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24: Claw

I wasn't surprised when I heard Sophie's revelation, I was curious on how this relationship came about. Sophie had a lot of explaining to do. But in that moment all I cared about was having Amira safely in my arms. I let go of Amira once Ky came wanted to embrace her in a hug. Meanwhile, I continued listening in on Sophie and Savannah's conversation. Savannah still was in shock, for the first time since I've met her, she was speechless.

Savannah finally found her voice. "What did they do to him that he's not healing?"

"They made him drink blood from an already dead creature." Sophie sighed. "It induces temporary deathlike state for Vampires."

My ears perked up when I heard. That was one information about Vampires I did not know.

"What can we do?" Savannah asked.

Before Sophie could answer, my father spoke. "Let's get everyone safely out of here."

I helped the Vamp to his feet and held him over my shoulder as he stayed unconscious. "We can help him at the palace."

When we made it to the palace, the Sirena went to their tents to rest for the night. My mother went to get the maids to set up a room for our new guests. My father and some of his guards went to deal with Cairo down in the dungeon. I was going to go down in the morning to have a few words with him.

I placed the unconscious Vamp on the couch in the family room. Sophie quickly sat next to him, stroking his head while everyone else just stood staring at them, not knowing what to say.

I put my hands on my waist and took a deep breath before I finally spoke. "Tell us Sophie, how do we help um..."

"Seth," Sophie said before she looked up at me. "He needs fresh blood to help eliminate the dead blood."

"Any volunteers?" I asked aloud.

Everyone stood quiet and before I could volunteer myself until Ky spoke. "Not just any blood will help."

We all turned to looked at Ky who had been quiet.

"What do you mean?" Savannah asked.

"He needs a specific creature's blood." Ky looked at Jade. "Blood that Vampires have always sought out."

"No way!" Devin argued as he saw Ky staring at Jade. "I am not putting Jade in danger."

"The girl attack in the cub is alive?" Amira whispered only for me to hear.

I nodded. "I'll explain later," reminding me that I had to tell her what happened during the one day she was held captive.

"It's okay Devin, I'll do it." Jade said as she grabbed his hands. "I could see how broken she is over his current state. Don't you remember how it felt to lose me."

Devin grabbed Jade's face and stared into her eyes, "Yes...And that's why I don't want you doing this." Devin's voice was soft and full of sorrow.

Jade smiled at Devin and grabbed his wrists, "You're all here to protect me this time."

Devin dropped his hands and his head as he didn't like this idea. Jade started moving towards Sophie and Seth.

"Don't worry, Seth is not like other Vampires. He can control himself." Sophie said softly, to reassure Jade of her decision.

I walked over to help sit up Seth and then Jade sat right next to him. I moved away and Sophie told Jade to use her arm and put it in front of Seth's nose. Seth's nose started to wiggle, sniffing and sensing Siren blood. Seth's mouth opened and his fangs grew out, until finally he plunged his fangs into Jade's wrist.

After a couple of seconds, Seth's hands moved up to grab hold of Jade's arm as he continued feeding. Jade seemed to not be feeling any type of pain. Next to me, I noticed Devin was about to quickly remove Jade from Seth. To our surprise, Seth let go of Jade on his own. Seth's arms fell limp on the couch and everyone, including me, stared in shock as we couldn't believe what we just witnessed. I remember hearing stories that Vamps' thirst for blood was uncontrollable ever since the hex put on them.

As we stared in shock, Sophie grabbed Seth's face and smiled seeing that he was slowly opening his eyes. Seth smiled back and whispered, "Strawberries?"

"Yes, it's me." Sophie said before Seth planted his lips on hers.

Devin was already near Jade, wrapping her wrist with a piece of his shirt that he ripped off.

Amira whispered to me: "I'd hate to interrupt them, but we need Sophie to talk."

I looked at Amira amused and kissed her on her forehead. I turned to the kissing couple and as I was about to clear my throat to interrupt them, Savannah beat me to the punch. The couple stopped kissing and stared at her.

"Sorry Sav," Sophie said blushing in embarrassment.

I walked forward so that Sophie and Seth could see me. I crossed my arms against my chest and firmly demanded some answers.

I looked at Sophie, "Now that he's healing up. Tell me, how did this happen?" I gestured to the both of them and then I looked at Seth, "And what's your leader's name?"

The couple looked at each other with worried expressions on their faces. Seth was the first to speak.

"First I'd like to say, thank you." He said looking at Jade and Jade nodded with a small smile.

"And thank you all for saving us." Seth grabbed Sophie's hand and gently squeezed it.

Seth turned to me, "To answer your second question, I've never seen the face behind the mask."

"How is that possible?" Amira quickly asked in almost a shout as she stood beside me. "You've been his follower for who knows how long."

"Amira, calm down." Ky was the one who spoke.

"Calm down? How do you expect me to calm down when it's her fault had to be tortured and my magic is gone!" Amira let out an angry sob and I had to pull her to my chest to calm her.

The look on Sophie's face was a mix of surprised and hurt. No one dared to say a word. I quickly lifted Amira onto my arms and took her out of the room. I held her tightly in my arms as I made my way to my bedroom.

I sat on my bed with Amira on my lap and I whispered softly to her. "Hey?" I grabbed her chin gently to look at me in the eyes. "You've been through a lot... I will always be here for you." I wiped her tears with my thumb. "Why don't you go take a bath, it'll help make you feel better."

Amira stared quiet at me and nodded. I lifted her to her feet and went to grab her a towel.

"I'll be back before you finish." I handed her the towel and kissed her softly on the forehead.

As soon as she closed the door to the en-suite, Ky appeared in my room. "I'll stay with her."

I nodded and I made my way back down to everyone. Savannah was the first one to speak as soon as I walked in the room.

"How is she?"

"She's in the shower now, hopefully that'll help."

"I'm sorry." Sophie said with a frown. "He made me do it... he was going to kill Seth."

"What exactly did you do, Soph?" Savannah questioned while she gritted her teeth.

"While Amira was unconscious, I performed the ritual to suppress her magic." Savannah gasped.

"Can't it be reversed?" Devin asked.

"No... once it's performed, her magic either slowly returns or never does." Savannah replied.

I didn't want to talk about this anymore, it was making me feel as angry and frustrated as Amira did. I think Devin noticed as he was the one to change the subject.

"Okay, this is something we will have to research on later."

"You will get right on that tomorrow, Sophie." I said that as a command and not a suggestion. Sophie nodded.

"Now, what can you tell us about the leader?" I asked Seth.

"He makes us call him, Claw." Seth said.

"What a stupid name." Devin snorted.

"I'm sure that's not his real name." Seth smirked at Devin. "Someone who might know who he really is..." Seth hesitated.

"Tell them, my love." Sophie squeezed his hand for encouragement.

"Is my brother... Cairo"

"So your own brother was torturing you?" I muttered.

Seth nodded. "He's the reason why Sophie was taken..." Seth paused as he seemed to have been trying to control his rage. "He found out I was secretly seeing Sophie and that she was a witch, so he used me as leverage."

"Man, that's fucked up." Devin shook his head.

"We used to be just a sick as Cairo is, but once I met Sophie, I didn't want to live life like that anymore." Seth looked at Sophie, "She saved me that day we first met, in more ways than one."

"Aw, that's so sweet." Jade chimed in before hugging Devin. "Now I'm even more glad that I helped him, Devy."

My parents suddenly appeared. "We have secured the prisoner. We will question him after we all get some shut eye." Dad announced.

We all nodded as we looked and felt tired from all that had happened.

"Someone will show you to your room." Mom said to Seth and Sophie.

As everyone started heading to their rooms, my Dad stopped me. "Can we trust that Vampire," he stared towards Seth direction as he left.

I nodded, "Yeah... for now."
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