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13: Vampires


How did these fuckers even find me? Were they watching and waiting for an opportunity like this? Even though Vampires have been weakened do to a hex put on them centuries ago, they were still extremely fast when given enough open space. That's why I was able to fight the one back in the alley as the small area didn't allow for his full speed.

"It's going to be fun killing you," one of the Vamps said while smiling menacingly. I let out a growl and snarled at them.

At the same time, all four of us ran towards each other to attack. When I reached one of the Vamps, he tried reaching for my neck, but I head butted him away before he could touch me. The second Vamp tried going for my legs. My attempts to bite him made him back off, but he didn't stop attempting to get a hold of me. While I was busy with him, something landed on my back and it turned out to be the third Vamp.

They both double teamed. I stood up on my hind legs and backed into a tree to slam the third Vamp against it. I was swiping with my front claws to get the second Vamp away.

I shook the third Vamp off me after multiple slams against the tree. My back was bleeding from the many scratches and bites he inflicted on me. I was hurting from the attacks, but I didn't give them the satisfaction of hearing my whines or whimpers. I held the pain in and focused on trying not to get anymore damage.

I clawed the second Vamp in the face and he backed away. I was breathing heavily, trying to keep my strength up. I ran towards the vamp that I had just clawed, I was going to bite into him and finish him. He was still recovering from being clawed that he didn't have time to dodge when I bit into his shoulder. I clamped my jaw shut. Vampires were very hard to break, but they were not unbreakable.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain on my side. It was the other first Vamp and he clawed his long finger nails into my side near the rib. I let go of the Vamp I had locked with my mouth and I let out a pained growl. I turned my attention to the Vamp that just attacked me and moved away before he could take a jump on me. We started moving in circles as it was just us two while the other two were down for the moment.

"Oh, so the lil' Prince is strong," he glared angrily.

I snarled showing my teeth, and let out a vicious bark. He continued talking.

"Not strong enough." He grinned. "When I kill you, we Vampires will rule!"

He ran to attack me and I quickly turned away from him, kicking him back with my hind legs. I ran towards him as he was about to get back up from the floor a few feet away. I landed with my two paws against his chest and leaned my head down to rip his head off.

Before I could rip his head off, a gun shot went off. I let out a loud whimper. I fell back and my body automatically shifted into my human form. I had been shot on the shoulder. I groaned as my body felt like it was burning inside. I could feel it was silver burning me. I looked up and saw the third Vamp with a gun in his hand. All three vamps were now a few feet in front of me. All three were grinning while I continued groaning and clutching my chest.

"Any last words, Little Prince?"

The third Vamp lifted his hand back up to shoot me again. Before he could pull the trigger, the gun went flying out of his hand.

"Three on one sure isn't fair." We all turned to see Amira standing with an electric orb in her hand, ready to be thrown at them.

Thank you, Amira!

Amira shot her electric orb at all three Vamps, creating the orbs in seconds. It didn't seem to do much damage to them, but it did slow them down a bit. Amira mumbled something I didn't understand and orbs of fire flew from her hands towards the Vampires. Two of the Vamps dodged it, but the Vamp that had the gun was hit. He screamed as his whole body started to catch fire. His flesh melted off until it was just bones.

Whoa! Now that did damage.

I tried to get up to help, but as soon as I attempted to move my whole body burned in pain. The two Vamps were getting closer to Amira after dodging more of her fire attacks.

"Stay on them. Don't stop," I shouted at Amira because if given the chance where Amira needed to rest, that was their opening to get their quick advantage.

I knew Amira was listening as she continued throwing orbs of fire at them, one after another. I could tell she was getting exhausted. Amira was a second too late in her next attack that the Vamp was able to move in and grabbed her by the throat.

"NO!" I tried to get up, but the burning feeling stopped me again. I started crawling, dragging myself to get to Amira.

"Disgusting witch!" The vampire spat in her face. "I'll enjoy killing you." He flashed his fangs to bite into Amira's neck.

"Amira..." My voice was a whisper as I desperately continued to crawl my way to her.

But then, black smoke appeared around Amira and the Vamps. The sound of screams echoed in the forest. When the smoke finally cleared, the vamps were gone and Amira was alive and safe. Her body started to glow white. It looked like she was being healed.

"Amira?" I whispered again. She ran to me and kneeled. For the first time I saw an emotion on her face, worry.

"Sorry I'm late." She said softly and almost smiling.

I looked at her confused, "What you mean?"

"Ky told me you were coming to see me." She raised an eyebrow. "Then she saw the Vampire attack and I tried getting here as quickly as I could."

"Saving my ass again." I chuckled, but then groaned as the pain hit me again.

"Yeah, but now it's time to leave." Amira chanted something, and clothes appeared in front of me. She chanted something again, while grabbing my hand and I felt the burning pain subside.

"Get dressed," she said. I could still feel the pain, but whatever Amira did gave me enough strength to get up and dress.

While still sitting on the ground, I put my shorts and sneakers on, but held on to my shirt to not get blood on it. Amira crouched down and put my arm around her neck, helping me get up. We walked to the front of the tree her home was in, the walk wasn't far. Once inside, Amira led me to the living room and she dragged me towards the couch.

"We need to get that out of you. Sit back." I nodded and leaned back against the couch.

Amira sat next to me and hovered her hand over my bullet wound. She started chanting words again and I let out a painful groan as I felt it being pulled out of me. I looked at my shoulder and saw when the bullet came out and landed on Amira's hand.

My body instantly started healing the wound, but not as fast as it usually did. Amira got up and left to the kitchen to discard the bullet. I closed my eyes feeling exhausted from everything that happened.

I opened my eyes when I felt Amira silently sit next to me again. She had a small first-aid kit in hand. I stared at her face as she started cleaning my wound. Her bright eyes and red lips were beautiful. She was so damn beautiful.

Amira stuck a gauze pad on my wound, "There you go, you should be all healed up by morning."

I grabbed her wrist before she removed her hand from me. "Why did you run from me?" I whispered softly to her as I looked deep into her eyes.

I released her wrist and moved my hand to caress her cheek. Her eyes stood locked on mine.

"What are you doing to me, Amira."

"I can't... we can't—"

"We can't, what?" I gently pleaded for an answer.

"Fall for each other."

"I've already fallen..."

I moved my hand from her cheek to the back of her neck and I pulled her in, capturing her lips with mine.
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