Hopelessly Devoted

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"We should be back on our way to the room now" I said passing him the two apricots. We made our way nearly passing the dining room until we heard Adelia shout-out "Can we speak to you Elisia". Which I responded to "Sure thing just give me a second" continuing to walk back to Sebastian's room.

"What could she possibly want to talk about" I said turning to Sebastian as he grabbed on to my hips and gave me a kiss on my forehead "How could I possibly know just get back quick ill be waiting for you in bed" he said with a devious grin upon his face.

"And I'll be ready for you" I said walking out with a smile. I made my way into the dining room to find the only Adelia and Bella "So you guy's wanted to talk right is everything ok? Also where did Aurora run off to ?" I asked. "Well it wasn't actually me who wanted to have a conversation with you it was Bella Aurora actually went upstairs to sleep and I'm kind of feeling sleepy too" Adelia said.

He stood up from the table placing a kiss on my cheek "Goodnight Lovely" Adelia said into to which I replied to the same. "So you wanted to talk is everything alright?" I asked Bella and to which she replied "No do you actually think we can talk somewhere private where no one can hear us".

"Oh ok yes we can go to my room" I said I turned and we both made our way to my room opening the door I let her walk in first and turned to close the Door "So what is it" I asked turning around to find me and her face to face "Is he as good as I remember ?" She asked.

"I beg your pardon" I replied "Did you know last time we shared a cute little lady and she moaned to the both of us just like you . Actually when I heard you from the dining room it turned me on" she said walking closely towards me and pinning me on the door "Can you move away please" I said trying to push you away.

I felt her hands run up my dress "Stop please" I asked as i felt her hand now touching my flower I lifted my hand quickly and smacked her which made her push away " You are with my sister is your goal to lay with everyone in this house" I said she looked back up at me "I know you want me to and I have no commitment to your sister" she said grabbing on to my hand as I tried to move my hand.

She pulled on to me moving me towards my bed "No Stop Bella" I said.
"if you want me to stop then stop me" she said pushing me down to the bed my dress quickly lifted and I pushed it down remembering I have no underwear Bella climbed on to the bed tracing her two fingers up my leg and to my flower "Bella this is not right" I said.

Bella looked me in my eyes as I said my last word sliding her two fingers in me I let out a quick gasp "Bella No" I said. Bella Pushed her face close to mine pushing her finger deeper with a quicker movement "Tell me stop I will" she said placing a kiss upon my lips "Bella St-" pleasure took over my and I couldn't help but couldn't help and continue to moan.

She slowly pulled her finger out placing them both in her mouth she lifted my dress and threw it on the floor and did the same with hers "Bella you can't tell anyone" I said she looked at me and smiled she lifted my leg and put her legs in between mine.

"Are you ready" She asked to which I replied to quickly "Yes" she placed her flower upon mine a feeling I never felt she began to move her hips rubbing her flower upon mine a moan escaped her lips and also mine our moans became more intense and we both moved our hips feeling so amazingly we moved quicker feeling our selves reach our climax "Fuck yes" we said simultaneously.

She put my leg down and kissed my belly "I should be on my way" I said both happy but worried I moved from her grasp to pick up my dress and quickly slid it on "Elisia wait please let's talk about it" Bella said as I walked towards the door I looked back and shook my head "Good Night" I said walking out hearing her voice in a distance "Wait" she said.

I made my way to Sebastian room quickly and shut the door "What did you guys talk about that took so long" Sebastian said with the outmost curious look on his face "We um Girl stuff Adelia is on her period" I said climbing on the bed and covering myself "I'm quite tired are you" I asked.

"Well yes but can we?" he asked "Can we what ?" I replied "I just wanna feel you" he said putting his hand on my hip and sliding it to my flower "you're already wet" he said sliding his finger in me how could I do this after what just happened pleasure and pain ran threw my body as he went faster and placed his lips on my breast "Sebastian it hurts stop" I said but he didn't "Stop" "Please Stop" I said once more.

As I pushed his arm away the door swung open "She Said Stop" Bella came in and shut the door behind her which made me jump and cover myself but Sebastian seemed more angrier then ever "Get the hell out" he said "No you were hurting her" Bella said sternly "You fuck my girlfriend and then have the audacity to tell me what to do" he said my face went into complete shock.

"How" Bella said not knowing what else to say "How did I what? How did i find out?" He said......

To be continued.......

(Authors Note~Sorry guy's I know I'm a day late but here you go let me know how you like it :)... Also thank you in advance Updating Friday ) ~Tokyo
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