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As I stood up a strong pain came to my stomach "are you okay" Adelia asked "Yes I just" my sentence was cut off by Bella "Omg your bleeding" she said grabbing onto my hand and taking me to the bathroom "What's wrong" I asked as she placed me in the shower with warm water another strong pain hit me.

"Your losing your baby" she said all of a sudden the world's slowed down I could hear the beat of my heart increasing. Is this really happening in quick flash everything went dark I woke up on my bed Sebastian on my side holding my hand "Sebastian is this real did I really lose my baby" I asked but he couldn't answer he looked to the ground tears now running down my face.

He then faced me with tears in his eyes as well "Yes I'm sorry" he said "Get out" he looked at me surprised still standing in the same place "Get out Sebastian Get out get out get out" I said I didn't want to see any one he slowly walked back to the door and left closing the door behind him has he left I didn't blame him for this but I need a time for myself.

Two weeks past and I still haven't left my room every time someone tried to come in I would yell for them to leave if I stood up it was only to take a shower and use the bathroom thankfully it was inside my room I looked out and it's night time everyone was downstairs having dinner.
I walk down the stairs slowly and made my way into the kitchen passing the dining room as everyone ate.

I could feel everyone staring at me as I got myself some water I heard footsteps behind me I turned around to see Sebastian walking into the kitchen "Hey" he said and I replied nodding my head "are you okay" he asked "Im fine" I responded now making my way out the kitchen and looking into the dining room where Bella , Aurora and Adelia sat.

"We're finishing up now and we're going to go to bed" Aurora said I nodded my head as an okay and made my way back up the stairs not saying a word to them I locked my door and laid on the bed. Some time had passed now and the house was quiet the only thing you could hear was the rain and the Thunder outside I stood up take a shower and came back out quickly.

As I stood next to the Mirror I left myself up and down I slid on my night dress I made my way out the door I went into the girls room and Adelia and Aurora we're both sleeping I then continue to walk to Bella's room I opened the door to find her sleeping as well I closed the door now walking to Sebastian's room as I made my way downstairs I tried not to cry as it was only in the night that my pain came out.

I walked into Sebastian's room and he was sleeping as I began to close the door I heard him say "Bella is that you" a sudden Rush of anger filled not only my head but triggered my whole entire body I opened the door shutting it behind me.
"Are you ok why are you up so late" he asked with a worried expression on his face "Are you mad that I'm not Bella?" I asked as that was the first name he mentioned "No my love I just " I cut his sentence short walking towards the bed.

I let my my night gown slide of still feeling anger. I made my way towards the bed he scooted up on the bed surprised I crawled on the bed making my way towards him and placed my lips heavily on to his I kissed him now touching his chest he returned the kisses now grabbing my waist I quickly moved his hands and told him to lay down which he did I took off his trousers and looked him in the eyes placing his length on my flower.

I slowly went down feeling his length enter me I felt him in me but my emotions took over me taking my pleasure away I repeated to go up and down seeing his face fill with pleasure a tear rolled down my face but he hadn't noticed as his eyes were closed I went quicker having every inch of him inside me deeper pounding I placed my hand over his "Just don't watch me" I said with my other hand I put both his hands on my breast.

Tears ended up rolling down all the anger and pain was released with every tear I felt his hips clench as he was near releasing he grabbed on to my waist and turned me bend me over so quick he didn't get the chance to see my face he thrusted harder and harder not letting go of me I knew his intention and I tried moving away as I didn't want him to release in me but every time I moved he grabbed me harder.

"Sebastian no , Let go Please" I pleaded but he didn't he was seconds away from coming and I pushed myself away quickly getting off the bed as I looked his eyes met mine "What's wrong" he asked still stuck in the moment "Did you not hear me tell you to stop" I said aloud letting all my tears out "Im sorry" he said while standing up from the bed getting closer to me.

He leaned in to give me a hug but I moved away quickly covering my flower and my chest "Don't touch me" I said loudly which surprised him I opened the door to his room and walked out "Where are you going " he said I left out naked from his room "Leave me alone" I ran up the stairs quickly entering my room and locking it.

What had just happened I couldn't stop thinking to my self.

To be continued.....

Authors Note - hey guys Tokyo here sorry I didn't update on Friday like I said I was but it's here and I'm currently working on chapter 13 I would love to know how you guys feel about this chapter :)
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