Runaway Alpha

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Logan Avery is a Werewolf that is presumed dead. After being away from his home for many years, he has to return home to fulfill a prophecy. MATURE CONTENT WARNING ⚠️ Mentions of violence, sexual conduct and swearing. If any of these topics disturb you, this book is not for you.

Erotica / Fantasy
Stevie Belle
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I awoke to a loud bang.

I jumped up to a sitting position and looked around my dark room. I turned towards the window where the noise came from and there was another bang. Something had hit the window. I climbed out of bed, walked to the window and saw what was happening. The wind was blowing so viciously that sticks and rocks were flying through the air, many hitting the window.

Watching the dangerous weather, I hoped that my Mom and Dad were alright. They had left on a trip two days prior because there was a problem going on in one of the many Werewolf towns they ruled over. Being the Alpha King and Queen kept them busy and away a lot, but they always made time for me. They had promised they would make it back in time for my birthday. My tenth birthday was in the morning and they sure weren't going to miss out on my first shift.

I turned and walked to my bathroom to grab some water. As I turned on the lights, my reflection was the first thing I saw and I was shocked to already see changes happening to my face and body. My Werewolf physique was already starting to form. I was super thirsty for some reason and chugged down four cups of water. When I was satisfied, I turned the lights off and headed to bed. I was so tired that I just climbed into bed and closed my eyes, ignoring another banging sound. I was about to go into a deep sleep until I suddenly felt a cool breeze of air hit my face. Before I could even open my eyes, something pricked at my neck. I didn't even have time to struggle as I just completely blacked out.

The next time I was conscious, I heard the sounds of the trees being hit by the vicious wind and felt vibration against my body. I slowly opened my eyes and saw that I was lying on something metal. I groaned as my head began to hurt and that's when someone spoke.

"Hey, the kid is up." A man whispered.

"Damn, he's up too soon. I thought the boss said he wasn't shifting till the morning?" Another man said to him.

"I guess being an Alpha, the effects wore off faster. We might be running out of time quicker than we thought in killing him." My eyes widened at hearing his words.

I sat up and looked around me. I realized I was in a cage in back of a moving pickup truck. I started shaking the metal bars of the cage, trying to wedge the door open.

"L-Let me go!" I yelled while stuttering a bit.

They both laughed and didn't say anything.

"You guys are going to be in a whole lot of trouble when my parents find out." I said to them and they laughed again.

"You'll be long dead and we'll be long gone by the time the stupid King and Queen find out." The man driving said.

I was angered by them insulting my parents, but tears started slowly falling down my cheeks at the thought of not seeing them again.

"Why are you doing this?" I said in a low voice, but they heard me.

The man not driving turned to look at me and flashed his canines as he smirked. "Because the true Werewolf King will finally have his throne."

"HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!" I started screaming and they started laughing again. I couldn't believe that my own kind were the ones wanting me dead.

"No one's around for miles, lil' Prince." I looked around for the first time as the man said this. We were driving through the woods, it was too dark for me to see anything but trees. Then, we suddenly came to a stop.

"What the hell!" The driver said in frustration.

He opened his door and stepped out. "Come on Zeke, lets get this thing out of the way."

"Stupid tree... stupid wind!" The Zeke guy grumbled.

As they were talking, I tried my best to crane my neck to see what was happening. Suddenly the sound of a branch breaking was heard.

"Rick, what was that?" Zeke asked.

"You coward, it's probably just an animal." Rick said in annoyance. "Hurry up and let's get this out of the way."

I listened to them struggle to move the tree blocking the path. I tried again to shake the cage open, but I was not strong enough yet. From the corner of my eye I saw something quickly move between the trees. I turned my head and saw nothing. A few seconds later, the two men started screaming. As quickly as their screams came, their screams were gone just as fast.

"Hello?" I shouted. "Anybody there?"

No one answered.

My tears had stopped, but I was scared at the thought of being stuck here alone.

"Hello, you guys?"

Silence still.

I grabbed the bars of the cage again and started shaking it, but there was no use. I gave up attempting to bend the bars and moved myself against the cage with my hands on my face. As I rubbed at my forehead, trying to think of what else to do, there was a sound of a click. I slowly removed my hands from my face and saw that the cage door was now opened.

"Hello?" I slowly moved to climb out of the cage.

"Who's there?" I looked around, but could see nothing.

"You must leave this place!" A low and soft voice whispered.

"Where am I?" I said walking to where I heard the whisper.

A small figure with a hooded cloak came out of the shadows. I could only see their golden eyes staring at me.

"You must go. Runaway from here, from Avery Falls! You are no longer safe at the palace." Golden Eyes kept their distance as they spoke.

"Who are you?" I asked as I tried to get closer to them. "And where am I suppose to go?"

Golden Eyes instantly appeared in front of me in a flash and my eyes widened. "I am your protector."

Golden Eyes took their hood off and my eyes widened even more. "You're a girl."

"I am aware of that." She said humorlessly.

"How are you going to protect me?" I asked as I didn't even know who she was or what she was.

She must have understood the meaning behind my question because she answered by pulling out a necklace from around her neck which was hidden under her cloak.

"You're a Witch?" The necklace was of the Pentagram symbol, the symbol of the Witches. I slowly backed away from her.

She grabbed me by the hand before I could get away from her and I froze. "I am not the enemy here. Someone in your home wants you dead."

I stared at her hand in mine and I quickly pulled it away as I felt tingles creeping up my arm from her touch. I took a step back and rubbed at the back of my neck. A habit I did when I was nervous.

"How do you know that?" I finally found my voice to ask.

"Those two men were Werewolves and only someone close to you could have gotten them close enough to nab you." She said sympathetically. "So that's why you must leave from here and not come back until you're older...and ready."

"But my parents can protect me." I said with a hopeful tone.

She grabbed my hand again, pulled it towards her and stared deep into my eyes. "Your parents would want you to save yourself and be hidden before putting you in danger over and over again." I felt the tingles again and she quickly let go of my hand.

"If you head straight through that path, you will reach a whomping willow, and then head east." She instructed me.

"I will contact you when it's time." She pulled on her hood and turned to walk away.

"Wait! You never told me your name." I asked before she could disappear into the night.

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