Hopelessly Devoted

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As I pulled on Adelia arm to make our way outside "Now that we're outside explain everything to me" Adelia said with nothing but anger in her tone.
"Ok well remember yesterday you told me is that Bella wanted to speak to me well she didn't just want to speak to me she overheard me and Sebastian and she came on to me it was a new experience and I got stuck in the moment" I said.

"That does not explain to me why is she opening your boyfriend's room with nothing but a sheet wrapped around her body" she said still confused "Christ Adelia he caught us having sex and I let him have sex with her now if that's all what I do is my business not yours for crying out loud" I said making my way towards the hallway.

"Morning Sister morning Adelia" Aurora said making her way down the stairs "Morning Aurora" Me and Adelia said simultaneously "What's the matter you both seemed quite agitated" Aurora said "No one's agitated sweetheart I just think we should all have an off-day again now that you're up would you like that Aurora?" I said hoping she would agree.

"That would be lovely I actually wanted to ask if we could I also want to take Adelia with me , My friends parents are having a feast and it starts in a hour but we surely won't be home until tomorrow for I think we might sleep over" Aurora said anxiously waiting for me to answer.

"That would be amazing maybe see you guys should start getting ready. Would you like to go Adelia?" I said to Aurora and asked Adelia. "Yes I would love to" Adelia said "Well you best be getting ready then" I replied which made in the girls really excited they ran up the stairs and I walked to the dining room.

So many things have been going threw my head it was obviously hard to concentrate on which one I wanted to think about as I sat on the chair I felt sleepy and believe it I actually did fall asleep on the chair. I woke up to feeling a kiss on my cheek it was now the afternoon "We are leaving sister" Aurora said. "Christ what time is it? Oh my you guys look beautiful" I said.

"We have to get going our Carriage is outside Elisia" Aurora said impatiently grabbing on to Adelia's hand and making her way out the front I couldn't help but laugh and wave goodbye think of how silly Aurora is as I closed and locked the door I heard the door open from Sebastian's room out of fright I ran upstairs.

If I quickly lock myself inside my room and headed to the bathroom and turn on the water from the shower a few minutes past and I didn't hear anything anymore. But I said to myself might as well take a shower since I'm already in here.

(~An Hour Later~)

As I rinse what ever soap was left I heard a knock on my door which made me jump I quickly made my way out the shower and wrapped myself with a towel
I open the door slowly knowing that it could only be Bella or Sebastian or both.

A sigh of relief left my body
"Good afternoon my love are you okay" Sebastian said with a worried expression
"Yes im fine my love come in" I said opening the door wider to my surprise I seen he was holding a charcuterie "Is that for us" I said with a smile that reaches the sky.

We both smiled at each other making our way towards my bed he put the charcuterie on the bed a grabbed my face with both hands and laid a soft kiss on my lips "I love you so much" he said "I love you too" I replied as I laid on the bed he made his way to the bed as well I'm laid down on my leg.

I run my fingers through his hair as he picked up a vine of grapes and fed them to me which I felt was the most romantic I tried to be romantic as well and did the same as I put the grapes closer to his lips he took one and ate it but ended up choking he stood up quickly and I tried my best not to laugh.

"You'd better not laugh" he said with a smile which only made me burst out in laughter but also made him laugh as well he jumped on the bed and shook me back and forth "I told you not to" he said laughing "Im sorry honey" I replied with my face training bright red.

I quickly gave him a kiss on his cheek which made him stop and look me in my eyes "Would you like to-" he said as I cut his sentence shorts by saying "Yes" I took of my towel throwing it to the side as he unbuckled his pants as he was about to pull them down a knock came at the door .

"ONE SECOND" I yelled out quickly standing from the bed and running to my dresser to find a dress I slid it on quickly
as he fixed his belt. "Come in" I said and Bella walked in "Does anyone know where is Adelia and Aurora ?" She said curiously.

"Oh yeah they wont be back till tomorrow afternoon there at a feast and will be sleeping over" I said . "Oh okay" Bella said with a mischievous grin on her face as she looked me in my eyes "Well im gonna take a shower" she said walking out the door "Okay" Me and Sebastian said simultaneously we stood looking at the door till the we heard the water turn on in the bathroom.

So many thought's we're going through my head i grabbed onto Sebastian's hand and ran out the door and down the stairs
"Wait where are we going?" He asked "To the dining room" I replied and before he could give a response I pulled him closer and placed a kiss on his lips I than walked away and moved the chairs from the table.

His eyes widen as I did everything I did I pulled him closer to the table and turned him around "When I say look you look ok" I said suspiciously. I reached down and took off my dress wearing nothing under I slowly lifted myself on to the bed trying to avoid making any noise.

"Turn Around slowly and open your eyes" I commanded and he did he opened his eyes and they widen seeing my legs open "You look so fucking delicious" he said grabbing my hips and rubbing his lips "You like that" I asked into which he replied "Yes but what if Bella catches us" .

"She can join then but for now take you clothes" I said moving his hands from my hips he took his shirt and pants of seductively I sat up quickly and let my hair loose and placed my hands on his chest and kissed his neck he grabbed my face tracing my lips with both his thumbs.

He placed a hard kiss on my lips which I couldn't help but return he then placed his arm around my back and pushed my chest up placing his tongue on my nipples then sucking on them and bitting softly I pushed his head up with both my hands and he kissed me and wrapped his hand around my hair and pushed me slowly back.

He put my leg's over his shoulder kissing my stomach then my thighs now kissing my flower he the began to pleasure me making circular motions around my Cleo I ran my finger's through his hair as he continued I couldn't help but moan loudly which made him smile.

As I felt my self reaching an orgasm I grabbed on to my breast arching my back he was aware of how much pleasure he was giving me and went faster I heard Bella coming down the stairs slowly and as I reached my orgasm I moaned louder then ever.

Sebastian stood straight and I quickly did the same I laid an intense kiss on him feeling his length as hard as rock on my stomach "Bella are you watching us" I said aloud "Fuck" I heard her try to whisper Sebastian quickly turned around.

"Don't hide yourself my love" I told him grabbing his hand and walking the both of us to the stairs Bella had only a towel and her hair was wet "Im sorry i should have told you both I was heading down I'll go" she said with a guilty tone.

"What if i don't want you to" I said with a mischievous grin which made both Sebastian and Bella look at me and smile as I walked closer pinning her to the staircase wall I leaned in and kissed her and she gladly returned my kisses I grabbed on to the side of her towel and yanked it of as Sebastian watched I grabbed on to her breast and traced my finger around her stomach until I reached her flower.

And slowly slid them in she moaned onto my lips which only made me wetter I took my fingers out and licked them now grabbing on to both there hand and running up the stairs to my room I laid her on my bed and got on top on all four and then moved my hand and placed to finger's in her flower "Fuck me my love" I commanded.

And that is exactly what he did grabbing my ass with both hands and spreading them apart he help my ass with one hand then grabbed his length and rubbed it on my flower and my cleo the feeling had me wanting more.

He slowly put his length in my flower and I fell to Bella's chest I moved my finger quicker in her which made her moan loudly the same as I did feeling Sebastian come in and out of me "fuck yes" Bella said feeling herself orgasm on my finger's she lifted herself up and kissed my lips as I moaned.

Sebastian's moans got louder as he felt himself reaching his peak but he didn't want to unless I did first he quickened up the pace but couldn't hold it and to my surprise we came together simultaneously "That felt fucking great" Sebastian said ecstatically Bella gave me one last kiss and smiled as we all hugged each other and kissed.

To be continued .....

~ Arthur's note
( I hope you guys enjoyed this chapterI hope you're excited for the next one coming....
Will everybody remain happy ? Will the Spiciness continue until Morning ? . I don't know or better yet I can't say :)...... Come Back Monday and Find out )

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