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8. Ex-Bestfriends

Crist x Reynold

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"WHAT THE HELL?!" A handsome young man, Crist in his early 30s yelled at his assistant in frustration. The assistant trembled in the fear of lossing her job.

She kept her head down," I'm sorry sir. But you have to do this. Otherwise we're going to bankrupt."

Crist fisted his hand in anger. He worked hard of his company and now they are at a position of bankrupt!

"Give me another way to deal with this." He demanded but deep down he knew that they didn't have any another way.

The assistant fixed her specks and said," You know that sir, we don't have any other choice."

Crist sighed,"Ok. Just fix a date for a meeting."

The assistant nodded at him then took her files and walked out of the office.


"Well well well are you not that famous Crist Bateman, who said that he will never meet me again." An arrogant man, samed as Crist age taunted him as soon as Crist entered in his office. Crist stared at the familiar green eyes which he loved to see before but not now. Crist wanted to beat the shit out of him but it would be a silly move. He didn't only want to get his help but he need it.

Crist kissed his teeth as a tight smile formed on his lips and held out his hand. "Hello Reynold."

Reynold smirked at the expanded hand then caught it and shake it farmly. "Hello Crisyy."

Christ felt anger boiled inside him as he heard the same name which Reynold used to call him before. He cursed initially as he melt in the touch of his hand.

"Look Reynold. I don't want any trouble. I'm here because you gave a very impressive deal to save my company and I need that. If you're still going to help then sign the papers and free me."

Reynold leaned back at his chair then looked at Crist's standing figure, up and down with a smirk. Crist hadn't changed since they last met, infact he became more handsome with sharp cheekbones and muscular body.

Crist felt uneasy at this weird attention giving to him by Reynold and wanted to go away as soon as possible.

But Reynold had some other intentions. He leaned forward to his desk and said," I'm still available for it. But.."

Crist knew that he would want something in return but what, "Tell me what you want?"

Reynold smiled as he motioned for him to sit down but Crist shook his head in no.," Ok. But as you know every deal should be profitable for both parties. And here, you're the only one who will get profit. Don't you think that I also want something in return?"

Crist tapped his left foot on the floor which he always does when he felt nervous and Reynold knew that, "What you want?"

Reynold smiled and pushed his chair back, away from the table, so that Crist could see a big bulge in his pants. Crist saw that but look away, thinking that it was a mistake.

"Drop down on your knees."

Crist's eyes bulged out as he heard that. "EXCUSE ME?"

Reynold sighed then pulled his tie down, loosing it then undo the top three buttons of his shirt while looking straight in Crist's eyes.

"I'm not going to repeat myself again. You heard it loud and clear. Now DROP DOWN ON YOUR KNEES!"

Crist shivered at his dominant voice but didn't move from his place.

Reynold was getting impatient," Look if you don't want to do it then it's ok." Crist blew a breath which he was holding.

Reynold started to do buttons of his shirt "The deal is cancelled."

Crist panicked. Reynold was the only one who could save his company. He felt so helpless. He didn't want to beg him but without Reynold's help, his company would be destroy in few days., "Reynold I need this... please."

"Ok then come here while crawling and blow me." With that Reynold removed his coat and tie then sat with open legs in front of him.

"That's not right."

"It is. And you're going to do it."


"I don't have much time. Just come here otherwise forget about the deal."

Crist thought about it for few minutes. He didn't want to do it but his business was on bet and he need his help," Ok. But Promise me that you're not going to tell anyone about it."

"I promise. I'll never going to tell about it to anyone. It is our private matter." Feeling compelled, Crist knelt down then crawled towards Reynold's open legs, waiting for him. He felt so humiliated while crawling towards him. He never thought to give a blow job to another male and now, here he was crawling on the floor like a bitch.

Crist sat on his bended knees as he came to Reynold's crotch level. He gulped to see a very large bulge there, he cursed himself as he continue to stare at the bulge.

"Lower the zip and pull out my cock." Crist gave a slight nod then with trembling hand he pulled down the zipper of his pants. He shivered as a musky smell reached his nose. He whined as he touched the soft skin of Reynold's hard cock. Reynold didn't wear anything under his pants and Crist got easy access to his cock.

Crist pulled out the cock and paused. He felt the skin of the cock, it was so soft and warm. The girth of cock was so wide and it's length, Crist glared at his mammoth. It's impossible for to suck it.

Reynold was watching him closely as Crist looked at his cock, observing it in aww. He felt so proud of his cock right now. Slowly he put a finger on his piss hole then curled his finger, pulling the cock to his tummy then released it. With a force, the cock slapped against Crist cheek. It's around 9 inches.

Crist shocked as the cock slapped him then he uttered a word which made him kill himself, "WOAH!"

Reynold smirked," I knew that you would love it. "

"I-I don't." Crist denied but still eyeing the beauty before him. He never saw a cock so closely and it's so big and warm. He wondered what it felt to have it inside him. Stop it. I'm not a gay. He whispered to himself as his mind ran in wrong way. He didn't want to become a gay but he couldn't ignore the beauty in front of him.

Reynold didn't say anything, he just sat there watching his best friend or ex-bestfriend, looking at his cock like a hungry cocksucker. "What are you waiting for Crisyy? Lean down, give a long lick to my cock before taking the head in your warm mouth."

Crist's eyes shoot up in a questioning gaze, Reynold nodded at him as he put his hand behind Crist's head, guiding it down on his waiting cock.

Like a pawn,Crist leaned down and gave a long lick from the bottom of his cock to the head. He stopped at the head then continue again as Reynold moaned above him to encourag him.

Crist licked down his way to the base of his cock before moving up. He did it till the cock in his hand was fully wet. On his last lick, he stopped at the head of his cock then moved his gaze at moaning Reynold. Reynold had his eyes close but he opened them half when that warm sensation stopped on the top of cock.

Reynold was about to ask him why he stopped, but came out a loud moan as Crist gulped down the head of cock while holding his cock with his both hands.

"Aaaahhhh.." Reynold never felt this way before. He was in heaven. Crist moaned as he took his cock head and tasted the precum, forming on the top of his cock. It was so sweet and yummy.

His mind was shouting at him to stop but he was in another world. Where he wanted to pleasure the man sitting by him while sucking his beautiful cock.

Reynold was happy as Crist took more inches of his cock. Crist was trying to take his whole cock at once but gagged.

"Slow down Crisyy and try to relaxxxxx." Crist nodded as he tried to relax himself. After struggling for few more minutes, he succeeded to gulp down his almost all cock.

Reynold growled and his eyes rolled back as his cock hit the back of Crist's throat. "Ohhh Gaawwddd."

Crist smirked initially as he started to swinging his tongue over the head of cock. "Yesss. Lick it Crisyyyy."

Crist started to deep throating him rapidly while holing his cheeks as he sucked him hard. This was too much for Reynold. Crist was sucking him for last 15 minutes but he didn't slow down. It's like he did it before but Reynold knew that he never did it with someone else.

Crist didn't know why he did it but soon his eyes fell down at those two heavy balls, hanging below, asking for to be sucked. Then he did something which he never thought of, he pulled out the wetted cock from his mouth. Reynold was about to argue but Crist didn't give him any chance for it and took one of his balls in his mouth, sucking it whole.


Crist moved to the another ball and gave it the same treatment. Once both balls were shining with his saliva, he took Reynold's cock.

Reynold felt the twist in his stomach and knew that he was about to cum, "Aaahhgggg. I'm- I'm going to cum." Crist was about to pull away but before he could do that, Reynold pushed his head down, as Crist took his whole cock at once and felt the warm juices released inside his throat.

"Ahh." Reynold pulled out his wasted cock then looked down at embarrassed Crist. Crist's whole face was red and he was looking down.

After some time, Crist cleared his throat," Are you going to sign the deal?"

Reynold smirked as he pulled Crist up on his feet," NO!"

Crist clenched his fist, "But? What?!"

"Yeah. I'm not satisfied with this."

Crist felt so confused. He never blew any guy but he did it him. And Reynold was moaning then what happened. "But you said__"


Crist looked at him angrily. He wanted to beat him but he couldn't. He never touched any male like this way but he did it to him and Reynold said that he was not satisfied with it!

Reynold watched his red face then moved his gaze down and smirked.," I want to fuck you."

Crist choked on his saliva," WHAT?"

Reynold didn't loss his smirk and took a step towards Crist. He placed his hand on Crist crotch, where his pants was tented because of his hard cock and squeeze it," Remove your clothes. I want to fuck you Crisy."

Crist removed his hand harshly and took steps backward," Sorry Rey but I'm not going to do it."

Reynold smirked as he eyed his tented crotch," But you're rock hard. You want me to fuck you."

Crist looked so ashamed. He covered his clothed cock but Reynold already saw it. "No."

"Yes. And you're going to beg me to do it more." Reynold challenged him as he proceed to removed his shirt.

Crist didn't look away, he was staring at Reynold then gulped to see his hairless muscular chest. "Strip."


Reynold removed his shirt," STRIP and the deal is yours."

"What if you__"

"No. I'm going to sign the papers. I promised."

Crist thought about it for few minutes without moving away from half nude Reynold. He looked down at his own clothed cock then back to Reynold's nude one. Then moved his gaze up to Reynold's lustfull eyes and said,"OK."

To be continued...

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