Runaway Alpha

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22: Plan

"We have to get Amira tonight!"

Those were the first words out my mouth the instant Ky removed her hands from my temples, bringing me out of Amira's mind. I knew nothing good would happen to Amira in being captured, but it was a different story having to see it.

"That's why I didn't want to show you. This will take the plan off course."

"Amira needs us now." I argued with Ky.

Ky nodded, "Lets go tell the others."

Ky and I left the library in a rush and made it down to the dining area where everyone still was.

"Change of plans, everyone." I said as soon as I walked in. "We're fighting the Vamps tonight... we're getting Amira back."

"But we're not ready." Savannah spoke up.

"We still need more help... they'll see us coming." Devin also spoke up.

"She's right, son." My father agreed. "This will be suicide if we go out there. They now have two Witches and who knows what else they've been able to gather throughout the years."

"I don't care... I'm going with or without your help." I knew I sounded irrational, but I didn't care as long I had Amira back. "Amira is being tortured and I can't just stand here waiting another day while she suffers because of me."

"Okay sweetheart..." My mother said as she got up from her seat, "I will be going with you."

"You will be doing no such thing," my father's voice boomed as he got up too.

"Mark, this is our son. I can't continue sitting here and seeing him risk his life." My mother's eyes pleaded with my father.

My father's eyes soften as he looked at my mother and then he looked to me. "Okay... we'll go."

"So what's the plan?" Jade asked. "Since they'll see us coming, what are we going to do?"

Ky was the one to answer. "I will try everything in my power to block Sophie from seeing our attack. If Amira's theory is correct on the spell Sophie is using, I can try and block it. There aren't many ways a Witch can see the future."

We all nodded at Ky's words and then I spoke. "While you work on that, Ky, I have a plan."

We spent an hour preparing and going over the plan of attack. Even though most of them didn't like the plan, we were out of other options. Once everyone was ready, we headed out.

We made it to the location Ky tracked Amira to, and of course it was near by. That explained how the Vamps were quick in showing up to attack me all those times. We were in the woods hiding behind trees as we stared at the building the Vamps were keeping Amira. The building was made of pure concrete and looked abandoned for years as it was not in good condition at all. Some walls were crumbled on this six story building.

I turned to everyone and whispered, "This is it."

I turned to Ky, "Ky.. ready when you are."

Ky passed her hands across my ears, "Can you hear me?"

I nodded at her, "I can hear you."

Ky put a spell where I could hear her in my head like if I had an ear piece on. Ky was going to be my eyes in there as she was going to guide me on how to get to Amira. Ky looked at Amira's memories to memorize the structure inside the concrete building.

I took out the bottle that Amira had given me to cover my scent. I put one drop on my tongue. I stood in my human form as it would be easier to sneak around and hide until I wanted to be seen. I was carrying weapons on me: a switch blade, a gun with pointed oak wood bullets, and two oak wood stakes. My aim with a gun wasn't the greatest, but it was decent enough. At Stronghold, there was a shooting range that allowed me to practice since I turned fifteen. I ran towards the concrete building, but then stopped when I saw there were a couple of Vampires hanging out in the front.

"We have a problem, Ky." I whispered. "I won't be able to get in through the front."

"Give me a second." Ky responded back and I stood quiet waiting for about three minutes.

"Okay, there's a back door being kept opened." Ky finally said.

I kept my steps slow and light so I wouldn't be heard. I looked around and there were no Vamps in sight. All that could be seen in the dark night was the moon's light shining down. I reached the door and just like Ky said, the door was open. I slipped inside and the room was filled with metal shelves stacked with boxes and even more boxes on the floor.
What were they keeping in here?

"I'm in!"

"You're going to turn right and take the stairs. She's being kept in the lower level." Ky directed me. "Good luck."

I started to move slowly out the room and there were more metal shelves and boxes in the hall. Making it to the stairs, I sniffed and smelled two Vamps coming. I ducked down behind boxes as the Vamps passed by not sensing me at all. Then suddenly, I heard Amira shouting.

"Stop this! Please! Stop this! She hasn't done anything!" There was fear and exhaustion sounding in her voice.

I followed the sound of her voice and made it down the stairs. I concentrated on her heaving breathing so I could quickly find her.

"She didn't do anything! Please!" I heard Amira shouting again.

I made it to her location, but it was through a small vent on the wall that I saw her. The room was empty with no one but her. This was a different room from the one I had seen a few hours prior. Amira leaned her forehead against the door and I saw there was a squared shaped peep hole that was closed on the door.

"Amira!" I whisper shouted through the vent.

Amira jumped slightly and gasped, she didn't know where the sound of my voice was coming from.

"Behind you!"

"Oh my goodness." She ran to the vent once she saw me. "Logan!"

"Are you alright?"

Amira's eyes were puffy and red with huge dark circles under them. "I'm okay." She gasped from trying to catch her breathe.

"You've got to stop them!"

"I will!" I stared into her eyes, promising her.

"Can you get out of there?"

She took a deep breath, "They're guarding my door and Logan... my magic's gone."

"How?" I was shocked.

"You have to save Sophie first, only she knows. Now go."

I looked at her uncertain about leaving her there any longer, but she stared at me with pleading eyes.


Amira looked at me as her eyes continued to beg for me to listen to her. I hesitated until finally I gave in to her request.

"Okay." I sighed. "But take this."

I took the switch blade out of my pocket and inserted it through the vent, passing it to Amira.

"There's a button on the handle," I whispered once it was in Amira's hand, she pressed the button and the steel blade popped out.

"You use that if you have to!"

We stood looking into each other eyes as if it were the last time we would ever see each other again.

"I'll be back for you." I sighed. "I promise."

I stared at her for another second, hesitating. Finally, I left her sight and quietly snuck my way down the hall.
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