Runaway Alpha

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16: Locate

She didn't answer and just dashed out of the living room to the hallway. I got up from the couch to follow her, but she came back just as fast as she left. She had a piece of parchment in her hand.

"What's that?"

"Savannah needs to hear this." She headed to the kitchen and I followed.

Amira slammed the parchment on top of the table, making Devin and Savannah jump slightly, ending their conversation.

"Sav, we might have a problem." Amira said in a serious tone. "I think she might be in danger. We need to locate her."

"Locate who?" Devin and I said in unison.

"Our friend Sophie, she left one day out of the blue." Savannah had a frown on her face as she spoke. "She didn't even say goodbye to anyone. She just up and left with only a note explaining how she was tired of being stuck in this forest and wanted to travel the world."

"I never questioned it because Soph was always looking for adventure. The girl even has a cabin hidden deep in the forest because she likes to go off searching and learning about other creatures." Amira explained.

I nodded. "So how do we find her?"

Amira rested her hand on her hip while she thought of something. "Okay... so there's a spell, but it only works when a new moon appears and luckily there's one tonight."

"Why a new moon?" Devin interrupted her.

"That's when we can draw the most power from the earth." Savannah answered for her. "Witches are hard to locate as we are naturally born with a block. That's why it's difficult for you Wolfies to sense us. It's difficult for other creatures as well, unless you have some sort of connection with us." Savannah wiggled her eyes at Amira and I.

"Oh, that's why it was hard to smell Amira on Logan last night... and how he was able to sniff her out the day he was getting his ass kicked by her. I didn't sense her at all." Savannah and Devin giggled like children and I just glared at Dev for being a comedian.

Amira loudly cleared her throat, "Let's get back to the point." She glared at the two clowns before speaking again. "Since we can't use a regular locating spell on Sophie, we're going to have to use this spell during the new moon, to find her magical trail."

"We have to do this somewhere safe and protected. Sophie will sense us locating her trail, but if Sophie is using the spell I think she's using, then... we'll have company earlier than expected." Amira warned.

"We can do it at the palace." I suggested. "We have surveillance cameras and guards to help us if we have an attack."

"Not a good idea." Amira and Savannah said in unison.

I grabbed Amira gently by the elbow and pulled her aside. "This is our best option, where else will we be able to do this?"

"I don't know... your parents aren't going to be happy about Witches being in their home."

I pulled Amira close by her waist. "I don't care what makes them happy... you make me happy." Amira passed her small hands through my hair as she smiled up at me. "I'll meet you at the palace so I can give my parents a heads up. Better to do this in person than over the phone."

"Okay," she whispered and I placed a kiss on her forehead.

Savannah let out a shriek, "I always wanted to see the palace grounds!" She was obviously eavesdropping.

She hugged Devin around his neck from her excitement. Devin hesitated in returning the hug as he patted her gently on her back.


My parents, Devin and I waited outside the palace steps for Amira and Savannah to arrive. I caught my parents up with what we discovered and the plans we had for midnight.

"Remember Dad, they're here to help."

"Once they're done, they're out." Dad said calmly but with annoyance.

"They're cool peoples, Alpha King." Devin backed me up and Dad just glared at him, making Devin inconspicuously hide behind me.

"We will treat them like normal guests." Mom smiled as she rubbed Dad's shoulder.

The gates opened and Amira's Buick made its way up the short driveway. Once the car stopped in front of the steps, I was already at the bottom helping Amira out the car.

"How was the ride?" I held Amira's hand.

"Hi!" Savannah squeaked as she popped out of the passenger side. "This place is ginormous up close."

"Well, check out the inside." I said as I led them up the steps. Both Amira and Savannah were quiet when we reached my parents.

"Mom, Dad... this is Amira and Savannah."

Dad just glared at them and Mom was as sweet as ever. "It's wonderful to meet you... come inside, dinner is ready."

We were sitting at the dinner table, I was staring at Amira as I ate. My parents kept making small talk with Devin and Savannah as those two loved to talk. Dad took a shine to Savannah, most likely because she wasn't the one threatening to disgrace his precious throne.

I saw a hint of a smile on Amira's face as my father was telling stories about his younger days in wooing my mother. I wasn't paying attention as I was fixated on Amira's face. Someone yelled my name, breaking my trance.

I shook my head and turned to my father, "Sorry, what?"

My father gave me a knowing look. "Any She-Wolf you interested in wooing?"

I stared at Amira again and her face was expressionless.

I turned back to my father and spoke through clenched teeth, "Um, no Dad. I don't."

"Well you're going to have to marry soon, so start looking." He annoyingly reminded me.

"Mark, honey. Let him find his true love at his own pace with whomever." My mother said to my father. She sent me a wink when I looked at her and I smiled. My father grunted, not pleased.

"Tell us more about your love story." Savannah requested, ending the short moment of awkward silence at the table.

Amira got up and excused herself, "I'll go prepare everything for tonight."

I excused myself a couple of minutes after Amira left. The four of them continued with their storytelling. I followed Amira's scent to the small library room. When I walked in, she had her back towards me and was standing by the large rectangular table. She pulled objects out of her bag for the spell.

"Hey." She didn't turn around or say anything.

"Are you alright, Amira?" She nodded her head in response.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and placed my face against the side of her neck.

"Why do I sense you're lying to me?"

I slowly turned her around, holding her close and lifting her head by her chin so she could look at me in the eyes. The soft yellow light illuminated on her beautiful face from above.

"Speak." I whispered, demanding an explanation.

She took a deep breath, placed her hands on my shoulders, and looked me straight in the eyes.

"It's better if we stop this...whatever you and I are."

"You and I, are forever."

She closed her eyes as I started giving her soft kisses on her eyelids, cheeks, and forehead.

"Do you want forever with me?"

"I do." She whispered softly.

I placed my forehead against hers. "Than that's all that matters."

I took her lips into a fiery and passionate kiss and she slowly wrapped both hands around my neck. I slid my hands down to her ass, gave it a squeeze, and lifted her up onto the table. She let out a soft moan as my hands went up under her shirt to unclasp her bra. She was ready to pull her top over her head when I stopped her, pulling her arms down gently and pinning them behind her back. I wanted her desperately at that moment that I didn't want to waste time with foreplay anymore.

I fumbled with the zipper of my jeans. When they dropped to the floor along with my boxers, I stared at Amira in the eyes. My hand went up her thigh, underneath her skirt and I ripped her panty off. Amira was pinned at the edge of the table and I stood with my throbbing dick positioned against her perfect pussy. I started slowly and hesitantly, afraid I might hurt her. As the last thick inch of me slid into her, I pressed deeper than I thought possible and Amira let out a loud gasp.

"Am I hurting you? It's the angle... your hips are high, and I can reach... Fuck, Amira, you're so fucking tight."

"No. Don't stop."

Amira jerked her hips as I crashed deep into her. I kept my pace smooth and restraint. Amira continued to gasp every time I crashed into her. Her scent was sending my head spinning. Her warmth was a fire. I slipped a hand under her shirt and squeezed her perfect round breast. Every groan and gasp she made was threatening to drive me mad. My shaky breathing grew harder as I was struggling against the urge to buck hard and take her wildly. A low moan escaped me as I sunk into her, feeling her pussy clench around me.

"Logan... Give it... Give it to me harder." With that, Amira knocked down a couple of candles to the floor as I grabbed her hips with both hands, pounding harder and faster than before. We were both being sent spiraling towards oblivion.

As I felt the pressure of my building release, I looked at Amira biting her bottom lip and I knew she was coming any second. I finished so hard that I bent over to slam a hand on the table next to Amira to stay upright. I lightly scraped my teeth on her neck and gave her a kiss on the lips.

Minutes passed by and the only sounds heard were our hectic breathing.
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