Fascinate (bxb one shot)

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9. Ex-Bestfriends 2

2nd part!!


Just as the word 'Ok' came out of Crist's mouth, Reynold leapt on him like a tiger, knocking them both down on the floor. Crist yelped as he felt himself falling down with Reynold on him. But before his head could touch the floor, Reynold's hand wrapped around it securely.

Crist put both of his hands on Reynold's hard chest to push him away but Reynold closed the distance by leaning down and claimed his lips. Reynold smirked at Crist's wide eyes and bite down on Crist's lower lips.

Crist gasped as Reynold pushed his tongue inside his mouth. Crist wanted to push him away but the kiss was like a drug and he started to like it. Crist stopped pushing him away and kissed him back passionately. He knew that for his company, he have to do it. So why making it hard for both of them?

The mint flavour exploded in Crist's mouth and he moaned. Crist stopped struggling against him and started to enjoying it. He wanted to eat him up. He didn't know from where that lust or hunger came for another man. But he was enjoying it.

Just as Reynold felt him relax against his body, he started to move his hands down, feeling The soft fabric of Crist's silk shirt. Crist was so lost in eating his mouth that he failed to noticed Reynold's action.

First, Reynold removed his tie then dropped it near to their bodies, so that he could get it easily. Then One by one, he opened his shirt's buttons then growled to feel smooth, hairless skin beneath his hands. The heat radiation coming from Reynold's nude chest aroused Crist more. He was still unaware of when Reynold undone his shirt's button.

Slowly, without breaking the kiss, Reynold started to sit on Crist's lap and pulled Crist up with him as they continued their kiss. Just as Reynold sat down on Crist's lap, the hardened cock of Crist poked him.

"Ohhh Crisyyyyy." Crist broke the kiss then tailed down to his chest while placing wet kisses on the way. He wanted to ravish that man. He was hungry and Reynold was the only way to satisfy his hunger.

Just as he reached at Reynold's brownish nipple, he bite down on it hard. Reynold trembled as a moan escaped his red lips," Nnngghhhh." He never let his bed partners to dominate him but Crist was different and he loved his dominance.

Crist smirked to see Reynold moaning in pleasure. He never saw someone that sexy and hot, moaning in pleasure because of him. Then again there was no one sexy like him. He proceed to lick his another nip when suddenly Reynold pushed him away and stood up.

Crist tried to look up at Reynold's eyes but his eyes were guled at Reynold's cock, standing straight and proud, asking to be licked or sucked by him. Crist licked his dry lips as he grasped the base of his cock,"Crisyy?"

"Yeah." Crist answered while moving his hand up and down on Reynold's cock. He was confused at himself. He didn't know why he was doing it but it was sure that he loved doing it. The foreskin of the cock was so soft and warm. He opened his mouth and held out his tongue to lick on it but before he could do that, Reynold fisted his coat's collar and pulled him up, on his feet then growled.

"Just wait you, cocksucker. I want to fuck you before then you're free to lick me clean." Reynold bend down and took Crist's tie. He turned him around then blindfolded him with it.

Crist stood there like a statue. The work 'cocksucker' was like a slap to him but to his amusement he liked it. He was shocked because he liked to be called cocksucker!!

Crist gasped as he felt an arm wrapped around his waist and another under his knees, picking him up like a bride. "Where are you carrying me?" Crist hooked his arms around Reynold's neck, scared of falling down.

"It's a surprise." Reynolds smiled as he felt Crist trembled in his arms. He is so cute. Reynold thought to himself and walked towards a white coloured door. He kicked it open then walked inside. Once inside, he placed Crist sofly on the soft mattress.

"No." Reynold stopped him from untie the tie then removed his own shoes and socks followed by his pants. Then Crist's shoes and socks also. He leaped over Crist's body and gripped his jaws., "Open your mouth, you cocksucker."

Crist obeyed as he felt something watery substance poured into his mouth. He swallow it but there was slight minty flavour in it. He thought that it was something minty syrup but he had it before then it clicked, he just swallow Reynold's spit.

"Ummmfff." Crist moaned at the taste and Reynold smirked.

"I knew that you're a dirty slut. Now get ready. I'm going to fuck you really good and you will be beg for more." Reynold unbuckled and unzipped his pants then held the waistband of Crist's pants and pulled it down with his underwear.

"Just Fuck me!" Reynold stopped as he heard those words then moved up and gripped his hairs in a fist, pulling them backward,"Are you that desperate for my cock?" Crist shiver as he felt a twitch in his cock with excitement.

Reynold saw it and nibbled at his exposed neck side as Crist arch his back then pushed himself up to remove his own coat and shirt, leaving himself nude in front of his predator.

Reynold growled then pushed him down then placed his hands on his nipples, pinching them as he knelt down in front of his cock. He gaped at his pale cock, admiring it's beauty. The cock was long but slightly thinner than his own. The crown head was pink and oozing with juicy cream. He grasped it and Crist moan to feel a warm hand around his cock.," Lick it."

"Where is the magical word, crisyy?" Crist huffed at this sweet torture.

"Please, lick itt." Reynold nodded as he leaned down and licked the precum then moaned at the taste. It's like he just ate something sweet. The cum was so sweet and yummy, he wanted to have it everyday as a breakfast.

Slowly he guided more of the cock inside his mouth, sucking it.," Can I-I remove it?" Crist asked with his hand on the tie, ready to remove it.

Reynold pulled out the cock and answered him,"No." Then sucked his fingers, wetting them.

Once he felt them wet enough, he removed them and gulped down the cock which was twitching in his hand. Because of the tie, Crist didn't see him but he was enjoying it.

Soon Crist felt a finger circling around the rim of this virgin asshole. He took a deep breath as the finger slowly pushed inside. It's hurt but the warm mouth on his cock, relaxed him.

"Try to relax." Reynold said as he released his cock and pulled over Crist's legs on his shoulders. He spit on his hole then dig his tongue in.

"FUCK!" Crist's eyes rolled back. Never someone licked him there. It was a forbidden part of his body.

Reynold smirked. It's just a starting, baby. Reynold thought to himself then pushed in another finger. He rolled them inside, trying to find his pleasurable point.

Crist wanted to rip off that stupid tie but he didn't want to angered him. The pain was there but soon it turning into pleasure. He was fully aware of that his cock was wet with his own precum. He never released that much precum.

He bite on his lips to stop from moaning as Reynold's fingers touched something inside him. Reynold was watching him with hooded eyes and just as he saw change on Crist's face. He realised that he found what he was looking for and pressed his fingers on that bundle of nerves.

"Reeeeyyyyyy." This time Crist couldn't stop himself and moaned loudly as Reynold kept hitting that point. He removed his mouth from his hole and sucked on his cock's head as more fingers pushed inside him.

Crist trembled at the double pleasure and cum hard.

"Not bad." Reynold gulped down all of cum and pulled out his finger then pushed down Crist's legs. While crawling he reached to the bedside table. And took the lube which he placed there before. He opened it while watching Crist's limp body. Crist was breathing heavily. He never cummed so hard.

After applying a generous amount of lube on his cock and Crist's hole, Reynold placed his cock on his entrance.

Crist shiver at the coldness of lube and whimper to feel a hard yet warm cock at his entrance.

"Are you ready?" Reynold asked and started to push himself forward.

Crist was unsure about it but nodded his head. He trusted him.

"Great because I'm not going to wait more." With that Reynold pushed all of his cock inside him in a one go.

"FUCK!!" Crist screamed as the inside of his ass burned in pain. He felt like something ripped him apart. The tears poured out in his eyes and wetted the tie.

"Shh. It's ok. Just relax baby." Reynold leaned down and kiss him softly then started to whisper sweet words to him.

When he felt Crist relaxed, slowly he retreated his cock out till the head inside it then pushed back slowly.

Crist was still in pain but he didn't tell him to pull out. He felt like a home as Reynold's cock fucked him slowly yet passionately. He just held him tightly against his hairless chest.

Reynold changed the angel then hit his pleasurable point, hard. Crist screamed as the pleasure shoot through his whole body.


It was Reynold's clue to pick his speed up and he did. "Let's the fun begin. Enjoy baby."

With that Reynold leaned up then took both of his legs, angled them over his shoulders and hit the goal.

"Ahhh." Crist's body jumped up a little. He fisted the bedsheet as Reynold started to pistolling his cock.

Reynold growled,"You're so fucking tight."

"Oohhhh gawwwdddd.. just- Just slow down." Crist tried to push him away as Reynold hit his nerves hard again and again and again.

Reynold pushed his hands away," Remove your tie."

Crist did and gasped. The ceiling above their heads had a mirror on it. He maintain his gaze with the mirrored Crist and whined. The mirrored Crist's face was red and looking back at him with hunger filled eyes. He looked at his crimson body and moaned.

Then he lowered his gaze more and saw it. The point where he and Reynold was joining together. He moaned loudly as mirrored Reynold winked at him then pushed his cock in with full force.


"Do you liked it?" Crist didn't replied.

"Watching yourself getting fucked like a bitch? Huh?" Crist nodded with a moan.

"Look at your cock, so hard, ready to bust. Want me to help you in cum?" Reynold pulled out his cock then pointed at it. Crist nodded as gazed at his mirror cock.

"Now see this. I'm not going to touch your cock but you'll still cum, only by my cock, you hungry cocksucker, slut." Crist whimpered and Reynold pushed his whole way inside him as his balls slapped against his asscheeks.

Reynold fucked him hard and roughly while slapped his ass cheeks, turning them red. "Did you like it?" Reynold leaned down and sucked on his right nip as rolling the other.

"Ye-yeah." Crist moaned as he felt himself close to cum and fisted Reynold's hair.

Reynold leaned up and kissed him softly then spread his legs more, plugging his cock more deeply in him.

"I'm gonnnna cummm." Crist screamed as his eyes rolled back in the pleasure. White and black spot covered his vision as he cummed hard.


To be continued!!!

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