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Hopelessly Devoted

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The story is based on an 1850 love story between two friends Elisia & Sebastian it's a story of two young people who found love a story of their ups and their downs and especially their hot Romance and everything that comes along with it.

Erotica / Romance
Age Rating:

It all start's somewhere !

Must be 18+ to read ......

"Who is he?" Adelia asked with more than curious tone a voice.
"Nobody I swear" I replied looking in a daze out the window in to the garden.
"Are you sure" Adelia asked while looking for my corset " Yes I'm sure now will you stop making it such a big problem" I replied with a more than agitated tone of voice.

"Ok-ok now turn around I found the darn thing" Adelia replied " you know it would really help if you stop trying to make me tell you who he is" I said to Adelia .
"Well if you would stop being so clumsy that would help to" Adelia said while tying the final knot to my corset.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes and let out a giggle still looking out the window and so did Adelia. "Now let's get you into this crinoline and get you dressed and we should be all done" adelia said while turning around (thump)
Adelia turned back around to find me now on the floor.

"Are you ok" Adelia asked in which I reply "yeah yeah I'm fine" . "What happened did you trip" adelia asked. "No just dont worry about it" Adelia with the slightest confusion with why I fell decided to look out the window and there he was Sebastian picking carrots for today supper.

Adelia through a slight grin "You dirty girl it's him isn't it it's Sebastian that's who you have been being so clumsy for? My brother? Really Elisia?" I immediately gave her a rough "No" even though I knew my cheeks were already a light pink I tried my best to hold back a smile that reached each side of the rainbow.

With a quick motion of her hand Adelia quickly started to open the window "Wait what are you doing" I ran to Adelia but it was to late "Sebastian" she screamed out making me quickly fall on my bottom to hide from the embarrassment I felt "Would you be so kind into getting Madam Elisia A glass of water" Adelia screamed out "Sure" Sebastian screamed in reply.

Adelia shut the window and busted out laughing " My brother you have to be joking. Thats who you like?" I couldn't help but laugh as I replied "how dare you" we both busted out laughing until suddenly we both heard a knock on the door which made both turn from silly too serious. I walked to the door and slowly opened and there he was Sebastian.

"Here you go my lady" I heard his words but couldn't seem to grasp onto my own I couldn't take my eyes off of his chest and his beautiful face his sharp jawline, wavy brown hair that fell perfectly to his ears and his beautiful hazel eyes.

"Thank you so much" Adelia said which took me out of my trance I could feel myself blush I slowly looked up and his eyes met mine he had a smile on his face but Adelia knew I would have acted weird if I didn't take my eyes off him so she shut the door " What would you do that for" I quickly asked .

In which Adelia responded " I'm not only your best friend but I also work for your mom we have to make haste" we both made all the way down the stairs where Mother was waiting
"Good Evening Ms.Kiplin" Adelia said while slowly bowing "Good Evening my precious girls" mother said smiling "now where's you sister Aurora"

Aurora is my sister one year younger than me soon to be ready to become a lady once she's 19 next year I presume you don't know much about me so let me tell you.

My name is Elisia Kiplin I'm 19 and I live in Edinburg Scotland Me, Adelia and Sebastian have been friends ever since we were kids my mom took in Sebastian and Adelia when both their parents died including my dad while on their way home and we promised each other to always be there for one another.

But everything changed on the night of my 19th birthday Me, Sebastian and Adelia took one of my mom's fine whiskeys we all stood dancing and laughing together that night in my room but everything came to stop once Sebastian touched my hips to twirl me around a heatwave rushed down my spine something that I have never felt before and we locked eyes and I couldn't bring myself to talk to him since then.

It's been 4 months since that day and I still wonder if he noticed or could it have all just be my imagination ?

I heard footsteps coming from behind Aurora race down the stairs putting the final pin in her hair "I'm here Mother I'm so sorry for being late yet again"."it's okay" our Mother responded. "Now you girls go on about your day I'll see you for supper" we all left and the day passed quicker than expected.

I heard the bell ring for supper and I got up from the bed and as I walk down the stairs I heard giggling not only from Mother but Aurora and Adelia which made me happy until I heard a familiar laugh as I walked I stopped in shock Sebastian was also at the table "Whats wrong my dear" mother asked " Nothing Mother just not really hungry may I be excused for tonight"

"Sure" ! "I'll be up to check if you're feeling well darling" Mother Replied "No need Mother" I replied back I felt Sebastian's eyes on me so I made my way out as fast as I could.

As Time passed the house had gone quiet everyone was now asleep besides me I couldn't get my mind off of Sebastian smile this morning I stood up from bed slowly untying the knot from my night gown and letting it slip down my body letting it hit the floor .

I laid back in bed and while still thinking of Sebastian i cupped my breast and slid my finger down passing my belly button now touching my flower I slowly rubbed on my Clitoris feeling my arousal getting stronger my back arched when suddenly it all came to a stop.

Someone was knocking on my door I immediately rushed and put my night gown back on I quickly rushed to the door "Mother I said i'm fine you don't have to check on me" I said while opening the door and before i could even see who it was I felt myself being pushed back I looked up and it was him Sebastian he slowly locked the door "Sebastian what are you doing" I asked he quickly turned looking me in my eyes.

My heart raced and I looked away "your doing it again" he said now graving on to my shoulders "Doing what Sebastian" I replied while the touch of his hands made a wave of heat go threw my body.

"Tell me what I have done Elisia what have I done to make you so distant ? "Sebastian said but the only word the slipped out of mine was "Sebastian let go of me" he stared at me and confusion and let me go I pushed his chest and told him "Get Out" even though every part of my body wanted him to stay he grabbed onto my wrist and pushed me to the wall
"Not until you tell me what I have done".

Our eyes met once again but my eyes fell to his lips I couldn't resist the urge any longer I placed my lips on to his He pushed back and looked me in my eyes and said "Elisia what are you doing" the feeling of embarrassment ran through my mind I turned to the wall "Sebastian please just leave" when suddenly I felt his hand on my shoulder he turned me around and pressed his lips upon mine I pressed my lips back to his allowing our tounges to meet with each kiss I felt my flower getting more and more wetter .

Our bodies touching I felt a buldge growing thicker I pushed back and we locked eyes "Sebastian" I felt myself stutter "Sebastian
I-I've never done this before" I told him In which he replied "Your a virgin" .

"Yes!" I looked down to the floor and felt his finger slowly lifting my face back up "It's Okay" he responded he pressed his lips into mine and I pressed mines back I felt myself walking backwards until our lips unlocked and I felt my bottom hit the bed.

"May I ?" While holding the bottom of my night gown "Yes slipped from my lips immediately . He slowly lifted my night gown off of my body leaving me with nothing on. I quickly covered my self with my hands and he gently moved them both leaving my chest and my flower exposed he took his shirt off and made his way on to me to me kissing my forehead then my cheeks and the my lips.

A quiet moan escaped my lips I felt his lips grin on mine he lifted himself and looked into my eyes and smiled then slowly came down to my ear and whispered "We're just getting started love" he made a trail of kisses down from my neck to my chest I moaned softly and grabbed on to his face I closed my eyes as I felt his tounge circling my nipples and sucking on them he went on and started kissing my stomach .

"Wait what are you going to do" Sebastian grinned now kissing on my legs with each kiss he replied " Lay -back-down-love" I couldn't do much but obey I laid back and felt him putting both my leg's over his shoulders he was now kissing my inner thighs I let out a moan as I felt my flower pumping I looked down to find Sebastian was now rubbing his thumb on my flower up and down he stared back at me as his thumb entered my folds and now rubbing my clitoris in circular motion I moaned quietly while not taking my eyes off him he looked down at my flower and bit his lip "How long have you been craving my touch Elisia" he asked in which I replied "Longer then you've known" .

He looked me in my eyes and his lips touched my flower his kiss made the hairs on my arms Lift he then let his tounge enter my folds making a circular motion on my clitoris feeling his tounge go up and down my back arched and moans escaped my lips more aggressively I couldn't help but run my fingers through his hair "S-sebastian I need you" he slowly rose up and said "say it again".

I repeated myself "Sebastian please I need you" he got up from the bed and I'm unbuckled his pants letting them fall to the ground "Come here he commanded I stood up from the bed to see his length nice and hard "Get on your knee's" I listened and got down now my face was close to his length he put his thumb on my lips touching both bottom and top he pushed my bottom lip down "Open up for me love".

As I opened my mouth his length touched my lips and slowly entered my mouth I didn't know what I was doing but I loved it I felt his length go back and forth he held my hair as I started moving my head back and forth myself "Fuck Elisia" He Moaned his moans making a heat wave go down my flower I moaned making each moan make him moan even more.

He let his length fall from my lips he Lifted Me Up and pushed me onto the bed kissing me each time more harder than before he touched his length and rubbed it on my flower then on my clitoris he whispered in my ear "This may hurt a bit love are you sure your ready" I looked into his eyes giving him a consenting "Yes" he looked down at his length positioning him self to enter .

He looked me in my eyes and entered a moan escaped my lips both with pleasure and pain each stroke just became more pleasurable then the last "Would you like me to stop" Sebastian asked "No please don't" I replied he kept with slow strokes and then went faster I felt my body close to cuming "Fuck Elisia your so tight" .

"I'm-I'm gonna cum" he said pressing his lips on to mine " Yes Sebastian Yes Harder' I slowly started to move my hips going up and down with the rythm of his strokes. His strokes increased I felt myself cum all over his shaft the tightening of my flower made him pull out and ejaculate on top of my flower "Dammit Elisia" he said making us both laugh he lifted himself up to place his lips upon mine he lifted up and I saw blood on his shaft.

"Oh My I am so sorry" I said in embarrassment in which he replied "It's okay it's just a pinch of blood" he explain to me that is what happens after intercourse espacially knowing that he took my virginity.

He got out of bed and got a wet wash cloth and cleaned the blood of my flower laying a kiss on it one last time then he wiped his shaft as he did that I quickly put on my night gown and passed him his clothes allowing him to get dressed he came close and laid a kiss on my lips I quickly pushed back and said "So see you for supper tomorrow then" he quickly said "yes for sure" .

"Great sure thing see you tomorrow" I said while opening the bedroom door before he left I placed one last kiss on his lips and shut the door I ran to the bed in excitement I can't wait till tomorrow !!

To be continued ....

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