Hopelessly Devoted

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In For It


"Are you sure they won't be back till tomorrow" Bella said making her way to the bathroom "Yes im sure I'll be back going to use the bathroom downstairs" I responded "Ok my Love" Sebastian said with a smile.

I couldn't help but give a smile back and make my way downstairs but everything came to a stop when a sudden head rush came to me I made my way running to the bathroom and fell down quickly vomiting into the toilet a sudden pain in my stomach struck.

I quickly turned the shower on an went in letting the hot water hit my body what was the saying I was feeling a sense of relief hit my body and some time went by I heard I said a knock at the door "Come in" I yelled facing my face to the water.

"Are you ok" Sebastian asked "Yes im fine just not feeling well stomach's aching and it can't be my menstrual haven't had it in 1 month" I replied trying not to vomit. "Excuse What" Sebastian said staring at me.

"You don't think you're you know" he said grabbing me and helping me out the shower "What I know what" I questioned him in complete confusion. He grabbed onto the towel wrapping it around me and helping me make my way upstairs "Bella" he yelled laying me down "What the hell are you doing I'm not bloody sick you know" I said .

"Yes" Bella said coming in wrapping her her with the extra towel "Did your mom teach you anything about knowing how far along someone could be" Sebastian asked her "How far along you didn't release inside of me-" she cut her sentence short and they both looked at me.

"WAIT are you trying to say im with child" I screamed out in shock "I can't say how far along but I can check if you are" Bella said looking swiftly at the both of us "Well then what the bloody hell are you waiting for" I said unwrapping my towel.

She came close and gently pressed down on my stomach and then headed down to my flower she placed her middle finger inside and moved it around which made me jump she took her finger out.

She pushed me "Bloody hell Elisia" she said aloud "What am I" I asked as curious as ever "Yes you idiot your gonna have a baby Congratulations you to" she said jumping up and down I couldn't stop smiling Sebastian came to me and hugged me lifting me up from the bed.

"I'm going to be a father" "I'm going to be a Mother" Me and Sebastian said simultaneously. Bella smiled looking at both of us "Well I'm going to make some lunch for us then" she said.

Everything passed by so quick.

~3 months later~

Time passed quickly Things were going well between us and Bella I woke up that morning in the best of moods I cooked breakfast and told everyone to come down "Well someone's extremely happy" both Adelia and Aurora said making their way into the dining room "Well I have some exciting news" I looked up to see both Bella and Sebastian coming in the dining room as well.

"Are we telling them now" Sebastian said placing a nice soft kiss on my lips "Yes" I replied "YES" Bella shouted which made me laugh "Well let's not just stand here let's sit down" I said with a smile on my face. As we all sat down and began eating it passed my mind and we were almost done eating "So what's the big news" Aurora said.

I ate my last grape and stood up quickly "Well me and Sebastian are .....

To Be Continued...

Authors note-
I know this is a short one but next chapter will be LONGG :)
Thank you guys so much for being patient it means the world to me as I post chapter 11 I am half way done with chapter 12 and will be posting it Friday for sure.
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