Runaway Alpha

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10: Revelations

Anger was building up inside of me and I started to lose myself in my thought. The Witches used me to get what they wanted. Amira knew about this and didn't even say anything. I knew I couldn't trust the words of a Witch. I was interrupted from my thoughts by a knock on the door and immediately the person pushed it open.

"Honey, the baby is ador...." She stopped when she saw Devin and I.


The sight of her made the anger in my body disappear.

"Oh, I didn't know you were occupied." My father stepped towards her and embraced her. My mother was still as beautiful as I remembered her. She had long brown hair that reached her waist and brown eyes just like mine.

"Sandra, I want you to meet someone." My father said to my mother with a huge grin on his face. He gestured his hand in my direction and said, "This is our son, our boy, Logan."

My mother's smiling face slightly fell, she turned to look at me and her expression turned to shock. She took hesitant steps towards me not believing it was me. I noticed in her eyes the moment she realized I was indeed her son.

"Mom," I quickly closed the gap between us and hugged her tightly around her shoulders.

She started crying on my chest as she squeezed my waist even tighter. She pulled back and grabbed my face with both hands.

"I knew you weren't dead, I just knew." She smothered me with kisses on my cheeks.

Someone cleared their throat. "I hate to break this up, but what are we going to do about the Witches." I would have murdered Devin for interrupting, but he was right, we had to focus on the objective.

"I'm going to have a word with that damn Queen of theirs, for providing false information." My father's words were deadly.

"No, Dad." He looked at me perplexed. "Let them have the land because even though they lied, one of them still saved my life ten years ago. I'll go talk to her in the morning, we don't need a war with them if they can help us find the person who still wants me dead."

"I will not let those damn Witches get away with—" I cut off my father.

"Please Dad, just trust me on this." His eyes soften at my words. My father could be stubborn at times from what I remembered as a kid and he would let his ego get the best of him.

"Fine, son."

"Now, lets all go take a walk and catch up before lunch time, okay?" My mother suggested. With that big smile on her face, we couldn't refuse.

After spending the rest of the day catching up with my parents, my father ordered extra protection around the house. He brought in more guards from different packs in neighboring towns and extra surveillance cameras outside the palace walls.

"This place is awesome. I can't wait to sleep in one of these giant beds." Devin said loudly to himself as he threw his body onto my bed.

"So... what you going to do about Amira?" Devin asked with both hands relaxed at the back of his head as I walked to my walk-in closet. My duffle was on floor of the closet, but I was in there to grab a towel.

"I'm going to demand that she'd tell me why they lied to my parents."

"I don't mean about that." I could hear the amusement in Devin's voice.

I found a towel and walked out the closet. "What the hell you going on about, Dev?"

"Stop playing yourself, man. You like her, I can see the way you look at her." He had that stupid grin on his face.

"I'm not talking about this." I shouted as I entered my en-suite to take a shower.

"You can't deny this!" I heard Devin shout while laughing as soon as I closed the bathroom door.

The next morning Dev and I headed downstairs to grab something to eat before we left for the forest. My parents were already in the dining room table waiting for us so they could eat. I noticed that the large tables were empty of people. I hadn't noticed the day before, as I was preoccupied with spending time with my parents, but I hadn't seen the rest of my family. Dad was sitting at the head of the table, my mother on his left so I went and sat to his right. Dev sat next to me.

"Where is everyone?" I looked to both my parents.

My father cleared his throat as he hesitated to answer. "I threw them all out two weeks after you went missing. I was angry that no one heard you leave or noticed you were gone."

"Oh," I said in a low whisper.

"We should apologize to them now that we know Witches were involved." Mom had said in her mousy voice.

"I didn't get to tell you yesterday, but we're dealing with more than Witches. I was attacked twice by Vampires and I believe someone in this family has something to do with it, how else could I have been taken unnoticed."

"I don't believe it was someone in the palace! Those damn Witches are clever and cunning! For all we know, they're working with the Vampires." Dad raised his voice a bit, I could see he was trying to contain his anger as Mom placed her hand on his.

"I'm going to visit the Witch that helped me and I assure you, I will get answers from her." I promised.

Devin chuckled, but hid it by clearing his throat. "So, what's for breakfast?"

After breakfast, Dev and I headed out to find Amira's home in the forest. We undressed outside the palace gates and put our clothes into bags to carry with our muzzles. I shifted into my brown wolf form and Devin shifted into his grey wolf form.

We ran straight to the forest. I remembered my way to Amira's house, but I began to sniff the air to find her scent, just in case. As soon as I had a faint scent, I started running faster with Devin following behind.

Once I knew I was getting close to her, I stopped and shifted back. Devin did the same and we got dressed.
I started walking cautiously, hiding behind bushes and trees.

"Think about what you gonna do, man." Devin whispered as he sensed the dangerous aura emitting from me.

I put a finger on my lips to let him know to shut up. I finally saw Amira with her back turned to me. I stepped out of my hiding spot and started walking directly towards Amira.

"Amira!" I shouted to her.

She turned around and watched as I took long, purposeful strides towards her. Before she could predict what I was going to say or do, I grabbed her by the throat and lifted her as I slammed her back against a tree.

"Why?" My voice echoed painfully and bitterly.
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