Runaway Alpha

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19: Alliance

"I'm not here to fight!" I yelled out, right before she grabbed me by the throat.

"You're trespassing over my territory... and you humiliate me by breaking my trance."

The Siren spat in my face while holding up her mini trident to injure me even more. I grabbed her hands to try and remove them from me, but she was extremely strong.

"I came to—"

"Silence!" She cut me off.

As she was about to plunge the trident into my chest, but stopped as soon as she heard Ky pop out of the lake. Ky was mounted on top of the Leviathan like if it were a horse. Ky swiftly jumped off of the sea serpent and lightly hit the ground. She lifted one hand and in a blink of an eye the Siren's trident was in Ky's hand.

The Siren let me go and faced Ky. Both were staring intensely at each other as if they were going to go head to head. Ky spoke first, in the same language the Siren sang. The Siren's face displayed shock, but answered back and turned to look at me.

"We will speak."

Ky returned the trident after caressing the sea serpent's face which it seemed to like. The Siren started walking and I that was when I noticed she was fully clothed. The trance must have made me believe she was in front of me naked.

"Hey Ky?" I hand my hands covering my jewels. "Can you give me some clothes."

She softly giggled and my ripped shorts appeared in her hands, but she fixed them with her powers.

"Thanks." I grabbed them and put them on quickly as we walked.

Once we made it to the village, the other Sirens watched us in silence.

"Logan!" The sound of Devin's voice sounded from afar.

He ran towards us and pulled along with him the girl that looked like Jade. It had to be Jade because he would not let go of her hand.

"How are you alive?" I asked in disbelief.

"Remember her friend, Lia. Well it seems she's a Nymph." Devin answered with a wide grin on his face and my eyes widened.

"So you're a Siren?" I asked already knowing the answer. "Why didn't you tell us?"

"I didn't know you guys were Werewolves." Jade responded.

The purple eyes Siren cleared her throat. "Let's all talk inside. The Spirit here, told me some interesting things."

We all nodded and walked inside her hut which was the biggest in this village. The inside of the hut was decorated in white and gold, like if a royal lived here. I could only assume she was the leader. It was like walking into a regular modern house. A small kitchen and small living area. We all took a seat on the two couches.

"I am Zafina, Queen of Sirens." Zafina gracefully sat in her single seat. "The Spirit, Ky has told me that you are the Werewolf Alpha Prince."

I nodded. "We are here looking for an alliance with the Sirens to rescue our friend... she's been captured by Vampires."

Zafina sternly stared into me eyes. "So Ky has told me... and why should I care to help?

"The Vampires are working with someone that wants me dead."

"Someone always wants someone dead." Zafina seemed bored of this conversation. I didn't know what say to that and luckily Ky spoke up.

"I've seen many futures... with the Alpha Prince's death, someone else will take the throne and the world will go into total chaos. Your kind as well as others, will cease to exist."

Jade gasped and Devin gave her hand a squeeze. "Is that really going to happen, Momma?"

Devin stared at Jade in shock. So Jade was Zafina's daughter it seemed.

"Spirits were never wrong with their prophecies and predictions." Zafina responded.

Then she turned her attention to Ky. "I have heard stories about what happened to the Spirits long ago. How can I trust that your intentions are for the good of mankind?"

"I am the only Spirit around... and for good reason."

Zafina was silent for a moment, pondering, and then she nodded. She stood up and spoke to me.

"Okay... I will help. I will send some of my best warriors with you."

A sigh of relief came from me and I thanked Zafina.

"Jade... you coming with us?" Devin suddenly asked with hopefulness in his voice.

Before Jade could answer, Zafina intercepted.

"No! She will not!" Her tone was stern, leaving no room for argument. Devin had a look of pain and disappointment.

"But Momma!" Jade stood up as she was irritated by Zafina's statement.

"No buts! I let you go off to live on your own, thinking you would be safe with humans, and you get attack by a Vampire no less. You're lucky Lia was with you."

"Mother, that isn't fair. You know I'm one of the best warriors here and that Vampire attacked me when I was drunk and had my guard down." Jade argued as her voice rose to Zafina's volume.

"Even more of a reason not to let you go... when did you become so reckless... this boy has made you reckless!" Zafina gestured to Devin.

"I love this boy, Mother!" Jade blurted out.

Zafina's had a face that was a mix of shock and disbelief. Devin stood quickly and stared down at Jade.

"You love me?" Devin softly asked.

Jade grabbed his face with both her hands.

"I love you, Devin." She whispered softly to him.

Devin caressed her hair and whispered back.

"I love you, Jade." Jade tiptoed and kissed Devin.

"Aww, how can you say no to that." I heard Ky comment to Zafina.

Their kiss was short and they bother just stood staring at each other, caressing each other's faces.

"Alright..." Zafina sounded defeated. Jade and Devin turned to look at her.

"You can go."

Jade jumped up and hugged Devin. Dev had a goofy grin plastered on his face. Jade ran to hugged her mother while shouting.

"Thank you, thank you, Momma!"

Zafina held Jade tightly. "All I want in this world is for you to be safe and happy. If he brings you happiness, who I am to stand in the way."

"Thank you, Queen Zafina." Devin genuinely smiled at her.

Zafina removed Jade from her embrace and eyed Devin. "You take care of my babygirl, you hear me... I will come hunting you down if anything happens to her."

"Momma!" Jade giggled, making Devin let out an awkward chuckle.

As I watched this exchange, I couldn't stop myself from feeling a little bit jealous at how Zafina accepted Devin and Jade's relationship. I just wished my father would do the same with Amira and I.
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