Runaway Alpha

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23: Found

"Ky, do you know where they are keeping Sophie?"

"I'll get right on it!" Ky responded in my ears.

I passed from floor to floor, room to room, but the place seemed empty as I couldn't hear any of the Vampires around. At this moment, I should've questioned where all the Vamps were but I was too focused on getting Amira and Sophie to safety. Finally I heard some voices coming from the end of the hall.

"Ky, I think I've found her." I said before I stepped to get a view of the scene.

"Witch, you know the consequences for your betrayal." It was the voice of the masked man. I was finally in front of the man behind the plan to have me killed. I sniffed to try and catch his scent knowing that he was a Werewolf, but I got nothing.

I crouched down and looked between the boxes. There, I saw Sophie tied to a chair with her mouth covered as the masked man stood in front of her. Her long red hair covered most of her face, but I could see that her bright blue eyes were puffy and red from crying as she stared right at me. Cairo was standing near the masked man, smiling deviously. He stepped closer to Sophie as she stared at him in disgust.

"Don't worry Red, we won't kill him... yet. We're just going to have a little fun." Cairo caressed Sophie's cheek and she tried to move away from his touch.

"Next time you disobey, you both will die." The masked man threatened.

Who were they talking about? I thought at that moment.

"Bring him in!" The masked man ordered.

Two Vamps carried an unconscious third Vamp into the room. The third Vamp had his wrists tied together and looked to had been beaten over and over again.

What the hell was going on?

Sophie's eyes widened when they brought him in and tears started coming down her checks instantly while her words were muffled.

"I told you... if you didn't do as I say, I would kill your beloved." The masked man moved from his position and spoke one last time before he headed out a nearby door. "This is your first and only warning."

I had to act quickly, I couldn't let the masked man get away. They rose the third Vamp's tied hands and placed it on the hook that hung from the ceiling. Cairo took something out of his pocket. It was a blow torch lighter.

Before Cairo could burn the Vamp, I took a shot at his hand with my gun. That was a lucky shot.

Cairo yelled and quickly turned to face me. I started shooting at the other five Vamps that were there running to attack me, but they weren't quick enough. Cairo had escaped through the stairs before I could get to him. With all the Vamps down, I ran to Sophie and untied her from the chair.

"Thank you," she gasped trying to steady her breathing and then rushed to the unconscious Vamp. "Help me get him off."

I lifted him off the hook and put his arm over my shoulders as I held him up. I turned to Sophie as she seemed to be in the verge of a panic attack.

"Sophie, look at me!" I grabbed her shoulder and gently shook her to make her focus, there wasn't time for her to panic. "You're going to have to focus and help me. I can't save us if I'm carrying him and calming you."

Sophie snapped out of her panic mode and nodded at me. "Take this," I gave her one of my stakes before she put the Vamp's other arm over her shoulders.

"Ky, tell everyone to be ready out there."

We started to make our way to Amira's location. Walking as fast as we could through the staircases and halls, we bumped into two Vamps. I shot one of them clean in the chest and Sophie used her magic to send her stake flying towards the other. As we kept waking, we finally made it to the room Amira was kept in. When I yanked the door open, she was no longer in there and there were no Vampires around.

"Ky, give me Amira's location!"

"Who are you talking to?" Sophie asked confused.

I ignored her question as Ky had responded. "She's on the main floor near the left side exit."

"No time for questions. This way, c'mon." I said as Ky directed me towards Amira.

We made it to the main floor and I didn't see Amira.

"Ky, where the hell is she?"

"She's next to you." Ky responded.

It didn't make any sense as all that was around me were walls and a door. I opened the door in front of us which led outside. We stopped in our tracks as we stared at all the Vampires waiting on us. Fuck!

"Now, Ky" I whispered.

"Get down, Sophie!" I shouted as I quickly pulled Sophie and the unconscious Vamp on the ground. I started shooting at some of the Vamps and stopped when Devin, Jade, Savannah, Mom, Dad and the Siren warriors came out and surprised attacked the Vampires. Ky has used her powers to conceal them from being sensed by the Vamps.

As they were fighting, I turned around when I heard a door open. Through another side door, out came Amira struggling while being dragged by Cairo. He had his arm wrapped around her chest, pulling her close to him. He saw me when I quickly got up pointing my gun at him. Once I did that, he brought out his claws and started shouting.

"Put that down or I'll kill her!"

"Let her go!" I shouted back, still pointing the gun at him.

He made his nails grow longer and put it near Amira's neck. "I'll kill her! Put it down!"

I hesitated for a second, but then I slowly started lowering my gun and crouched to put the gun on the ground. Cairo stood staring at me to make sure I didn't try anything funny. I looked around and saw that many of the Vamps had retreated through the trees. As I was getting back up to stand straight, I reached for the one stake I had left, which was hidden in the side of my vest pocket.

"Let her go! You're surrounded." He didn't even show any signs of fear when I said that.

Meanwhile, Amira pulled out of her pocket the switch blade I gave her. She pressed the button and the blade popped out. She turned the knife around so that the blade was pointed at Cairo's leg

His eyes became more intense as he spoke, "You're right!... But you'll watch her die first!"

Amira grunted as she stabbed him on his thigh and moved quickly away from him when he loosened his grip on he. As he screamed, I quickly threw the pointed end of the stake straight into his chest. He fell back against the concrete wall, still alive. A black wolf with patches of white fur, came out of nowhere and tackled Cairo to the ground before Cairo could recover and attack any of us. The black wolf was Dad. Dad had Cairo pinned down. Devin in wolf form and Jade appeared seconds behind my dad to help restrain Cairo.

I looked around and saw that everyone was safe and no other Vamps were in sight. Amira ran to me and gave me the tightest hug she had ever given me. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, burying my face into her hair. Ky appeared by Amira's side after staying hidden from the Vamps as a Plan B if my plan didn't work.

Savannah went running to Sophie's side. "Sophie, thank goodness you're okay."

Sophie looked up with unshed tears in her eyes. Sophie nodded while caressing the unconscious Vamp's hair .

"Sophie?" Savannah's voice lowered. "Why are you crying over a Vampire?"

A sad smile appeared on Sophie's face.

"Because... he's my boyfriend."
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