Hopelessly Devoted

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A Day Off

I woke up to sound of everyone talking I looked to my side and Sebastian was not there I had almost forgotten that we slept inside his room as I was done putting on my clothing I made my way out to find Sebastian, Aurora, Adelia and Bella all standing in a circle in the middle of the hallway debating on something which I was very much curious to find out about.

"Can someone tell me what's going on" I asked into which Adelia replied " we're trying to convince your boyfriend here is that today we should all have a day off there's really nothing to do besides cook meals but he insist on having us look around". I turned and was completely face to face with Sebastian who had the most Stern look on his face " why don't you decide" Aurora and Bella said simultaneously.

"Well if you guys are asking me I say that today is a good day for a day off there's nothing to do so might as but everyone is making their own food today" I said which made the girls jump up in happiness. Sebastian pulled me to the side and whispered in my ear "You just want to spend the day with me don't you".

"Maybe, maybe not" I said walking back to the girls leaving him behind with a devious grin on his face "Well girl's you best be on your way enjoy your day all of you" I said and gave a slight wink so all of them "Thank you" they all said now walking off "So if today is a day off whatever shall we do what's this marvelous day" Sebastian said grabbing on to my hips and laying a soft kiss upon my cheek.

"We will read! My books are upstairs and I shall bring us some lunch since no one in this house likes to wake me up in the morning anymore and allows me to sleep my way into the afternoon" I said now walking towards the kitchen and hearing Sebastian say "okay I'll wait for you in my room" in the distance.

I went into the kitchen I grabbed onto some crackers and some meats pleasantry and two cups of water I tried to juggle all at once successfully did so as I walked in I seen three books on the bed two of my favorite but I didn't really get to see the last one " that looks delicious" Sebastian said making me jump and we couldn't help but laugh we made our way to the bed.

And began to eat "Well should I read then" I asked trying to break the moment of silence which Sebastian replied to "Yes indeed" passing me the first book and putting the other two on the floor "But before that let me use the bathroom" he said making his way towards to what I thought was a closet I laid on the bed already opening to read the first page.

"Hey-hey not with out me" Sebastian said running towards the bed an opening his arms he laid right on my stomach as I read.

"As they rode off into the sunset they smiled at each other letting nothing stand in the way of their love. -The End"

Sometime had passed and it was now night as I look down Sebastian was sleeping I moved a slowly as possible grabbing onto a towel and making my way in to the shower the thought that today was nothing but ours made me happy. Moments later had passed and I was almost done in the showers as I rinsed my hair I heard the door open "Who goes there" I asked "It's I just me" Sebastian said opening the curtains.

To my surprise he had nothing on "May I come in" he asked as I pushed to the front he made his way in as the water hit his body I felt a heat rise in my core "I should be on my way now" I said making my way out and wrapping myself with a towel as I walk towards the bed I felt a slight breeze coming from the window I quickly went and slid on my nightgown as I knew I would be spending the night once more.

As I bent down to grab onto the other books I realized that the last one was a book I had stolen from my aunt long ago which made me familiar with the relations of pleasure I heard the water go off and in panic I dropped it's as he made his way out.

"What do you got their " Sebastian asked
And to which I replied nervously "Nothing" as he made his way closer I pushed back and he bent over and picked the book up "you know I was actually quite curious on this one and why did it have pleasure as a did we read this one" he said and asked I walked towards him grabbing onto the book "Yes we have" I said trying to pull the book Away.

"Well since we did I missed the last part so I should read again" he said with a devious grin on his face as he opened it's his eyes widen "I had a book like this before" He said which made my eyes open wide "Would you like to know what I learned ?" He asked. I tried not to blush but failed.

"Sure" I said "Wonderful get on the bed" he said as I laid on the bed he came following coming next face to face he placed his lips upon mine giving the most softest of kisses i couldn't help but return each one he slowly lifted himself and placed his hands under my nightwear laying his hands now on my stomach his kisses moved from my lips down to my neck he looked back up at me.

We we're now eye-to-eye he slid his finger's down now touching my cleo ans rubbing it in circular motions and rubbing the rest of my flower I couldn't help but moan he placed his lips on mine and made his way down to my flower he placed a gentle kiss on my flower now opening my flower petals his tongue now flicking my cleo.

He continued to pleasure me and then he slowly placed his finger's in my flower "mhmm" the sound feeling made my back arch he then went faster I pushed his head as the certain urge to climax which made his eyes look up at me be he still continued my back arched even more and I grabbed on to my breast now feeling the core of pleasure run threw my whole body.

I laid back down and looked towards him as he licked his lips "Were not done" he said standing up from the bed and letting the towel fall revealing his hard length "Not done?" I asked he climbed back on the bed now opening my leg's he pushed me up and my butt was now on his lap he grabbed the pillow and placed it under my back "what are you doing" I asked into which he replied "Trust me" which I did.

I felt my flower touch his length "are you ready" he asked into which I replied with a nod he looked at me and then looked at my flower as he placed his length in slowly a moan escaped his lip as he leaned forward and placed his hand on my waist and continued with slow motions "Fuck it feels so good" I said now feeling his full length inside he leaned down and caressed my breast.

He placed his lips upon my breast kissing after every stroke my back arched and I couldn't help myself but tell him to "lay down" as he obeyed I climbed on top of him now placing his shaft right in my flower a began to move up and down going faster then before I grabbed his hand and placed them on my hips and placed my own on my breast.

I couldn't help but moan and look down to see him moaning as well "Fuck my love this feels so good" he said. to my surprise he began to move his hips up amd down harder i couldn't help but to hold my climax as his shaft went deeper in. "Turn around" he said I obeyed and turned now on all fours a position i have never done he grabbed on to my ponytail and kissed my back.

He then placed his shaft in me it hurt but felt good at the same time Sebastian couldn't contain his moans and moaned loud as ever and so did I "Ah ah ah ah ah" we said simultaneously as grabbed on to my neck and pounded harder then ever I couldn't help and ended up climaxing as I climaxed he stopped and put his length deeper in as he came inside me.

He slid out and we both laid on the bed and laughed We both then kissed each other "Do you think everyone's sleeping" I asked as I knew we were both parched we got up from the bed and got dressed to make our way to the kitchen him walking right in front of me but still holding my hands.

As we both entered the dining room which was nothing but a few steps away from Sebastian's room we paused in complete shock. We came to find ourselves face to face Aurora, Adelia And Bella eating apricots but with their wide open. "So do we have any more apricot" I said quickly as the awkward silence was killing everybody.

"Um yes there is in the kitchen" Aurora and Adelia said simultaneously and looking at the love bites on my neck "Great will be going then" I said pulling Sebastian's hand and walking into a kitchen we looked at each other and laughed grabbing a glass of water and and two apricots.

To be continued......

(~Author's Note~ Hey all that read my story sorry that I haven't updated as quickly I had a writer's block but I am back now and will be updating this Tuesday just wanted to say thank you so much for choosing to read Hopelessly Devoted and please if you have any questions do not hesitate and leaving a comment thank you again)
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