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6. Welcome Back Honey.2

In the evening

When I reached home, I was looking at everywhere in confusion because the whole house was in dark. But when I got out of the car, the whole house lit up with people shouting SURPRISE!! I was even more confused but when I see the banner of HAPPY 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. All of my confusion was converted into amusement. In between the garden stood my beautiful husband with a glass of wine in hand. But the look of his faced said everything, that I am screwed. He has fury in eyes but a sexy smirk on face. I know that he is angry but wants to play it cool.

"Baby welcome back, go inside." He hugged me and said with little angry voice. "I put your tuxedo on our bed. Go inside and wear it." With that, he pushed me toward the house.

Now, here I am inside our room with a towel wrapped around my waist. I am looking at the beautiful tuxedo on the bed. But to be honest I am a little disappointed in me. How can I forget our Anniversary? This is the most important day of our life. And the way Jacob looked at me with angry eyes and smirk, I know that I should prepare myself for punishment. I am not scared because angry Jacob is sexier.

"Hey, Daniel. Congratulations man." Said my bestie and hugs me. Jacob also comes and stand by my side without looking at me. Everyone congrats us and the party goes on.

After the party (inside their room)

"Daniel," he said my name, which he only does when he is angry.

"Yes, babe?"

"Don't babe me. Tell me the truth, you forgot about our anniversary right?"

"Babe lis--"

"Shut up and give the fucking answer of my damn questions Daniel." He ordered.

"Sorry babe, I forgot about it. Please i"

"ENOUGH!!!! Go to the playroom and strip down. Then stay in the submission position on the bed and wait for me."

"Babe but"

"Just go, otherwise I will increase your punishment." I nodded and moved out. I did as he said and stay in position on the bed.

After 15 minutes he cames. And lock the door.

"From how many years we are together?" He demanded.

"8 years. 3 as boyfriend and 5 as husbands." I whisper softly.

"Ok Daniel, now count for me." He ordered and rose his hand then smacked me hard.



"Aah two"




"Good now its time for a hard punishment." He moved towards display rack, grab a bottle of lube with cock ring and a controller. He lubed the controller and come towards me. He put co*ck ring on my co*ck and pushed the controller in one push.

"SUCK" He came in front of me and pulled out his co*ck. I took him in my mouth and he speed up the controller. He shoved his whole length in me and keep changing the speed of the controller. I looked up with teary eyes into his eyes, which is filled with lust now. He pulled out without cumming and stands up.

"Now now Daniel, stay in this position till I come back." He moved toward the door.

"Ple-please babe I'm sorry. Please don't leave me like that please." He stopped and looked back.

"I am not your babe. If you love me then you wouldn't forget about our anniversary. I was insane that I wanted to make this day wonderful but you. Huh!! you didn't even remember that. I was mad that I did this whole planning, and thought that you also have some surprise for me but not. You didn't even remember it." He said with trembling voice but I can't move from this place because if I do, he thought I am disrespecting him.

"Sorry, sir please forgive me." I should show him respect which makes him cool down.

"Yeah, sure." With that he removed the controller and replaced it with his long coc*k, I screamed with a sudden attack. He didn't show any kindness, he moved in and out harshly. His ruthlessness was scary but I like it. I moaned when his length hit the sweet spot.

"Yeah, keep hitting it sir aaahhhhh." I moaned and he keep hitting that spot. I felt like cum, I was going to cum but this cock ring prevent me from it.

"Please oh god, please let me cum babe." I requested.

"No baby, wait till I cum." He said and went faster. He kept his speed and hitting that spot. I was a moaning mess. After some time I felt his cock pulsing inside my hole. He went harder and I heard him groan. He filled his cum in me and removed the co*ck ring. He thrust in me for couples of time more and I cum on bed. He stayed in me for some time and pulled out gently. He laid me down and went to the bathroom. He came back with a warm towel and cleaned me.

Then took me to our room and laid there while hugging me. He didn't say anything after that. He kissed my back and sleep. I can feel the wetness from his eyes on my back.

I felt so guilty because one, I forgot about our anniversary and second, I doubted him. I have to clean all this mess before morning. I waited until he sleeps and removed his arm slowly. Once outside, I made some calls. Let hope my beautiful hubby forgive me.

In the morning
(Jacob p.o.v)

I slowly open my eyes and start looking for Daniel. But his bedside was cold that means he was not here. I sighed and sits up. Suddenly I looked at the paper on the table side and pick it up.

Good morning honey,

Please wear the tuxedo which I put in our wardrobe. And then follow the rose path. I am waiting for you.

Love you❤❤❤

I looked down and yes the whole room is filled with rose petals. Maybe he wants to say sorry. I thought and move towards the bathroom. After the bath, I wear the dark blue tuxedo which he put in the wardrobe. I can feel a little happy because maybe things will be good now. I follow the path with a smile but it converts into a frown when I saw many people downstairs. They are our close friends and family members. I greeted them all nicely. I didn't see Daniel since I come here. I was talking to Mark (a friend) when suddenly someone put a cloth on my eyes. And lead me toward somewhere. I didn't say anything to them because I know that my love wants to do something.

After walking some time, we stopped but they didn't remove the cloth. I can feel that we are in our garden and some movements around me but didn't remove my cloth. Someone come behind and untie the cloth. It took me little time to adjust in the daylight but when I saw our surrounding, I feel really happy. The whole decoration from last night was removed and the whole garden decorated by a new one. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't see the person in front of me with one knee down.

"Love?" I looked down at Daniel. He also wears a tuxedo and looks so handsome.

"I am sorry about last night." I smiled at him.

"I know that our anniversary is really important for us but I forgot. Please forgive me. I promise I will never do that. Please babe give me a chance." He said softly and I laugh at him.

"You did this all for sorry," I asked him because I will forgive him if he said sorry simply.

"No love." He said and a smirk made its way to his beautiful face. "We are going to marry again." My eyes go wide when he said that.

"Say yes babe." He said when I didn't reply to him. I can feel tears in me because I didn't imagine this kind of gift from him.

"Ye-yes baby. Always yes for you." I said and pull him up. We kissed each other passionately.

"Thank god I thought you will say no." He said and laugh when I slap him lightly.

We got married again and now we are on the way of our second HONEYMOON.


This shot end here. I hope you all like them. Have a nice time❤

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