Runaway Alpha

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Logan Avery is a werewolf that is presumed dead. After being away from his home for many years, he has to return to prevent a disastrous event from occurring and uncover the truth behind it. MATURE CONTENT WARNING ⚠️ Mentions of violence, sexual conduct and swearing. If any of these topics disturb you, this book is not for you.

Erotica / Fantasy
Stevie Belle
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I awakened to a loud bang.

I jolted up into a sitting position and looked around my dark bedroom. I stared at the window and with the small light coming from the moon, I noticed what made the sound that woke me.

It's just the tree branches.

I headed to my bathroom to grab some water. I turned on the lights and looked at the mirror. I stared at my almost ten year old self, tomorrow was my birthday. Finishing my cup of water, I turned to head back to my bed. Right as I turned the lights off, I heard another sound.

"Mom! Dad!" I whisper shouted as I started walking out the bathroom.

I felt a chill as I stepped back into my room and noticed my window open. I called for my parents again, but there was no answer. I walked to close my window and stood staring towards the forest for a bit.

Guess Mom and Dad aren't back yet.

I turned around to go back to bed and instantly bumped into a shadow figure. Next thing I knew, my mouth was covered and I fell limp.


I heard the sound of forest animals and slowly opened my eyes. I was lying on something metal and I groaned.

"Hey, the kid is waking up." I heard a man's voice whisper.

"Don't worry. He'll be dead soon." Another man said to him.

My eyes widened hearing this. I looked around and I was in a cage in back of a moving truck. I sat up and started shaking the cage with my hands trying to get out.

"W-What do you guys want? L-Let me go!" I stuttered a bit.

They both laughed. "Let you go? Kid, this is the biggest payday of our lives." The man driving said.

"My mom and dad will find me. You guys will be in a whole lot of trouble." I said to them and they laughed again.

"You'll be long dead and we'll be long gone by the time they figure anything out." The man not driving said.

Tears started falling down my cheeks. "HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!" I started screaming and they continued laughing.

"No one's comin' kid. No one is here for miles." I looked around for the first time as the man said this. We were driving through the forest, it was too dark for me to see anything but trees.

We suddenly came to a stop.

"What the hell!" The driver said in frustration.

He opened his door and stepped out. "Come on Zeke, lets see if we can move this."

"Rick, we're not going to be able to move that fallin' tree. Isn't there another way to get to the spot?"

As they were talking, I tried my best to crane my neck to see what was happening. Suddenly the sound of a branch breaking is heard.

"What was that?" Zeke said.

"Stop being such a chicken, it's probably just an animal." Rick said in annoyance. "Hurry up and let's move this."

I listened to them struggle to move the tree blocking the path. I tried again to shake the cage open, but I was not strong enough yet. Werewolves can shift into wolves since birth, but we don't get our full strength until our tenth birthday.

At the corner of my eye I saw something move by quickly, I turned my head and saw nothing. The next thing I knew, I heard the two men screaming. And as quickly as their screams came, they were gone.

"Hello?" I shouted. "Anybody there?"

No one answered.

Tears continued to come down. "Anyone?"


I grabbed the bars of the cage again and started shaking it, but there was no use. I gave up attempting and moved against the cage with my hands on my face, sobbing quietly.

Then I heard a click.

I removed my hands from my face and saw the cage door was opened.

"Hello?" I slowly moved to climb out the cage.

"Who's there?" I looked around not knowing where I was.

"You must runaway!" A small voice whispered.

"Who are you?" I said walking to where I heard the whisper.

A small figure with a hooded cloak came out of the shadows. I could only see their golden eyes staring at me.

"You must go, runaway! Others will come for you." The hooded figure moved pushing me to start walking.

"But who are you? Who's coming?" I said as I turned. I was now aware that this person was shorter than me.

"How old are you?" I quickly followed up with.

They took their hood off and my eyes widened seeing that it was a kid like me... a girl at that.

"I'm nine and I'm a witch." She said nonchalantly.

She moved some of her dark hair away from her face. "Someone in your home wants you dead. I had a vision of you in danger tonight."

I took a step back and rubbed the back of my neck. "Who wants me dead?"

"I don't know." She said sympathetically. "But you must runaway and not come back until you're older...and ready."

"Where am I suppose to go? And ready for what?" I asked in confusion.

"You must head straight through that path and when you reach the whomping willow, head east. I will contact you when it's time."

"Time for what?" I tugged at the collar of my shirt in frustration.

"Time for what you are destined to be." She put her hood back on.

"What's your name?" I asked before she disappeared into the night.

"We'll meet again one day...

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