he dig his tongue inside his mouth. Licking the every corner of his mouth while throwing the soft thrusts.

They kissed for few minutes then Crist broke the kiss to take a breath as Reynold tailed down on hook of his shoulder while kissing on the way. He sucked on his shoulder, leaving marks of his love, their love.

This time, Reynold was not fucking him but making love as their bodies moves in a rhythm. Reynold gazed his perking beads and took one his mouth. He licked it softly while maintaining eye-contact with Crist. Just when Crist relaxed, Reynold bite on it hard.


"I don't know that you love rough." Reynold teased as he gave him a powerful thrust then slow down.

Crist was irritated at his torture and caught handful of Reynold's hairs in his hand then pulled it backward," If you're not going to fuck me properly then pull out."

"Sure baby." With that Reynold stood up and bend both of Crist's legs in half then connected them with his chest. He gazed at Crist's hole, winking at him and then in a one go, he pushed his whole way inside him.


And Reynold did. He fucked him hard with long thrusts. The cum inside Crist's asshole helped his cock to easily slid in and out without any restriction. The sound of their skin slapping was so high that it would be heard by anyone if they stood by their room. The sweat on their bodies was glittering their bodies. Reynold was happy to have his ex-bestfriend and now lover, in his arms. He wanted to love him till the sun shine.

Crist's eyes bulged out with every thrust hitting on his pleasurable point. He screamed till throat soared. He knew that this fucking would be results as lots of pain on tomorrow. But that pain would be worth it. He had been in love with his bestfriend and now he have him.

"I'm cumming babyyy!!" Crist screamed at the top of his lungs as the steam of his cum shoot through his piss hole. His assring became more tighter than before and clenched on Reynold's hammer.

Reynold wanted to fuck him more but the clenching on his cock was too much and with a loud growl, he cummed inside him. Crist moaned as the cum inside him filled him up and flowing out.

"I love you Crisy."

"I love you too, Rey." With that Crist closed his eyes and sleep.


Crist opened his sleepy eyes then stretched his arms out. His eyes bulged out as they fell on a shining jewellery on his ring finger. He looked at the ring in aww. The ring was so beautiful and shiny. But from where he got it?

He panicked as the question hit him hard and looked around. A slow movement on the bed alert him and he turned around to see a head full of black coloured hairs, poked out from the blanket followed by a beautiful face.

"Hey Crisyy." Reynold mumbled as he circled his arms around Crist's narrow waist then kissed on it.

"Rey!! What the fuck you did?" Crist asked, showing him the ring in his finger.

Reynold smiled as he took his hand in his and kissed on the ring," It's my mom's ring. She wanted me to give it to her daughter-in-law but as you see, I'm fucking gay and in love with you. So this is for you." Reynold informed him then cheekily added., "It's a good thing that this ring has a neutral design and suitable for any gender. Otherwise my mom will be so mad at me."

Crist blushed then panicked to remember that he never told his parents about him being a gay. He tried to pull the ring out when a hand caught his hand.

"And what are you doing?" Reynold asked, still holding his hand, preventing him to take the ring out.

Crist turned his head, facing Reynold with teary eyes," Rey. I love you. Trust me. Bu-But I'm not out to my parents. I can't do this. They love me and what if they reject me,us? I can't leave them. Please let me take it out. I-I can't do this."

Reynold frowned then wipe away the tears falling from his eyes. He placed his both hands on Crist's cheeks then locked their gaze," Do you love me?"


Reynold shook his head," No, just tell me, yes or no?"

Crist took a deep breath before nodded," Yes."

With a smile Reynold wiped his tears away," Then it's final. I finally have you and don't want to lose you again. We are going to be ok. Your parents will going to accept us. We are going to be married then have lots of children. Right?"

Crist nodded his head. He couldn't believe his voice. The man, he had been in love from a long time, was here with him. With Reynold, he was ready to face this world. Because Reynold was the missing part of his heart.

Reynold leaned down and kissed his tears away then moaned at salty taste," I swear to god. Even your tears are fucking yummy."

Crist slapped his arm softly," Shut up you pervert."

"Hahahahahahaha." Reynold laughed then pointed at the packages placed on the side table in the room.

"Let wear some clothes. I have a big surprise for you."

Crist rose a brow but Reynold ignored him and stood up in his naked glory then walked towards the table.

Crist blushed to see his perfect round buns and licked his lips.

Reynold turned back a little when he felt eyes on him," I'm fully yours baby. But stop looking at me like that otherwise I will fuck you again."

Crist torn his gaze away then ripped off the blanket from his body. He gasped to see dark purple marks on his waist then with wince, he slowly stood up and walked to the mirror. He traced the marks on his body with a smile. He never thought to have these marks on his body and loving it.

Reynold saw those marks then approached him, fully clothed. "Sorry baby. I'll never do that again. I was just excited to have you. I'm so sorr__"

Crist stopped him by kissing his lips.," I love them. It's ok."

"I'm glad you like them but are you sure?"

"Yeah. Umm did you wash me up?"

Reynold smirked," I love to see you in my cum but I'm not that kinky to let you sleep in it. So I cleaned you thoroughly after you sleep or back out."

Crist smiled then leaned up and kissed him again," Thank you."

"It's my pleasure. Now let me help you to wear those clothes." Crist nodded with a smile.


After 8 years:- (Epilogue)

"Grandpa, then what happened?" Mark, 6 years old, a chubby child asked his grandpa while eating a chocolate bar.

Grandpa chuckled at his cute grandson then wiped away the chocolate's stain from his chubby cheek," After solving their fight, your dad and papa came out of the office. And Your papa was shocked to see all of your grandparents standing outside. Your papa was crying and saying that ,' We didn't fight. And it's not like as you guys thoughts.' But your dad already told us that he is going to fight with your papa because he loves him and wanted to marry him."

" We told your papa everything that they don't have to stay away from each other and we accept their relationship. Your papa was crying while saying thank you again and again."

Mark finished his chocolate bar then started clapping his hands while bouncing up and down on his chair, "Yay!"

The child stopped clapping then looked over in his papa and dad direction, who were looking back at their son with love filled eyes. "But grandpa, Dad and papa still fights at night. I heard papa's screams."

The juice in Crist's mouth flew out and he coughed while rubbing his chest. Reynold laughed at his beloved son's innocent and patted Crist's back," Cool down haha baby."

Crist glared at him," I'm still angry at you for not telling me in advance that our parents knew about us."

"Then spoil the fun." Reynold kissed him softly on lips then murmured against it, "So angry fight tonight?"

Crist blushed then peck his lips softly," Yeah."

"GRANDPA!! See they are going to fight again!!!"

The End!!

I hope you guys like it.

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