Fascinate (bxb one shot)

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Ring ring ring ring ring. I slowly raise my hand to turn off my alarm clock. I stopped the alarm and looked at my surrounding. Slowly I got up from my bed and move towards the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror with satisfaction. Hmmm, I'm looking hot. I thought and made my way out of the room.

"Good morning mom and dad." I wished them and sat beside dad for breakfast. Mom gave me my oatmeal.

"Honey, why are you so happy today?" Mom teased but I buried myself in food.

"Hmm, maybe he won a lottery." Dad joined her but I ignore them. They always do that whenever I went to Alex's house. They knew that I love him, hell even everyone knows that besides him. I don't know when he'll feel it.

"Bye, mom and dad." I kissed them both and took my things for a play date at Alex's house. His parents were out of town and he is alone at home. So he invited me yesterday to spend whole today together and I'm excited about it. Maybe we're not in a relationship but I love to spend my time with him. After all, he is my love.

"Yo, man come in. The door is open." Alex shouted from his window when he saw my car pulled over his house. I locked the car and went inside.

"Are you waiting for me?" I teased but he shows me the middle finger and laughed.

"I'm getting bore and you took too long to come here." He pushed me in his playroom. Let me tell you guys his playroom is huge. They have maximum all indoor games here.

"No no, logan." Today we are going to play Snooker. He announced and moved to Snooker table. I love Table Tennis and he wants to play this stupid game.

"But you know that I don't know how to play it." I argued.

"Hey, when are you going to be a man? Huh!!! Come here let me teach you. Then I'll beat your asssssssss." He stuck out his tongue at me and now it's my turn to show him the middle finger.

"Fucker." I said slowly.

"But I'm going to fuck you." He joked but I can feel myself blushing. Come and fuck me. I thought with a smile.

"Logan come here." He called for me and I stood beside him.

"Ok now follow my instructions. Ok?" I nodded at him and stood there.

"Ok now come forward." I did as he said and stood in front of the table.

"Take it and bend down on the table." He gave me a stupid stick whose name I don't know. I held it and did as he instructed but suddenly I feel his presence on my back.

"Little lower." He whispered with a husky voice and pulled me down.

"Now bend your ass." I looked at him and he nodded. But that was my biggest mistake. I can easily feel his cock on my ass. I looked back to him but he was looking at balls on the table. Before I can stop myself, my body pushed back on his cock harder and he moaned loudly.

"Ummm s-sorry." I apologised and looked at the white ball. But how can I concentrate, when I have a massive rode rubbing on my ass.

"It's ok bud. Just see how my hands move. Ok?" I nodded and looked back at the table. A sudden moan escaped from my mouth when I feel his rock hard cock on my back.


"Shhhh. Concentrate on the game." He said and moaned at every time our body made contact. His moans and cock making me hot. I can feel myself getting hard which is not good. He is ok with my being gay but what happens if he knew about my feeling. This thought makes me panic and I tried to release myself from him.

"What happens?" He asked with an angry voice but his eyes soften when he saw that I'm scared. He put his hands on my cheeks and leaned down.

"Hey, what happens?" He asked softly, still looking in my eyes.

"No-nothing. I need something to drink." I lied.

"Let's play for 5 minutes more then you'll have your drink." He winked and put me again in the same position as before. But this time I didn't feel anything on my ass, which is a relief to me.

I was concentrating on the game when I felt a soft kiss on my neckline. I dropped the stick and moved away from him fastly.

"What are you doing?" I asked with a little panic voice.

"What do you think I'm doing?" He shot back with a smirk.

"Alex cool down buddy. Let's talk ok." I suggested but he started to undo his clothes one by one.

"Yeah, we can talk." He stood in front of me only in his boxers. "With our body." With that, he leaned down and capture my lips in toes curling kiss. He hugged me tightly without realising my lips. I was in shock that I didn't move my lips. I yelped when he bite hard on my lower lip and pushed his slippery part in my warm canal. I closed my eyes and start kissing him back.

"Baby you'll be death for me." He broke the kiss and pulled me to his room. Once inside, he pushed me on the bed and moves on me. All I could see was lust in his eyes. I know that this will destroy our friendship but maybe it worth it. He linked our hands and leaned down to my neck.

"Baby, stop me if you don't want it." I moaned when he sucked on my neck hardly.

"Tell me you don't want this. Otherwise, I can't stop myself." He said in a husky voice and broke the link in between our hands. He moved one of his hand under my t-shirt and tailed up to my right nip. He pinched it hard to make me cry out in pleasure.

"I'm asking you a question baby. ANSWER ME!!!!" He growled and in a fast move. He removed my t-shirt and bite on my left nipple.

"Don't stop." I moaned and pulled him down to suck my nipple. He keeps twisting the right nip and sucking the left one. This is so good. Pure heaven for me.

Alex's p.o.v

Oh god!!!, he is so sexy. I want this from a long and now I have him beneath me, moaning in pleasure and I'm the one who is giving it to him. He always thought that I never saw the way he is looking at me but no baby, I always saw that. I was waiting for the right time. When I told my parents that I love him, they said they didn't have any problem with it. As long as I'm happy, they're also happy. They even went on a trip so that we can spend our time together.

"Alex. Are you sure about this?" My love asked in little voice. I kissed his nose tip.

"Yes baby, now let's go back to our work." I winked and trailed down with open mouth kisses. I stopped at his navel and start fucking it with my tongue. He is moaning too loudly which tells me that I'm doing great.

Slowly I undoing his pants and remove it. I kissed his waistband and licked his clothed penis until it was all wet. I love the sound of moaning which coming out of his mouth. It makes my cock harder. I want to deep buried in him but I know that I have to prepare him for it. I don't want to broke him, he is my precious one. I bite on his clothed cock which earned me a loud moan.

"I swear to god Alex if you didn't stop teasing me, I'll ahhhhhh." His warning converted into a moan when I took his whole cock in my mouth and sucked it.

"Yes. Just like that." He said and pushed my head down to suck him more. I placed my fingers in his mouth and he sucked them nicely. I removed them when they're wet and slowly insert one finger in his assring. He was moaning on my finger fucking him. He is too Tight!!! I know that he is in pain but I keep sucking him to divert his mind.

He moaned loudly when I hit his pleasurable point. Slowly I pushed one more finger and after some time other two also. All of my four fingers were moving backwards-forward and hitting his pleasure point. Suddenly without any warning, he cum and filled my mouth with his sweet milk. I drank all most all but kept some and split into his warm asshole. Logan's eyes were closed so didn't see what I'm doing. Slowly I remove my boxers and put my cock on his entrance. With one push I'm deep buried in him, he screamed at this but moan after some time. I gave him some time to adjust.


"Yes." He replied slowly opening his eyes.

"Do you want to be my boyfriend?" I asked him still deep buried inside him without moving. His eyes are teary but he nodded and kissed me hard.

"Yes YES!!! Now Fuck Me and make me cum hun." He ordered and I obeyed. I pushed in with full force and pulled out. Every pushed earned me moan. Both of us covered with sweat but this is hot.

I licked the sweat from his chest and sucked at it. I love this feeling. After some time I cummed deep inside my love and he, on our chests.

I kissed him one more time and slowly pulled out. His asshole looks so red and beautiful with my sperm flowing out. I want to fuck him again but he needs rest. But the most important thing is that HE IS MINE!!!

The END!!

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