Runaway Alpha

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9: Palace

Avery Falls, a small village that occupied about ten thousand Werewolves, was surrounded on three sides by a river about one mile from the sea and was dominated by Avery Palace. The main street, called Palace Street, located at the bottom of the hill, lied the centre of the village nestled around the market place and temple. In this village centre there were numerous colorful houses, cafes, restaurants, and shops. The palace stood on the hilltop above the main street which dominated the skyline of the village.

We made it to the small bridge that led to the front gate of the palace. There were two men guarding the entrance, so I told Devin to hang back as I walked the bridge to approach the two men.

"I'm here to see the Alpha King and Queen." I said confidently when I approached them.

"Do you have an appointment?" One of them asked.

"No, but they'll want to see me when they know who I am. I'm Alpha Prince Logan Avery."

The guards' eyes widen as they looked at each other, but then looked back at me. They started laughing.

"Yeah, sure kid. Take a hike," one of them said as they shoved me on the shoulder with their hand. Typically I would be angered by someone putting their hands on me, but I knew they were just doing their job. I stepped away and walked back to Devin at the start of the bridge.

"What happened?" Dev asked with a confused look on his face.

"We did know they weren't going to believe me, but lets go, I know a way in. I use to sneak out a lot as a kid." Devin grinned at my last statement.

We made our way to one of the sides of the palace walls and there was a grate on the ground blocked by a shrub. I went behind the shrub and after three hard pulls, I got it open. The grate was big enough for us to get into. We left our duffles hidden behind other shrubs. I climbed into the grate, down the ladder, and through a short shaft channel which led to another grate. I knew Devin was following behind as I heard him close the grate and heard his footsteps. I climbed up the ladder, pushed on the grate once, and it opened. I climbed out of the ground and as I stood up, I was in the small hedge maze by a small gazebo that was located by the large garden. Once Devin was out of the ground, we quietly closed the grate.

"Once we're out of this maze, we have to make it inside through the garden entrance without being spotted or else... prepare for a fight." Devin nodded with determination in his eyes.

We quietly walked through the maze, avoiding the cameras as I still remembered where each one was located. When we made it to the exit of the maze, we watched as there were only four guards in the area, but there were two garden workers around.

"Dev, stay here. I'll go alone and if anything happens—"

"I've got your back." Devin finished my sentence and nodded.

I crouched low as I moved out of the maze. Luckily there were small trees at the front of the maze that I could hide behind. But the problem came when there was no covering from the trees to the palace door.

"Do or die." I whispered to myself. That was my motto for everything I did in life.

I decided at that moment, my only option was to shift as the palace was four hundred meters away. I took my sneakers, shorts, and shirt off and shifted into my dark brown wolf behind the trees. The second I saw that the guards and the workers weren't looking my direction, I sprinted out of the trees and straight to the palace.

"Intruder!!!" I believe it was one of the garden workers that yelled.

Next thing I knew, I was slammed on the side by a blonde wolf. I let out an angry growl as I stood up on my four paws. At the same time, we both started swiping our massive claws at one another. I hit the wolf hard, right on the muzzle and he slightly fell back. Another blonde wolf came up from behind me and bit one of my hind legs. I growled out, but suddenly I felt the wolf release me. When I quickly turned, it was Devin in his grey wolf that had knocked out the wolf that bit me. I quickly turned my attention to the wolf I was originally fighting and bit him on the shoulder when I sensed him coming at me again. I released him and use my paw to hit him and knocked him out.

Five more blonde wolves appeared around me and Devin came to my side, ready to attack. We all let out our most threatening growls. Dev and I went at them when they attacked us in unison. We all swiped at each other, left and right until suddenly someone's voice echoed, dangerously and powerful.


We all stopped in our spots and turned to stare at the man whose threatening voice we couldn't ignore.


I couldn't move and just stared at my father. I couldn't believe I was seeing him after all this time. He still looked the same as he did ten years ago. He had his black hair cut short with a long beard which reached his chest, but now he had patches of grey showing. His blue eyes just glared at us all.

"Everyone, shift!" Everyone shifted back to their human form not daring to defy my father's authoritative voice. I was the only one that didn't shift. My father took a step forward and glared at me.

"You dare defy your Alpha King... who do you think you are?" His voice was angry and he looked on the verge of shifting himself.

I was afraid that once he realized who I was, he wouldn't believe me. It was now or never. I shifted and stood up straight with my chin held high.

"My name is Alpha Prince Logan Avery!"

Shock registered in my father's face, but he quickly recovered bringing back his usual grim look.

"My son is dead!"

He gestured to the guards before turning around to walk back inside the palace.

"Take them away."

"A TYRANT WILL ALWAYS FIND A PRETEXT FOR HIS TYRANNY!" I shouted at my father while I was about to get dragged away.

He quickly turned back around to face us and lifted his hand up, letting the guards know to stop and removed their hold on me.

"What did you say?" He's voice was softer.

I repeated the phrase and continued talking, "It is not important that one should be physically strong. The ones with smarter minds can overcome the physical strength."

"The Wolf and The Lamb." My father said breathlessly as he started walking towards me.

"Logan?" He placed both hands on my face. "Is it really you?"

I nodded, "Yeah Dad."

A big smile appeared on his face and he pulled me into a strong hug.

"Uh Dad, can I get some clothes?" He pulled away and chuckled.

"Ah, yes, yes, of course... Alexander, get them clothing," my father said to one of the guards. The guard quickly came back with a pair of shorts for Dev and I.

"And who do we have here?" my father directed his gaze at Devin.

I finished putting on my cargo shorts as I answered my father. "This is Devin, he's my brother."

Devin lowered his head in respect to my father, "It's an honor to meet you, Alpha King."

My father's eyebrows raised, but he nodded in understanding. He came to my side and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"My son, every day I have missed you terribly." We walked into the palace through the garden entrance. "We have much to discuss."

When we reached my father's study no one said a word until we all took a seat. I could see in my father's eyes that he had a million questions and was looking which to ask first. I spoke first before he had the chance to.

"Where is my mother?"

My father half smiled, "Ah, she is with your Uncle Leonardo and Aunt Gloria. They were finally able to conceive a child, a baby boy just last night."

I nodded, "That's great... when will she be back?"

"She should return before lunch time."

We stood in silence for a few seconds before Devin blurted out, "Alpha King, who would want Logan dead?"

I elbowed Devin hard against the chest. This guy just had to open his mouth right now, but maybe I should be grateful because I was having a difficult time bringing it up.

Devin lowly groaned and my father furrowed his brows. "What's the meaning of this?"

"Someone wants me dead." My father's eyes widen slightly. "Two men were ordered to kidnapped me and then kill me the night I disappeared.

"What?" My father raised his voice, stood up and started pacing back and forth.

"I thought all this time you ran away... I thought we did something wrong as parents." The sadness was evident in his voice.

I shifted forward on my seat in utter confusion. "No, why would you think that?"

My father stopped pacing and turned to look at me, leaning his back against his desk. "When we couldn't find you after two weeks, I sought out help from the Witches."

"Whoa! This just got interesting." I heard Devin whisper to himself and I knew my father heard it too. We ignored him and my father kept going with his explanation.

"I told them I would grant them anything they wanted if they could give me any information on your whereabouts." My eyes widened in realization of what the Witches told him, but I let him continue.

"They said you had run away because you couldn't handle the pressure of being the next Alpha King and that you were killed by Boggarts. In return, I gave them a small part of a land so they wouldn't have to hide in the forest any longer."
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