Runaway Alpha

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11: Do Or Die

As I held Amira by the throat, I didn't see any fear in her eyes, she didn't even flinch at my actions.

"You used me!" I clenched my teeth as I whispered the words.

Her eyes widened a bit and then she placed both hands around my wrist. Next thing I knew I was thrown back, flying across the air and crashed into another tree. I groaned against the tree, slowly standing to my feet. My body felt like I'd been electrocuted.

"Fuck!" I let out a deep growl.

I started walking to Amira and she did the same, walking furiously towards me. Amira lifted her hands and a powerful electric orb crashed into me, knocking me back, but I held myself up and kept moving forward. More powerful orbs hit me between each of Amira's words.


I was still standing even though I was being shocked by her electric orbs. I was not going to show her that I was backing down. I could see Amira getting angrier in seeing that I didn't lose my balance from her attacks. Her next electric orb grew bigger in her hands than the others before and I knew this one was going to hurt like a bitch. I had no way to dodge it. I wasn't going to be quick enough so I stopped in my spot, ready to take the hit. Then I heard a high pitched whimper. Devin in his wolf form had taken the attack for me.

"Dev, why'd you do that." I hurried over to check on him. "I could've taken the hit." Devin glared at me for being ungrateful. "You alright, bro?" He nodded.

Savannah came running towards us shouting and crouched down to Devin's side. I hadn't even noticed she was also around. I guess I was too angry and focused on Amira.

"Oh my goodness, are you okay Devin?" Savannah asked Dev. I moved away from him seeing Savannah was all up on him, passing her hand through his fur.

Amira walked up to us and threw Devin's clothes at Savannah. "Calm down, it's not going to kill him."

"Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, Meer." Savannah scolded Amira.

Amira turned to me and crossed her arms. "Mind telling me why you're such an idiot and attacked me."

I had my arm on my back from the small pain of being thrown to the tree. "You have a lot to answer to." I glared at her. "Just found out you Witches used my disappearance to gain yourself a small part of land. Was that the plan all along?"

She stood staring at me unfazed. "Take a walk with me." She nodded to follow her, but I looked down at Devin being helped up to his feet by Savannah. "She'll take care of him," Amira assured.

"I'll be back, Dev." I patted him on his front leg as I looked up at him. "Next time, don't take the hit, even though I appreciate it." Devin let out a disbelieving growl.

I followed Amira and I was healed up, not feeling pain anymore. Walking next to her, she let out a sigh. "I can explain."

I stared at her profile as we walked and she stared straight ahead. "We had to make sure everyone believed you were dead so no one would go looking for you anymore." She took a deep breath and continued, "And the land, we did take advantage of the situation, but believe me when I say that I did what I did because you are important to our world."

We were both staring straight ahead at the waterfall we stumbled upon.

"How am I suppose to believe anything you say?" My voice came out low. She turned to look at me and I turned to look at her.

"I could've let you die ten years ago and they still would have gotten the land." I could hear the annoyance building in her voice as she got a bit louder. "You'll believe me because you'll remember that I'm the only one helping you right now."

"You know what I'll remember?" My voice was calm, but I was still angry as I took a few steps towards her. "I'll remember when I shifted alone. Scared, screaming for my Mom and Dad. But that's just the beginning of it." I stared at her so she could see the pain I had to deal with. "Through all that time, through the past ten years, not only did I wind up losing my parents... I lost my home, I lost my childhood, and I lost myself. I lost my spirit." I took a deep breath as my chest felt like it was tightening. "But you know what? I came to a point where it was do or die. I had to make a decision, do or die. And you know what? I did! Because I'm here right now. Do or die is what I live for, and I'll do anything, run over anybody that tries to take my life again."

I turned away from her and turned towards the waterfall with my eyes closed. I wanted to calm down because I felt I was going to breakdown. It was silent for a moment, but then I felt a small hand on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry." Her voice was sweet and low, but I didn't move. "I'm sorry you were alone. I'm sorry I couldn't do better." I turned around quickly when she said those last words.

"No, I'm sorry." My hand mindlessly caressed her cheek. I don't know why my emotions were flipping around like they were. "You were just a kid yourself. You did the best you possibly could." I removed my hands when I noticed what I was doing and she just stared at me. From her threat earlier, I didn't want her electrocuting me again. I cleared my throat. "Thank you for everything you've done for me."

Amira didn't say anything, but nodded. She stared towards the waterfall and I did the same. We stood quiet for a minute, just listening to the calming sound of the waterfall.

"Do you want to join us for lunch?" I lifted a brow at her random question. "Least I can offer after almost killing you and Devin."

I chuckled, relieved by her humor. "I thought you said it wouldn't kill us."

She didn't say anything and just rolled her eyes. I thought I saw a small smile appear on her face before she turned away. We walked the rest of the way in comfortable silence. I glanced at Amira a few times. Was what Dev said true? Did I like her. Wait! Why was I suddenly thinking about this? I don't know why I couldn't get my emotions in check when I was around her. But this could never happen. She was a Witch and I wouldn't know how that would even remotely work.

"Stop staring." Amira voiced, suddenly.

"I can't help it. I'm trying to figure you out." I replied.

"There's nothing to figure out." Her bored tone returned.

"You're wrong." I stood staring at her as I spoke. "Why would you do all this... go through all this protecting, for my sake? I know you said because of a prophecy, but I am just someone you met once. Why would you trust in or fight for someone... for someone who's not even special in your life?"

She stopped walking, but didn't say anything and just stared at me. Did she not have a reason or was she afraid to voice her reason. I walked closer to her and grabbed her face gently with both my hands, surprisingly she let me. I looked deep into her golden eyes.

"Tell me, Amira." My voice was low and pleading.

Amira's golden eyes were locked on mine and she looked frozen in place. I didn't think she would react this way. I placed my forehead against hers and took a deep breath as I took in her scent. She smelt of vanilla and lavender.

Amira took a slow breath. "I can't." Her voice was just a whisper.

"You can't, what?" I hovered my lips over hers.

She closed her eyes and then suddenly, ZAP!
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