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5. Welcome Back Honey .1

This shot is divided into two parts. Both of them mature one and I hope you all like it.

"You know what, I'm done with that all ignorance. If you don't want to make love with me then it's ok. I will not ask you for it." With that, Daniel took his clothes and moved out of their room. A little whimper escaped from Jacob when he saw that Daniel went to the guest's room. He didn't want that. He was just doing something for his husband that's why he was enabled to give him time.

Jacob sat down and closed his eyes. He remembered that every time Daniel wanted to made passionate love to him and he always made some excuses. But today, Daniel couldn't take any more because he only wanted to make love with his beautiful husband but When Jacob rejected his feelings again, he lost it and shouted on him. A tear escaped from Jacob's eyes and he laid down.

On the other side, Daniel wanted to destroy the room because he hurt his hubby's feelings. But it was not his fault that he shouted on him. He was tired of Jacob's excuses. Now he felt that Jacob didn't love him anymore. He also knew that it was not true but he couldn't ignore what happened in the last few days, Jacob always rejected his feelings and moved away from him. Today he wanted to make passionate love because tomorrow he will go on a business trip for 5 days but again Jacob rejects him. He looked down on his wedding ring, a small smile form on his lips. He kissed the ring and sleep.

In the morning

When Jacob woke up, he was shocked to saw that the other side of the bed was empty that means Daniel didn't come back last night. He slowly made his way towards the guest's room but the notice on the guest's room door makes him cry.

"Good morning love,

I have to go on a business trip. It will take 5 days. I hope you will take care of yourself and umm yes I make some breakfast for you. Warm it up and eat. Take care love.❤"

Daniel left the house early in the morning. He packed his luggage quietly, he didn't want to wake up Jacob. He made breakfast for both. He kissed Jacob's lips softly and moved out. He switched off his phone, once outside. He didn't want to talk with Jacob. He knew that what he was doing is wrong, but he was also hurt and angry. He wants some time alone.

Inside, Jacob stays there in front of the guest room with Daniel's note. He ran towards their room, took his phone and called him but the call continually being disconnected. He ran outside but there has no sight of Daniel.

"I am waiting for you baby. Sorry for my ignorance but I love you, baby, too much." Jacob told to himself and moved in

After 5 days(Daniel's p.o.v)

Last 5 days was not good for me. We talked sometimes but not too much. Its hurts to know that your husband doesn't want to spend his time with you. In reality, I wanted to spend more time alone but I missed him too much. I can't wait to have him in my arms.

At home

I opened the door with my keys and move in. I went upstairs to our room but it was locked with a note on it.

"Baby, come in the back room. I'm waiting for you.

Your hubby❤"

I rise a brow but left my lugged there and moves toward our back room. I opened the door but inside was dark. I slowly move in but stopped in my track. The whole room was lit with small candles.

There have some rose petals also, a table in the centre of the room covered with a white cloth. I looked at this view in Aww, this is so romantic. A small smile forms on my lips, I was so deep in thoughts that I didn't notice movements behind me. I jumped when someone hugs me from behind but soon relax because I know that who was this person. He holds me tight, his body touching mine. I can feel his warm breathing on my neck, smell his familiar perfume.

"I've missed you baby so much," Jacob whispered and lick my earlobe. A moan escaped me.

He slowly moves his hands and removes my coat, I keep biting my lips to control my moans. But it was so difficult, we didn't do it for so long time and now his simple touch makes me hot. I was about to turn around but he holds me in place. Once my shirt was removed, his hands slowly move towards my pants. I'm rock hard right now but he was teasing me. He pushed me towards the table.

"Baby, just remove your bottoms and lay down on your stomach without looking back." He said in the lower voice and I did it.

I laid down and close my eyes. Suddenly soft music starts playing and I can feel something wet on my back. I'm about to look behind but he pushes my head back to the table.

"Stay still baby, you come back from a long tour. I want to welcome you, I know that you're tired that's why I'm going to give you a good massage. Is it a good baby?" He asked but he knows the answer.

"Of course I love it, give it to me." I close my eyes. He keeps moving his oily hands on my back slowly.

When he massaged my lower back, a moan escapes me. He slowly moves his hands there then pour some oil on my as*s. I can feel the oil tailing down from my as*s creaks towards my as*shole. His one hand moves on my as*s cheeks and the other one in between my as*s. He spread them and squeeze them. I'm moaning slowly but it turns into loud when I feel his tongue on my hole. I bite my hand to keep myself moan loudly but it was not working. He pushed his one finger in and keep rimming me. That's it I can't take more.

I pushed his head lower to rimmed me deeply and he gladly did it. After some time he has his 4 fingers in me and I knew that I'm ready for him.

"Babe please fuck me n-now." I moaned but he stopped his work and move away. I thought maybe he seriously didn't want it and sits up. I was about to stand up when Jacob calls me.

"Baby come here." I looked at his direction but the view makes me thirsty. There stood my beautiful husband with his back to me, he wears a thong which doesn't even cover his beautiful globes. I licked my lips and moves towards him. I turn him around and kissed him passionately. I carry him and lay him down on the table.

"What you want babe?" I asked him with a deep voice because I want to fu*ck him now.

He pulled me towards him and slowly said: "I want you to fu*ck me now baby."

And I lost it. I kissed him then bites his nipples so hard that he cried out. I wanted this from too long and now I have it. I pulled out his thongs and take him in my mouth. I take oil from the side table and apply it on my fingers. When I push them into his hole, it moved in easily. I rise a brow and slap his a*ss.

"Oh baby, just do it. I prepared myself for you. Just put your big co*ck in it and fu*ck me hard. " I smirked and stands up. If he wants to be fuc*ked hard them how can I say no to him?

I lubed my co*ck and put it at his entrance. I pushed in and moaned at this feeling. I started with a slow pace but when Jacob meet my thrust, I picked up my speed and fu*ck him.


"YEAH,(slap) NOW.(slap ) YOU (slap). WANT. (slap) IT. (Slap) HUH (slap)?" I asked him while slapping his as*s.

"Yeah gi-give it to MEEEEEE." He moaned when I changed position.

The whole room filled with our moans. I missed that, my hubby, my love. I kissed him hard and put his legs on my shoulders.

"OOOHOOHHH BA-BABY I'M GO-GOING TOOOOOO" and with a cry, he cum between us. The tightness of his as*sring made me cum inside him. We lay there for some time. I keep kissing him, I really missed this all. I can easily hear our heartbeats loudly.

"I missed you, babe." I kissed him softly and he kisses back.

"I love you, baby, please never leave me like that." He said with crack voice. I place a kiss on his forehead and slip out of him. I cleaned us and took him to our room. We sleep in each other's arms.

Next morning

We are sitting in the dining room but I have a feeling that something is not right like I'm forgetting something important but what? I shrugged off this feeling and kissed him softly. He was also acting strangely. He kissed me deeply and pushed me out of the house. He is also working with me but from sometimes he didn't come to work.

I trust him but, I have a feeling that he is hiding something from me. Once at the office, I couldn't concentrate on work. I can't shrug off the feeling that something is not right. I decided to go home early today. I hope that everything was normal. I can't wait to go home.

In the evening

I was shocked to see the view in front of me. I never expected that in my whole life. I never even saw that coming. I was so shocked that I stood in the same place. Now I knew that I knew that what was wrong

And I know that my night will not go according to how I planned it.

To be continued......

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