Runaway Alpha

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21: Torture

Amira's POV

"Wake up!"

The voice that I had come to hate, whispered in my ear.

"Open your eyes!"

Couldn't this stupid Vampire tell I couldn't. It was difficult, my eyes felt like they were glued shut.

"Open your eyes, dammit!" The whisper turned into a shout as I was slapped across the face soon after. I didn't even feel the slap... that's what you call a bitch's slap.

My whole body was numb from the pain he'd put me through. I felt someone put something around my finger.

No! Why couldn't he just let me sleep?

He had put on my figure that damn Regenerative Ring. This magical ring healed all physical, internal and external injuries. I felt my whole body regenerate and I was finally able to open my eyes. It was blurry and I blinked multiple times to adjust my vision. As his stupid face came in view, I realized I was hanging upside down from the ceiling with my wrists tied together below my head.

The Vampire in my face was dark skinned with hazel green eyes and long brown dreadlocks falling down his back. I could smell his disgusting hot breath. Like seriously, didn't he torture me enough already that he had to breathe on me as well.

He was grinning, truly enjoying what he had done to me... over and over again. I didn't know how much time had passed since being taken, but it felt like days to me.

I slowly looked around and I was in the same small dark room they'd kept me in since they took me. The walls were made of stone with no windows, a door as the only exit, and a single light bulb illuminating above me.

"There we go lil' Witch... Are you ready to start talking?"

"Are you ready to stop being such a cunt?" I said dryly.

"Why you lil—"

"Easy there, Cairo." Another voice interrupted, that of a man standing in the shadows. The voice was deep, raspy, and held no life.

"You'll have your time to play with her again."

Cairo stepped away from me without another word. I had started to develop a headache by this point and being hung upside down wasn't helping.

"Now, Darkholme Witch..." the man in the shadows spoke, never showing himself.

"Why has a Witch such as yourself, put your nose in matters that do not concern you?"

I didn't answer him which he took as a cue to keep rambling on. As if I was going to actually answer him at some point.

"Why is a weak, pathetic wolf... like that hairball of the good for nothing Prince, so important?"If I was able to see him, I would had glared at him for insulting Logan.

Then suddenly, his face appeared in front of mine. It wasn't even a face, he was wearing a mask. What does he think this is, The Purge.

"What are you hiding!" He shouted close to my face which made me wince as I was not expecting that.

Although no one knew about the true relationship of Witches and Spirits, torture was sure a way for someone to spill that info. If he had found out about Ky being my Familiar, at this moment, he would have used me to take control of her and I couldn't let that happen. I just needed to continue through this until Logan came for us. Hopefully he would figure out that I had left Ky behind.

"So glad you hid your ugly face, I was tired of looking at so many disgusting faces." I spat, my voice hoarse.

He laughed. He let out a deep, loud laughter. You know the type of laughter...the cliche villainous laughter you see in the movies.

"My my, this one sure has a mouth on her." The masked man said after his laughter died down. "Cairo, you can continue having your fun... call me once you break her."

"My pleasure, boss." Cairo flashed a devious smile once he looked at me. "Everyone has a breaking point.. you're no different."

He took off the Regenerative Ring from my finger and proceeded to place a new torture device on me. When I saw it, I knew it was a Heretic's Fork. This was a device used in the Medieval Times. What was with these Vampires, didn't they have modern weapons. Goes to show you how low in the hierarchy they were.

The device loosely consisting of a length of metal with two opposed bi-pronged forks with an attached strap. It was placed between my breastbone and throat just under the chin and secured with the leather strap around my neck.

My lips trembled and eyes watered when the two sharpened teeth puncture my chin and my sternum. The muscles in my neck and shoulder blades were already stiff from being hung upside down for so long that I couldn't help but want to lift my head up. That was a mistake. Even with the slightest head movement I would feel the painful injection on the forks. Even swallowing my own saliva was torturous. The strap would compressed against my throat, inducing brief spasms of suffocation.

Cairo just watched me with a huge grin on his face. He didn't even say not one word as I was being tortured. I wasn't going to let him break me. I would continue going through this pain over and over again, if that meant saving Logan and the rest of the supernatural world.

This masked man didn't deserve to be King. All he would do is fail as one which ultimately, in the end, he would destroy what kept all of us at peace.

I didn't say a word throughout the torture. My cries and screams were all that filled the room.

Eventually... I passed out from the pain.
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