Hopelessly Devoted

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"Sebastian I swear to you it's Not What It Seems" I said "Not What It Seems it seems to me like you quite enjoyed yourself" he said walking towards me and pulling my arm quickly making me stand up from the bed "let go of her" Bella said walking towards him and grabbing onto his arms trying to release his grip from my arm but quickly he grabbed onto the back of both of our hairs.

"Sebastian look at me please" I said he looked at me with tears in his eyes "What" he said "My love I know your mad but please let us go" I said trying to hold back tears" do you want to know what it felt like walking up the stairs to find my girlfriend My girlfriend with her legs up screwing someone else" he said now letting go of my hair.

"This is what it felt like" he said now moving bella towards the bed and bending her over "Sebastian Stop" I said but he continued to remove his trunks now lifting the back of her dress up "If you wanted to fuck the both of us just say so" Bella said shocking not only me but Sebastian as well he let go of her hair and pushed back.

"Is that what you think? You think I want you I'm doing this to show Elisia a lesson" Sebastian said "Me a lesson and when did I become your child I guess it is true you do want to fuck us both" I said grabbing bella's hand "Wait hold on where did this go" he said confused.

Bella then grabbed the bottom of my dress and removed it and I did the same to her. We were both now naked "Bloody hell put on your clothes Bella" he said looking at the both of us "Its ok my love" I said walking towards him and touching his face. "Fuck us" Bella said now touching his length and I used my other hand to do the same .

"Elisia do you want this" he said looking into my eyes. " My love I am yours and you are mine I trust you". I said now pushing closer to his ear "fuck us my love" I whispered in his ear now placing my lips on his neck a moan escaped his lips and he faced me kissing me passionately i moved both my hands to his face as he moved his hand to my breast I felt his mouth open fully suppressed with pleasure.

I looked down to find Bella allowing his length to enter her mouth fully "you like that" I said as he looked into my eyes and replied "yes" I slowly pushed back "Where are you going" he asked I didn't answer and I grabbed onto my dress and put it on which made him push bella's head off his length an walk towards me "My Love you said you were ok with it" he said.

"I am my love I myself can't do it but i trust you and its ok" I said placing one last kiss on his lips for the night and then quietly walked out the door closing it behind me I made my way up the stairs going straight to my room it has honestly been a long night I laid myself down and went to bed.

Before I knew it the morning came as I made my way out I bumped into Adelia "Hey Sleepy head" she said smiling "Good morning" I said smiling and both of us making our way down the stairs "I should wake everyone for breakfast" she said. "Sure" I said and she proceeded to walk to Sebastian's room she began to knock.

And that's when it hit me I forgot bella was in there " well he's obviously sleeping we should go" I said loudly which she agreed to but it was too late as we turned to make our way to Aurora's room Sleepy women's voice came from Sebastian's room "Yes" which I already knew was Bella.

" You Bitch" Adelia said as angry as ever walking back towards her brother's room but I quickly held onto her arm "Adelia it's ok I know" I said quickly "What what do you mean you know" she asked with an angry tone in her voice "ill explain just lets go" I said

To be Continued .....

~Arthur's note ( Hey guys I know this chapter is small and probably not the most interesting of all my chapter's but I promise you that I am working on the next chapter now and it is going to be really spicy and interesting if you guys would like to recommend what you would like to see in the next coming chapters please do comment)
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