Runaway Alpha

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18: Siren

I found myself enchanted by her voice. She sang to me in the most angelic voice I had ever heard. I didn't understand the language, but it was beautiful none the less.

I didn't know her name, all I knew was that I wanted her. She had shiny caramel skin, dark hair, and bright purple eyes that matched her lips. She stood in front of me, perfect and completely naked. She didn't smell like the lake that surrounded us. I couldn't describe the way she smelt, it was immense and unique.

She traced her hands over my face, neck, and chest. I couldn't move any part of my body, it was like I was paralyzed.

"Tell me you love me." She finally spoke words.

"I... I..." I hesitated, not being able to say it. My mind knew I loved her, but my heart wouldn't allow me to say it. Then the image of golden eyes and red lips appeared in my mind.

"A-Amira..." I whispered.

Her face turned into anger once I said Amira's name and she grabbed my face with both hands.


With all the strength I could muster to fight against saying those three words she wanted to hear, I grabbed a hold of her wrists.

"No," I said calmly.

She started screaming, but it was more of a screeching sound. She threw her fist right into my stomach and I went flying across the air and hit a tree.

Lying on the ground, I slowly opened my eyes. That's when the memory of what led to this very moment, came rushing back in an instant.


"Today we're going into Siren territory."

I had said to Devin, Savannah, and six guards that would accompany us. My parents were in the room, they wanted to observe my skills as the future Alpha King.

"They are very territorial and will not act kindly to intruders." Dad commented.

We all nodded at my father and then Savannah spoke up.

"I've enchanted these wristbands to prevent you men from falling into a Siren's trance," she placed a bag full of black wristbands on the table. We each grabbed one and put them on.

"Thank you, Savannah." I nodded at her. "By no means do we take these off or shift."

"Everyone remembers what to do?" I asked one last time before we ended the meeting.

The guards slightly bowed and in unison said, "Yes, Alpha Prince."

"We leave in twenty minutes." They all left to prepare their things.

"My boy, I am proud of you." My father grabbed my shoulder, facing me. "A true leader."

"Yes sweetheart, we are very proud." My mother placed a hand on my face. "But I still want you to be very careful. I love you."

"Thanks, I love you."

My mother kissed me on the cheek before both of my parents left the room. I turned to look at Devin and Savannah.

"Momma's boy," Devin flashed a mocking grin. I glared at him and quickly punched him on the chest.

"Ow, uncalled for." Devin rubbed at his chest.

"I make it better?" Savannah flirted.

"Um.." Devin began before I cut him off.

"Don't baby, blondie here." I told to Savannah. "He gets that enough from his own mother."

"Hey!" Devin said in a high pitched voice. "My mom does not baby me."

"Yeah yeah." I brushed him off.

"Savannah, ready to meet Ky?"

Savannah nodded, "Ready whenever you are."

I nodded and Savannah placed the ring flat on her palm. She started chanting to summon Ky. Black smoke started to come out of the ring and little by little the smoke solidified, coming together, and finally transformed into a human-like body.

Ky had transformed into a woman who looked only a few years older than me. She had long jet black hair styled into a braid. She had dark eyes and her tanned body was toned.

"Alpha Prince, it's good to finally meet you in the flesh." Ky said in her soft voice.

"Yeah, nice to meet flesh and not just smoke." I said with a chuckle.

"Damn, she's hot." Devin blurted out. His eyes widened, "Did I say that out loud?"

Savannah looked at Devin in disbelief while Ky giggled.

"Anyways... Ky, we need to get into Siren territory. I don't if you heard us from your ring—"

"Yes, I know your plans. I will go ahead and scan the area before your arrival."

Without another word, she turned back into the black smoke. We watched as the smoke left out the door.

"Oh-Kay, time to go." Devin announced.

A few hours later we made it into the Siren territory. The territory was located in an isolated island that was covered by trees with a lake placed in the center of the island. I had heard stories that beneath the lake lied an underground cave leading to the Sirens' true home. Those that had tried to enter, never returned.

We made it near the lake and as we stepped closer, something popped its head out of the water.

"Hey!" Ky waved from the water.

Ky walked out of the water, completely clothed and completely dried. Must be a Familiar thing.

"I was able to make it through the cave, but there's a creature that's guarding the other end of the cave." Ky informed us. "Once you exit the cave, it will sense you at once."

I nodded and then turned to the guards. "You will secure the perimeter here, Savannah will have your backs."

I turned to Devin. "You ready?"

He nodded and we started to undress, keeping our basketball shorts on. We jumped into the lake and followed Ky through the cave. Once we reached the end of the cave, that's when we saw it.

A Leviathan, the sea serpent.

This creature appeared long, delicate and thin, but in reality, it was powerful. It had two webbed arms and a long, serpentine tail that could easily take down a ship.

"When we swim out of the cave, I'm going to shoot you both out of the water. I'll distract it while you find the Sirens. I'll meet you in a few." Ky said to us and we nodded in understanding since we couldn't speak underwater.

As soon as we swam out the cave, the Leviathan turned our direction, and started swimming fast towards us. Ky lifted her arms out in front of her and a powerful force pushed against me. Devin and I flew out of the water and landed on shore. I took a deep breath of air and turned back to the water. No sign of Ky or the Leviathan.

I heard Devin cough beside me, "That was not cool."

"Yeah, come on. We can't just sit here exposed until Ky shows up."

We both got up off the sand and looked around, trees covered the whole land. I wondered where the Sirens lived. We started to walk through the trees and ten minutes into walking, we stumbled upon a small village. There were colorful giant huts placed everywhere and tables placed outside of then where many sat eating their food.

"This place looks like a unicorn exploded." Devin whispered.

I let out a low chuckle. "This way. Stay low and quiet."

As I was moving, I heard a familiar voice which I ignored. I didn't hear Devin's footsteps behind me and when I turned, Devin was staring where the huts were like if he'd seen a ghost.

"Dev!" I whisper shouted, but he wasn't listening. I took the quiet steps back to him. "Dev, come on."

His body was stone still and his face pale. "Yo Dev," I whispered again.

"Ja-Jade..." Was all that came out his mouth.

"What are you taking about?" Confused, I turned to where he stared and saw what had him like this. It was Jade. It couldn't be her, but the Siren ahead looked just like her.

"Can't be, we watched her die." I turned to Devin, but he was gone.

"Devin?" I whispered shouted.

Fucking Dev. That wasn't the plan, we had to find the leader first and wait for Ky.

As I kept moving I heard a sound and next thing I knew, I was slammed into a tree.

"Trespasser!" The woman with purple eyes shouted.

She ran to me and stabbed me on the shoulder with something that looked like a mini trident. I wasn't quick enough in human form so I shifted, tearing my shorts and the wristband that Savannah enchanted. I wasn't thinking about the wristband at that moment. All I thought about was not getting killed by a crazed Siren. I ran from the woman to create some space between us. I reached the clearing where the lake stood. No sign of Ky yet.

Then someone sang the most beautiful song I had ever heard.


That's how ended up on the ground, against a tree, beat up and naked. As I lifted myself off the ground, the purple eyed woman started stalking towards me.
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