Runaway Alpha

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17: Taken

It was five minutes before midnight. The new moon was out as it appeared two hours before. Amira and Savannah had changed their clothes to something more comfortable. They had everything set up for the spell. There were several red candles scattered around a sigil that they drew on the ground. A bowl was placed on top of the sigil.

I was standing next to Devin and my parents stood standing together a couple of feet behind us. The guards were on high alert around us just in case something happened.

"It's almost time," Amira said to us all.

As the clock hit midnight on our phones, Amira and Savannah kneeled to the ground inside the sigil. They started chanting and almost instantly, the candles lit up on its own. As they both kept chanting, Savannah placed three pieces of myrrh into the bowl and Amira pulled out a small blade, placing it against her palm. Amira closed her eyes and cut her palm with the blade. She let her blood trickle into the bowl while Savannah stood up and pulled out a small bottle of holy water. Savannah walked around Amira, dripping holy water around her. After a while, the bowl gave off a faint smoke. The candles blew out and I knew the spell was done. Amira had let us know early on that this spell did not manifest visibly in anyway, but indicated the location into her mind since she was the spell caster, using her blood.

A few moments later, Amira opened her eyes and smirked. "We did it. I see her trail."

As soon as those words came out of Amira's mouth, we heard a few growls from the guards. One by one, vampires started jumping over the walls, there were at least fifty of them. They started running towards us.

I turned around to my parents. “Mom, Dad, get inside." I knew they wanted to fight, but they were the King and Queen and their safety came first.

"Devin, have Savannah's back, I'll have Amira's" I quickly said to Devin as we both started running towards the girls.

A few of the guards shifted while others stood in human form with weapons in hand. Some guards had TenPoint Crossbows and for the guards that liked to keep it old school, they had escrima sticks with pointed ends. Only the guards in wolf form and escrima sticks ran towards the in coming vamps. The guards with the crossbows hung back, shooting at the vamps from afar.

I grabbed Amira by the hand, "Stay beside me."

She nodded and then I shifted to my brown wolf. Amira started creating fire orbs and shooting them at the Vamps. For some reason the fire orbs weren't doing as much damage.

"They have a protection spell on them. Magic attacks won't work." Amira yelled out.

Five Vamps jumped on me at the same time, thankfully a few arrows came shooting and knocked down three of the Vamps. Devin was next to me in his grey wolf form and attacked one of the Vamps on me while I fought with the other. Savannah had created an invisible shield to hold back the Vamps from getting to her as she must've figured out they had a protection spell. I slashed with my claws and snapped my muzzle at the Vamp I was fighting.

I saw Amira running to help Savannah, but something went wrong. I heard a yell and knew it was from Amira. I jumped on top of the Vamp and ripped his throat out.

"Logan!" I heard Amira's muffled shouts.

I looked up and saw they were taking her with them and not killing her. As I ran I saw arrows shooting towards those Vamps, but those fuckers were too quick. I watched as they took Amira over the wall. All the Vamps started retreating, the only Vamps left were the ones still fighting to prevent any of us from following.

I started running and jumped over the wall where Amira disappeared to and was stopped by four Vampires waiting for me on the other side. They surrounded me and I let out a vicious bark and started swiping them every time they got near. Devin appeared from over the wall and jumped on two of the Vamps, digging his claws into their throats.

I quickly ripped into the throats of the two Vamps that were left. I started running, sniffing the air for Amira's scent. Devin followed close behind me. We stopped when I lost Amira's scent somewhere in the forest. I was not quitting until I found her tonight.

After a couple of minutes of running aimlessly, Devin nudged at me on the side and barked, trying to get me to stop since Amira was nowhere in sight. I finally stopped and let out a howl. I nodded at Devin and we ran back to the palace.

Back at the palace, most of the guards were gathering the dead Vampires to burn them. There were about twenty of them. We lost about ten of our guards from the thirty who fought. Devin and I ran inside the palace, still in wolf form and met up with my parents and Savannah in the foyer.

Savannah ran up to Devin and hugged him on his leg, "You're okay."

My mother ran up to me, "Thank goodness you're alright."

My father presented us with a pair of shorts. We shifted and grabbed the shorts and put them on.

"They took Amira, I lost her scent." I said to them.

"I don't know what happened... a Vampire came near us and sprayed us with a potion that paralyzed us." Savannah's face was full of sadness and she started trembling.

Devin pulled her in for a hug to calm her down. "Shhh, calm down Sav. We'll find her."

"What are we suppose to do now, Logan?" Devin asked.

"I don't know." I shook my head.

"Is there anyone else who can help us?" My father asked.

I grew annoyed because Dad was acting like Amira was dispensable. "No Dad, there isn't—" I stopped when i suddenly remembered.

"Savannah? How can we find Ky?"

"Who's Ky?" Savannah's voice was low and shaky.

Amira told me only some of the Witches knew about Ky, but I thought Savannah would be one of them.

"Ky is a Spirit, Amira's Familiar."

"What's a Familiar?" Devin chimed in.

"How do you know about Familiars?" Savannah removed herself from Devin's embrace.

"Savannah, that's not the point. How do we find a Familiar." Savannah stood quiet and looked lost in another world.

"Savannah!" I raised my voice and she slightly jumped.

"Um, I don't know... they're usually animals, but some can be within an object. It’s something a Witch always carries around."

"Amira's ring!" I blurted out.

"What?" Devin and Savannah asked in unison.

"It makes sense. Amira doesn't have an animal with her and I noticed that ring on her finger because it didn't looked like an ol' ring." I explained.

"Why wouldn't Amira tell me?" Savannah whispered to herself.

"Are you able to locate the ring's location." I asked Savannah.

"Since it's an object, it's easier to locate." She nodded. "I need a mirror."

"Let's all go to the study, we can do this in there." My father suggested.

Once we're inside his study, my mother gave Savannah a hand held mirror. We all watched Savannah as she put the mirror in front of her and started chanting. All I could see in the mirror was a white fog forming.

"Huh? That's strange." Savannah said cupping her chin.

"What?" We all said.

"It’s showing that it’s here in the palace."

"Did you do it wrong?" I asked looking for an explanation.

"No.. I'm.. Let my try something different."

Savannah removed her necklace from around her neck and placed it in her palm. She repeated the same chant this time and her necklace began to levitate. The necklace moved slowly to the door.

"Quickly open the door and follow it." We all rushed to the door once Savannah said those words.

We ran out of the study and followed the levitating necklace up the stairs. It was heading towards the library. The five of us walked into the library and the necklace fell on top of Amira's bag that lied on the table. Savannah grabbed her necklace and put it back on. I grabbed the bag and when I looked inside, all that was inside was the ring and a piece of paper.

"She left a note." I said as I unfolded the paper.


If you're reading this, that means I've been taken. Ky had predicted us failing tonight, so I had to take this chance. Once they have me, they will know about us and use me to get to you. I left Ky behind as a precaution, she will lead you to where the Vampires are keeping us.

P.S. It's your turn to save my ass now!


"She sacrificed herself so we could find those damn Vampires." My father said with disbelief.

"We have to be smart about our next move." My mother chimed in.

I nodded. "We need to make a plan. We need more help and not just from Werewolves... we need help from other creatures."

"How are we suppose to do that?" Devin asked.

"We have Ky." I rose the ring up in my fingers. "Spirits were known to know many languages, Ky can convince the other creatures."

"You're right." Savannah agreed. "I think the only way for us to save Amira and defeat the Vampires is by help from others."

"Tomorrow morning, we start recruiting help."
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