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3. Make him MINE

"Oh yeah baby, o just lik-like that."

"Aaah take it, take it whole, baby."

"Yeah suck it aah."

" I am close baby just makes me happy. I am....."


My eyes snapped open and I look arround my surrounding, to realised that I am in my room, alone. I groaned when I feel the sticky liquid around my PRIVATE area. I looked at the watch and turned off my alarm. I make my way to the bathroom to do my daily routines. After that, I came back and lay down on my bed.

It has been a year, from I saw that bubble butt. He always make seductive motions to me. Every time I was around him, he teased me but when I wanted to make move he made so innocent face that he didn't know about it. Huh, that bast...

Knock knock

"Bro, open the door." Says, my cute brother. I'm an early person but I always stay in my room till he comes to wake me up. He knows that I wanted to see his face in the morning. He is my baby.

"Yeah, kiddo." I said and open the door. I hugged him and place a kisses on his forehead but he push me away.

"How many time I have to tell you that you should wake up on your own. Huh?" He says with a pout. He looks so cute while pouting.

"And how many times I have to say that I want to see your cute face in the morning."

"You know its so funny because only two people live here. One is you and second is me." He turned to go downstairs but stopped and says "Now come on we don't have a full day. I made some pancakes." With that, he is gone.

With a sigh, I also followed him. I have to keep in mind that, he wants something that's why he cooked the food. I sit down on the dining table. Jake placed a plate FULL of pancakes and sit with his own plate in front of me. We keep eating our food in silence until Jake break it.

"Umm Bro," Jake called and I have a feeling that he wants something.

"Yes, baby bro." I reply with mocking smile. But he doesn't smile. Huh, that means he really wants something.

"Bro I want to ask you something." I nods at him to continue.

"You remember my friend Luke right." Just hearing his name makes me stop all my doing. I sat straight and nod at jake.

"Well, umm you know that he is gay right." Don't tell me you like him jake, please. I thought.

"Yes, then what you want to say." I says with controlling my emotions. I don't want my baby brother to love his future brother-in-law. Wait!!! where this comes from. We are not even boyfriends, and I am thinking about marrying him. I smile at that thought.

"ter. Carter. Carter." Jake shouted my name and I look at him like he lost his mind.

"Where you go hah? I was talking on a serious topic. Did you hear what I say?" He ask with worry on his face. I stand up and sit down next to him. I take his hands in my and pat it.

"What's wrong with him, jake?"

"La-last night he called me to ask if he could stay here for some time." He asked with hope and who am I to say no to him?

"Yeah, he can stay here. But what's the problem buddy?" I ask him because there has something wrong.

"He just wants to stay. You know we are 18 now. He wants to spend some time here so that we can stay together." He tell but why I have a feeling that something is not right.

"Ok, he can stay here."

"Yay. I love you, dad. I really love you." He kissed my cheeks and smile. He only calls me dad when he is really happy.



"You don't like him, right?" He look up at me with confusion.

"Like a lover?" I ask in a small voice.

"What the hell bro! No never, I'll never like him as a lover. Ewww he will be my future brother-in __ ." He slapped a hand over his mouth and look at me with wide eyes.

Oh, so my brother knows that his friend likes me and I like him.

"I -I mean he is like a brother, bro. Ok, now I have to call him. Umm Today is Saturday. So, you will also staying at home, right?" I nods at him and makes my way to my room. Definitely, they are hiding something. But now I will wait for it.


We were sitting on the couch when the doorbell rings. My boy is here. I thought and make my way to the door. I opened it and there is standing my love. I am only 3 years older than them. He looks so so sexy in those black ripped jeans with a black shirt. I swear this guy is obsessed with black colour. But he looks so good in it. I don't know for how long I stared at him, he cames in and hugs me. I also hugged him tightly and inhale his fragrance. He smells so good.

"Daddy, control yourself. Your big bird is getting excited." He said and lick my earlobe. A small moan escaped from my mouth but it convert into loud when he squeez my co*ck.

"Control daddy, jack will not like it." With that, he left me at door with rock hard cock. I look at him with wide eyes, he never acted so boldly. I closed the door behind me and go to my room. I can easily hear them laughing at something. Boy, you wait, I will make you pay for that.

After 20 minutes I went to the kitchen and make dinner for us. When we have been eating, I feel Luke's foot on my co*ck. He keep rubbing it. I tried to remove it again and again but he keep putting it back. When I look at him, he is smirking and wink at me. If he wants something from me then i should give him that. With these thoughts, I pulled down my boxers and slowly take out my coc*k. Luke and Jake are talking so they don't notice it. Slowly I put my hands on Luke's foot. He looked up in confusion but his eyes go wide when I press his foot on my bare coc*k. I thought maybe he will take back his foot but he press his foot too hard that a moan escapes from my mouth.


"Carter are you ok?" Luke ask with a smirk.

"Bro, what happens?" Jake ask softly.

"Um, I am done with it. I want to sleep. Um yeah, I will go to my room. See you both in the morning." With that, I slowly pulled up my boxers and takes my plates in the kitchen. After that I went to my bedroom and take out my coc*k. It is so hard, and he make me so hard. I closed my eyes and start moving my hand up and down. I am so lost in my own pleasure that I fail to notice someone's presence in my room. I jumped when I feel something warm on my tip.

"Shhh, Daddy. Let me help you." Luke put a finger on my lips. I wanted to argue but he takes my whole coc*k at once and starts sucking it. This feels so good. I put my hands on his head to push him down. When I feel that I am about to cum, I close my eyes and release my milk in his warm mouth. Like a hungry dog, he drink it all and clean every bit of it.

He came up and kiss me. I can taste my juices in the kiss. When he thought that he has full control, I flipped us over and lay on him.

"What do you think you are doing baby?" I mocked and bite his neck hard. He moaned loudly, huh!!! Got his sweet spot in one go. I kept sucking on it and slowly moving my hand in his shirt. I can easily feel the change in his breathing. Slowly I start to pulled up his shirt and attack on his nipple. I am sucking and biting on left nipple, and pinching the right one. His moans are so sweet like music. He starts to moves his body fastly, but I keep sucking those sinful nipples. They are so tasty. I bite on right nipple hardly and he scream. I stopped dead and look at him with wide eyes. I move my eyes to his bottoms and there has a large wet spot on it.

When I look back to him, his face is red like a tomato. I squeez his cheeks and kiss him.

"Oh my poor baby, you just cum with that." I says in mocking voice but soon regret it when I see hurt on his face. I pulled him in a hug tightly.

"Hey, it's ok. You are hot. Very very hot. It's ok and it's only starting." I kiss him again. He buried his face in my shoulder and slowly lick it.

I kissed him again and start removing our clothes. He looks so beautiful. I licked my lips and kiss him again. I can feel my coc*k harden again. I pushed my fingers in his mouth and he lick them like a coc*k. When I feel them wet enough, I slowly move them to his as*shole and pushed one in. I rise a brow when my finger easily slips in. I can feel hurt because I am not his first one. Like he knows what I am thinking. He cupped my face and kiss me softly.

"Carter look at me, I never did that with anyone. I just prepare myself for you. I want to feel you so much that I don't want to waste our time. So I prepare myself." He explained softly and I believe him. He will never lie to me.

I nodded at him and take out lube from the drawer. I applied lots of lube on my coc*k and his ass*hole. I put my co*ck at his entrance and slowly starts pushing in. I moaned in pleasure and he hiss in pain.

"God damn it!!!! Carter just slows down. I'm a virgin" He said with an angry voice but I smile and kiss him. When he relaxed, I start to push in. When my ball touches his skin, I waited for more 5 minutes while kissing him. I talk sweets words to him.

"Move Carter." Slowly I start to moving. I pick up my speed when he starts moaning. The room is filled with our moans and slapping of skins. This is heaven, my heaven. I keep slamming my coc*k in his delicious hole. When I feel myself reaching the peak. I wrapped my hands around Luke's coc*k and start tugging on it. I kissed him hard and with a loud moan both of us cum. We stay like that for some time to catch our breakings.

After some time I gently pulled out my coc*k and go to the bathroom. I cleaned myself and take a wet towel to clean luke. After cleaning him, I laid down with him and kiss him.


"Yeah, baby?"

"Do you know why I'm here?"

"No?" I look at him for an explanation.

"Hmm, it was because I did something like telling Jake that I love you?" He says it like he is not sure of it himself.

"Oh. Then you plan to come here so that we can hook up." I say with a smile.

"Yeah, but I don't want simple hook up. You are special." Kiss. "This is special." Kiss. "We are special." He says while placing kisses on my eyes. He held my hands in his and look at me with so much love that I want to marry him now.

"Carter, I know that it's maybe not good but do you want to be my boyfriend?" He ask with hope in his eyes.

"No." I reply in a strict voice and his smile fell. His eyes are filled with teary and it break my heart. I held his hands tightly and kiss his forehead.

"I want to be your future husband." I said and he smiles so widely that I can see it reaches his eyes.

"Sure it will be amazing Carter." He kiss me to seal the deal.

"You know, I complete my mission." He says with breaking the kiss.

"What mission?" I look at his in confusion.

"I was on my mission to MAKE YOU MINE." with that he leaned to kiss me. Both of us kiss again and again till our lips are swollen and red.

Yeah, he really completes his mission. I thought to myself. Last time I kiss his forehead and both of us fall asleep.


This shot ends here. I hope you guys like it!!


Thank you!!!!

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