Fascinate (bxb one shot)

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This shot between Oliver (gym trainer) and Benjamin. Its mature one and have bxb action.


"Ben bud, are you coming to the party?" Liam asked him.

"No, you know that I have to go to the gym. I can't miss it, buddy." Benjamin said and rub his hand on Liam's back. "Besides I don't want to go there. You go and enjoy. We will meet tomorrow." With that Benjamin made his way out of college's lockers room.

Benjamin always had a crush on His STRAIGHT friend Liam but he couldn't do anything. His friend had a beautiful girlfriend and a baby on the way. He didn't want to break this cute couple because Liam's girlfriend also so sweet and always take care of them. She was perfect for Liam. And the truth was that now he has someone, whom he want more.

Liam stood there and looked at his friend's back. Little bit Liam knew that he had a crush on him but he can't return his feelings. He loved him like a brother not as a lover. He wanted Benjamin to find someone perfect, not someone like him, who couldn't return his feelings. He wished that Benjamin will be happy and found the right one soon.

At the gym

When Benjamin reached there and see that few people working out. All of them were busy in their own workout. Benjamin always came here not only for the workout but also for distraction. Yeah, there had a sexy trainer. He knew that he never got Liam as a boyfriend, that's why he used that trainer as a distraction.

When Benjamin went to the changing room, he stopped in his track. He was shocked to see the most sexist view in front of him. There was standing a se*x god. Benjamin couldn't see the face of the person because that person had his back to him. But the back view was more good for him. That person was topless and his pants were down, Benjamin could easily see that as*s crack. He licked his lips, which became suddenly dry. That person was moaning, it's clear that he was pumping his coc*k. This moaning and view make Benjamin's pants tight.
He slowly tries to take a step towards his locker but this sudden movement made him hiss when his cock rubbed against his pants.

When that person heard that hissing, he stopped and quickly pulled his pants up then turned back.

"Umm umm, I'm so sorry. I thought that no one was here." He said and move out of changing room. But not before seeing the tent in Benjamin's pants.

Benjamin stood there still shocked. He always found that gym trainer hot and sexy but he never thought in his wet dream that the trainer was that hot. Today after seeing his body, Benjamin wanted to lick it and give him pleasure but he didn't have a courage to make a first move.

Outside of changing room

'O God what the fuck just happened right now? What will he think about me now? I want to make a good impression on him but now, how can I do that?' The trainer thought but suddenly he remembered something. He got an idea and smirked. 'It's going to be fun'. With that thought, he went to the gym.

When Benjamin came into the gym. He moved towards the smith machine. He took the weights and slowly start doing them.

"Umm hi." Someone said and Benjamin look up to saw the person. His eyes go wide when he saw the se*x god stand there. He stopped and put the weights back.


"My name is Oliver and I'm a trainer here." Oliver introduced himself as he held out his hand for a handshake.

"I know-" cough "I mean my name is Benjamin and I'm a student." He introduced himself and take Oliver's hand for a handshake. When their hands touched, Benjamin shivered and Oliver smirked at this. 'It's easy to make him mine, interesting.' Oliver thought.

"I saw you using that machine but you're not doing it correctly." He said to Benjamin while pointing towards the smith machine.

"Oh is it? Umm, can you tell me the proper way?" Benjamin asked with innocent way because he was unaware of Oliver's trick.

"Yeah sure come here and get in position." He said and Benjamin did it. When he put the weights, Oliver came behind him and placed his hands on Benjamin's waist. Benjamin shivered at touch, Oliver noticed it and smirked.

Benjamin slowly started to move down with weights, according to Oliver's instructions. But Oliver has his eyes on Benjamin's round bo*oty. He could feel himself getting hard and slowly makes his way toward Benjamin. Benjamin stopped when he felt something hard against his bo*oty. But he also liked it, and slowly rubbed his bo*oty on it. Oliver moaned at the touch and caught Benjamin's waist tightly.

"Stop it, baby," Oliver said in a husky voice and bite Benjamin's earlobe. Benjamin stopped his movement and quickly put back the weights. He looked back in Oliver's eyes which were filled with lust.

"Come with me, baby," Oliver told him and pull him towards somewhere. Benjamin happily let him do it. He would have what he wanted from too long. He was willing to do everything.

Oliver took him toward private gym rooms. These rooms were specially for special members. Oliver opened the door of a room who has "HEAD Oliver" written on it. He pushed Benjamin inside and quickly close the door behind them. Once inside, Benjamin stayed still. Oliver went towards him and kiss him hard. They keep kissing each other. Oliver moved his hands under Benjamin shirt and pinched his nipples hard. This made Benjamin moans and he breaks the kiss.

"Tell me you want me, baby," Oliver demanded him while kissing his neck. When Benjamin didn't reply, he bites him hard.

"Ye-yes oh god yes. Fuck me, Oliver." Benjamin said and fisted his hairs, pulling it. Oliver suddenly grabbed his clothed co*ck and pull it.

"I'm going to fuck you." He said with lustful voice and Benjamin whimper.

Oliver pushed Benjamin away and move towards Bench press. He sat on it and pulled Benjamin on him. When Benjamin sat on him he starts kissing him. They removed each other uppers and Benjamin put his lips on Oliver's nipple. He sucked it hard and his one hand pinched the other nipple. His other hand made his way towards Oliver's pants and take out his co*ck. He started pumping it and Oliver was moaning in pleasure.

"STOP!!!" Oliver said and Benjamin freeze. He looked up in Oliver's eyes, they have lust in it.

"Stand up and go towards that table. Stand there with your back facing me. OK." Oliver ordered and Benjamin obeyed. He went towards the table and stood there. He heard some voices but didn't turn around. After some time, he heard footsteps coming towards him. He stayed still, Oliver came behind him and slowly start kissing him. When Benjamin moaned, Oliver placed his fingers in his mouth which Benjamin sucked greedily.

Oliver removed Benjamin's pants and took out his fingers. He slowly pushed his one finger in Benjamin's asshole and he hissed in pain.

"Baby do you want it?" Oliver asked

"If you wouldn't do it, I will go out and get someone's else," Benjamin said in teasing voice but he regretted it because Oliver pushed two more fingers in him. He moaned in pain and pleasure.

"Don't ever try to be smart with me baby." Oliver said and pushed him on the bench with his ass in the air. Oliver splits on his as*s hole and startex rimming his assring. Benjamin moaned loudly when those fingers touched his pleasure point. The fingering and rimming were too much for him, that without warning the cums.

"Oh, my baby just cummed with only this." Oliver stood up and take out his fingers. He took the lube and condom from the table, pulled down his own pants and apply the lube on his co*ck. Then put a condom on it and without any warning, he pushed himself in Benjamin and he screamed.

"You just cummed without any warning baby, then I also have to pushed in without any warning." With that, he started moving slowly but when Benjamin moaned loudly, Oliver starts moving fastly. He liked that Benjamin was moaning under him. He wanted that to happen from too long now he had it. He had his baby under him, moaning and asking for move fastly. He fucked him too good.

They did in many positions. Benjamin cummed many times when Oliver was about to cum he pulled out from his as*shole, took out the condom and pushed his co*ck in Benjamin's mouth. Which he sucked like a lollipop. When Oliver cummed, Benjamin drunk all of it.

After some time Oliver took out his soften co*ck from his mouth and pull him up. He kissed him and Benjamin slowly climbed on him like a koala bear. They kept kissing, Oliver took him to the bathroom in the same position. They took a warm bath and stay in it for some time. When they came out of the bathroom, Oliver helped him to dry and gave Benjamin some clothes.

"Umm, I have to go to Oliver." Benjamin said slowly because he didn't want to go away. He finally got what he wanted and he wants more now. He wanted to stay with him but didn't want Oliver to think that he wants to capture him.

"Can I ask you a question, baby?" Oliver asked softly and take Benjamin's hands in his. Benjamin nodded at him to ask.

"I want to do that for so long. Umm, I noticed you always. I like the way when you looked at me and thought that I don't know but I knew that baby." He laughed at Benjamin red face. He kissed him one more time.

"Baby, do you want to be my boyfriend?" He asked softly.

Benjamin nodded fastly and hug him. They kissed passionately.

"Yes, Oliver. Yes, I will." He said happily and kiss him again.


Phew so guys this chapter ends here. Tell me about your thoughts/ views. I hope you enjoy it. Have a nice time guys.

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