Fascinate (bxb one shot)

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2. Dare

ManxBoy shot.

Do you ever feel regret for doing anything? Maybe you all have something to regret. I'm also feeling it after accepting this stupid challenge to impress a girl whom I have been liking from a year. Now all of you are wondering about it. Just make it more simple to all of you let me introduce myself and my situation first.

Me(John ), my crush (Ava), my best friend(Max) and his girlfriend (Mia) were playing truth or dare at a restaurant near by my home. This is our favourite restaurant. We love to come here every time we want to hangout.

Come back to my situation. I thought that maybe, maybe it is the right time to tell her about my feelings but no it's a bad idea to play it. I asked for a dare on my turn in hope that Max would dare me to kiss Ava. But Ava told him that she wanted to choose my dare. I felt so hot just by thinking that Ava would be going to make some sexy dare. But what she said was not a shock for me as well as for others.

"JOHN, baby you have to play 7 minutes in heaven with...." she stopped and give me a seductive smile. That smile made me smirk. Of course, I am going to have fun with her.

"With the person who will comes in through this door." She said and laugh. I looked at her in shock while opening and closing my mouth.

"I-it's a joke right babe." I asked her to confirm. But she gave me a hard stare.

"No, no at all. You have to do naughty things with the person who will come in." She said smiling that I can't refuse her. I am about to say no when she looks at me and smile more.

"I know you can do it. So just do it John." When she said that, the bell on the door, rang and all of us look at it.

No no no no this is not true. What the HELL!!! I am imaging it. I can't do this. I am looking at that person with wide eyes.

"Can't, i-i can't do this Ava. Baby please what."

"Shut up John don't be a coward just go and do something." She ordered and I can see the disappointment in her eyes. I don't want that. But I have to do it. Just have some faith John. you can do it. I tell myself and make my way to that person who happened to be a male. A. FUCKING. MALE!!

"Hhh hi," I says trying to make a conversation.

"Yes?" He ask in a muscular voice and I shiver at this. He is not young or too old. His hairs are grey but I can see that he has a mascular body. He has two upper buttons open of his shirt. He has an Alpha male aura. When I see in his eyes, I can feel the problem in breathing. He has so beautiful green eyes. I want to stare in them. I just keep looking in his eyes. Hell, I even have a kink for Green eyes. I love GREEN EYES!!!.

"Ahem." He cough which makes me realise that I have been staring at him. I could feel myself blush and look away in my friends' direction. They are looking at our direction with wide eyes. When I met Ava's eyes. She mouthed to continue. I looks back at the person.

"Umm hi, I am John." I said and take out my hand for a handshake but he keeps staring at me. I feel strange, he has something in the eyes which I can't place it. When I was about to lower my hand he caught them and handshake.

"I am Matthew. What you want?" He asked in a deep voice and I can feel myself getting hard what the Hell is going on?!! I asked myself. And quickly pull my hand back.

"Sir. Aa I want to ask you for a favour." I said and he nods to continue.

"Sir me and my friends are playing truth and dare. I picked dare in hope that I will kiss my crush. But they told me to play 7 minutes in heaven with the person who comes in. And you just come in." I said in little voice. But he still looking at me. I can see that he is clenching his jaws. Maybe he doesn't like it but I have to do something.

"Umm, we really don't have to do that. You know just come with me to the bathroom for some time and I will tell them that we did something naughty there. Ok?" I offers with a hopeful voice.

"Ok." He says still looking at me like he wants to judge me for something but for what? Just leave that, because he said yes and I am happy for it.

"Ok let me tell them," I tell my friends that we are going in the bathroom. They are about to say something but I go back to Matthew. I'm about to take his hand but he beats me and takes my hand. When we reached at the bathrooms, he doesn't stop and keep walking. I am confused because he is making his way to the backside of the restaurant. He stop at the door which has BOSS written on it. I freaked out that maybe he is going to complain about me.

He took out the keys and open the door. I looked at him in confusion but he ignore it and keep walking, again we reach the next door. He opened it and push me in. Once inside I am looking at the room in Aww. That room is so beautiful. There has a mirror wall also and you can see the view of the sunset from that. It looks so beautiful. I am in my own world that I don't feel Matthew behind me. I jumped up when he place a kiss on my back side of neck and look at him in a horror.

"Wh-What are you doing?"I ask in an angry voice. But I know that my voice doesn't show any anger.

"What, don't you want to play 7 minutes in heaven with me." He said seductively but with mocking voice.

"Ye-Yeah but we don't have to do it in real. Just pretend that we did it. Ok." I said and make my way away from him but he caught my hand.

"But I want something also in return. Otherwise, I will tell your so-called crush about it. And she will be so disappointed in you" He pointed out and now I am scared. I don't want to see the disappointment in her eyes. She will never forgive me. Because she always hates liars.

"What you want?" I asked in a small voice.

"Nothing just give me my those 7 minutes in heaven and you will be free." He says it like that it's normal for him." But if you want to give me more time then it will also be good" he adds with a wink.

"No, no 7 minutes are enough. But just keep it in between us." I warned him but feel that something big going to happen because he has a huge smirk on his face.

"STRIP NOW." What the hell!!


"Listen I am not going to repeat myself so STRIP NOW." He ordered and I can feel myself obey his demand. I removed my clothes and stand still.

"Remove all of your clothes JOHN." He said with irritated voice. I am feeling so shame because I never did that. And Matthew has a lust, pure raw lust in his eyes. It's a really bad idea to accept that dare.

"Do you want me to punish you?" He asked and I shake my head in no.

"Then strip." In a motion I remove all of my clothes and stand there with my hands covering my family jewels.

"Hmm now turn around." I did. I can feel him coming near and then a hand on my as*s cheeks. I am about to move when he holds me in a tight grip and keep moving his hand on my as*s cheeks. He pinched them so hard that I scream. He turned my head and starts kissing me. I wanted to argue but he is holding me tightly. I don't know what going on. I can feel tears in my eyes because he is kissing me hard and keep pinching and smacking my as*s cheeks. Then suddenly he pushed me on the bed and bends me with legs wide open. I don't know why but I am feeling excitement with this. I am in my own thoughts when I feel something wet on my as*shole and moan loudly. When I look behind, my eyes go wide. I can't believe it, he is rimming me. When our eyes met, he winked at me and dug his tongue in more. He keeps rimming me while holding my eyes. This feels so good. I shut my thoughts and focus on this feeling. I can feel my co*ck coming to life.

This feel so good and I am loving it. When he see that I am enjoying it, slowly he start pushing a finger in my as*shole. When I feel it, I tried to get away from him but he smack my ass.

"Just stay there baby you will love it." He ordered and push a finger in with full force. I start to move away because it's hurting too much. But he lay on me and continue his fingering. After some time the pain decrease and I can feel pleasure with it. He slowly starts pushing one more finger in.

"Please Matthew it hurts just take it out. Please" I can feel tears in my eyes.

"Just take it like a man-baby." He said in a husky voice. Then suddenly I moan when his fingers touch something inside my hole.

"Huh, maybe I got what I have been looking for." With that, he pushed two more fingers in it and I screamed because it is hurting too much. He turns my face and starts kissing me to stop my voice. But he keeps doing fingering. After some time it feels good and I start pushing against his fingers. When he feels that, he release my mouth and take out his finger. I whimper because I want more. He laughed and helps me to lay on the bed fully. He slowly removes his pants, I don't know why but I want to lick his sexy legs. They look so yummy. Then he removes his boxers. I look at his huge co*ck in shock. Because I know that he wants to fu*ck me but no way in the hell that this thing going to fit in my as*sholes.

When he see hesitation in my eyes, he jump on me and start kissing me hard. I am so lost in his kiss that I failed to notice that he took lube and rubs it on his co*ck and on my hole. I keep kissing him because it's like a drug to me and now I am addicted to this drug. I screamed in a kiss when he forcefully pushed his whole coc*k in me. He doesn't give me time to adjust and start moving in and out roughly. I tried to push him away but he is more powerfull. He break the kiss and wipe away the tears from my eyes.

"Hey, just feel it. I promise the pain will be remove soon." He said and kiss me softly but that bustard keep fu*cking.

"Fuck it hurts. Please at least slowdown. I am a virgin for God's sake MATTHEW!!!" I can't help but feel anger. He can do it slowly also. I am about to say something when he doesn't slow his speed but instead of words, a moan comes out.

"Aaaahhhh." I moaned and he smirks. He kept hitting something inside me.

"See I told you Nah. You will love it. Now baby, lets the fun began." With that, he pulled out almost all of his cock and pushed it in with full force. He fucked me so hard that I do only one thing that is moaning like a whore.

After 10 minutes of fucking I can feel myself cumming, it's really strange because I am about to cum without touching myself. But he took out his cock and I want to argue.

"On your hands and knees baby." I did as he said and he push his cock in. I don't want to agree with it but that feels so good and I am loving it. He keeps fucking me for more 20 minutes then he cummed inside me. I also cum at least 3 times. Now I don't have the energy to stay awake so I laid down and sleep. I can feel that Matthew went somewhere. Then came back after some time and wiped my body with a wet towel then hugs me from behind.

After some time I open my eyes because my phone keep ringing. And I don't know where it is. I am about to move when I feel something, no someone behind me. My eyes go wide when I look at the person then everything happened earlier comes to my mind. I felt myself blushing. I don't want to look at him but fuck he is so sexy. I want to kiss him. And fuck him also. His cock it is so beautiful. And don't forget his legs, so smooth.

Hold on! what am I thinking about. I am not a gay, or am I? I was about to jump out of the bed but Matthew hugs me tightly and place a kiss on my lips.

"Hey, baby." He said with a rough voice and I can feel myself getting hard.

"Umm aa I."

"It's like someone wants some attention." He placed his hand on my co*ck and tugs on it. I moaned and he get the signal to continue. When I am about to cum, my phone goes off again and he stop. He took out my phone from my pants' pocket and gives it to me. He came and sits besides me. I can feel his eyes on me like he wants to know, what I want to do now?

It is Ava's call. I don't feel anything about her now. So I cut the call and pull Matthew to me. I kissed him hard.

"Wow someone is horny. Huh?" he smirk but kiss me back. I broke the kiss and hug him.

"Yeah, I am horny for your coc*k. Can you fulfil my demand DADDY!!" I says in a low but seductive voice.

"Sure baby." He replied in a husky voice and jumps on me. He fucked me till next morning again and again. I didn't know how many times we cum. After our hot session, we laid down and sleep until the evening. Now I know that I want cock more than pussy, no I want his cock.


After 2 weeks, I told my friends about me being gay and in a relationship with Matthew. Ava was really angry because she wants to be my girlfriend. But now I like Matthew more. It's a really hard time because she always tries to become my girlfriend. Huh, like I am going to dump Matthew for her!! I like him more. I can feel more alive with him.

I was so shocked to know that Matthew is an owner of that restaurant and he already knows me. Even he likes me but he also knew that I am straight so he never tells me about his feelings. It doesn't matter because we are a couple and Now I don't regret accepting that DARE!!!

This shot ends here.

Let me know your views. I hope you guys like it!!

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