Hopelessly Devoted

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I walked out still in confusion trying to process everything that I just saw "Elisia wait please let me explain myself" Aurora said right behind me trying to catch up I walked in slamming the door.
"Elisia wait" Sebastian said making me turn around to see all 3 of them standing facing me "Wait-wait ? what is it exactly do you think this is my little sister was with her legs in the air with a women we just met today in between them and you expect me to be okay ?" I said.

"They like each other and have all right to express it in anyway they see fit" Sebastian said calmly. "You're right they have all right to but again we just met her today" I said heading towards Bella with an open hand until Sebastian grabbed my waist and then pushed me against the wall now face to face and nose to nose touching "Move Sebastian" I said to which he replied "Calm down".

"Sebastian I said move now" I said now looking into his eyes which made him quickly grab my neck and say "I said calm down now - Now Aurora take Bella with you upstairs". I stood in utter shock that his hand was wrapped around my neck but yet something in me felt really exited by see his dominate side Aurora held on to bella's hand and making her way up the stairs as we heard the door shut Sebastian faced his attention back to me now letting my neck go but grabbing on to my wrist.

He began to walk to his room slightly dragging me along with as we entered his room he slammed the door behind him "What is wrong with you?" He asked his tone now slightly higher then before "Why are you raising your voice to me? Would you not feel the same if you caught Adelia in the same act" I said frustrated "No I would not I'd walk out and not worry frankly because it's none of my business" he replied "Well-well" I couldn't seem to grasp what I had to say quick enough.

"Well what speak" he shouted which made me stay completely mute "Are you jealous" he asked. Into which I replied "Me jealous of what exactly" I replied
"You thought it was me in there is your body craving mines" he said walking towards me "I never said such thing" I said quickly but my body strongly disagreed quickly getting goosebumps his face faced me but his eyes looked down he moved my hair from my chest admiring the view as he moved his hand now cupping my breast he lowered his head and I looked up now feeling his lips leave gentle trace's of kisses.

"Fuck" escaped my mouth which made him look up "do you like that" he asked with his lips still on the top of my breast. I didn't reply his hand reached the back of my top and he slowly unbuttoned it now feeling the strings of my corset he grabbed on untying the knot and revealing my upper half "tell me what you want" he said now on his knee's "I'll do it" he added on. "I don't want anything" I replied. He looked up at me grabbing my waist and putting his hand up my skirt "Don't" I said quickly but he continued.

His hand now getting closer to my flower as he put his hand on my flower I gasped "you're wet already" he said now getting up from the ground "What made you wet" he asked "Well obviously you" I said with a smart attitude "Yes I see but tell me which part exactly" he asked with a grin. Which left me with no words as I was to embarrassed to tell him that his dominance made me completely wet earlier as I stood there thinking I forgot we were together. "Elisia" he shouted taking me out of my trance.

I ended up blushing "Yes" I replied quickly which made his eyes open wide now as he figured out now what it was. I grabbed on to my top covering my breast "I should leave now" I said walking towards the door. As I began to open it he slammed it shut now with his chest on my back his hand now grabbing my hair "Tell me my love do you like being dominated" he said pulling my hair back which caused me to get goose bumps "I take that as Yes" he said grinning and moving my hair to the side his lips pressed my on to my neck leaving love bites.

"Look at me" He said and I quickly obeyed I faced towards him "What now" I asked "undress" he commanded I untied the back of my skirt and let it drop to the floor he looked at my body "Bend over on the bed" he said and I made my way towards the bed and bent over and tried to look back as much as I could. He undressed until nothing but his length and chest showed he got closer getting on one knee he grabbed my legs opening them a little wider.

He placed his thumb on the center of my flower making circular motions "Sebastian" I moaned. He then placed his tongue on my flower going up and down "Fuck" he said which made my a shiver of pleasure go threw my body he then stood up rubbing his hands on the curves of my body "I need you" I said and I said i felt him enter 2 finger's into me very slowly now moving his fingers fast in me "Please Sebastian" I said desperately needing him in me he took his finger's out now rubbing his length on my flower.

I couldn't help but push myself back I moaned feeling his length now enter me he started with soft strokes grabbing my hair in a fist and slightly pulling it back "does this make you feel good?" He asked "Yes-Fuck" I replied he then placed his hand around my neck pulling me up now my back meeting with his chest once again his strokes increased "Fucking hell Elisia" he moaned now turning my face and meeting his lips with mine we kissed and moaned into each other with every stroke I felt my pleasure rising he started stroking harder and harder I stood there moaning not worrying who could hear us.

"You know you missed behave today" Sebastian said slowing his pace "What do you mean" I asked almost a few seconds away from reaching my climax I looked back to see him grinning and he pulled away from me and began to stroke his length "Wait what are you doing" I asked surprised yet frustrated "I won't let you cum unless you apologize to you're sister she did nothing wrong she only did what life gives every human bean the opportunity to do receive pleasure" he said still looking at my naked body.

I craved him more then ever I needed him in me I walked towards him grabbing his face and kissing his lips ever so patiently "I love you" he said "I love you a thousand time's more" I replied I grabbed his hand and headed towards the bed "Come lay with me" I asked which he didn't refuse we laid down and together and I laid on his arm while his other hand rubbed my breast I turned to give him a kiss and then slowly fell asleep.

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