Runaway Alpha

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25: Ability

When I made it inside my room, Amira was under the sheets. I walked over to the bed and she was already sleeping. Amira was even more beautiful without her makeup on. As I softly caressed her rosy cheek with my knuckles, I couldn't stop thinking about everything she went through. I wanted to do something good for her, something to ease her mind. Amira deserved many good things and I promised myself I would treat her like the Queen she was. I placed a soft kiss on her forehead and then headed to take a shower.

After I was done with the shower, I stepped into my room wearing just a grey pajama pant. I froze when I saw Amira on my bed, fully awake, on her knees, and staring right at me as if she had waited for me to get out the shower. She was breathtaking. Her rosy cheeks made her golden eyes look as bright as the sun and those perfect lips of hers were deliciously plumped.

"I thought you were asleep." I stated once I found my voice.

Amira didn't say anything and just stared at me. I walked over to her and wrapped her in my arms, pulling her close so that her head rested on my bare chest.

"Are you feeling better?" I softly asked and I felt her slowly nod against my chest.

"Good," I kissed her on top of her head and then slightly pulled away to look at her beautiful eyes. "Let's sleep, I have a surprise for you in the morning."

"Okay." She whispered and a small smile appeared on her face.

We lied down close together as Amira gripped my bicep. I squeezed her tightly against me and kissed her on the forehead. I listened carefully to her breathing and could tell she was still awake after several minutes. I rubbed her back to help her sleep. I finally drifted off to sleep once I was sure she had fallen asleep.

The next morning I woke up with Amira still asleep in my arms. I gently caressed her cheek with my thumb and kissed her on the forehead before slipping out of the bed. After I was done brushing my teeth and my hair, I grabbed a shirt and headed out of my room. Outside my door, someone was waiting for me. It was Seth.

"Let's talk," I gestured for him to follow.

I had caught Seth before he went to bed and told him to meet me early in the morning. Looking at him, Seth seemed to be fully recovered. His dark skin had its color back, his short curly hair was washed, and his green eyes were noticeable as they were black just a couple of hours ago.

Seth nodded and followed me once I started walking to the small library room located at the end of the hall. We took a seat opposite each other on the lounge chairs. I stared at Seth with a tranquil look while speaking.

"I don't trust you, but I'm willingly to listen." Seth didn't seem to look surprised.

"I understand. Just know I will do everything to keep Sophie safe and if that means fighting alongside Werewolves, I'm with it."

"Okay then, let's start with you telling me where you're from and how you even met Claw." I watched for any signs in his movements and behavior that indicated he was lying.

"I'm from the south. I came here about five years back when Cairo asked to meet him here, talking about how he had been working for someone for a few years that wanted to help our kind get back the power and dominance that was taken from us long ago. He gave us a purpose, we're tired of living like weeks old gum under someone's shoe."

"So why should I trust that you don't want that anymore?"

"When did I say I no longer wanted that?" Seth smirked just like Devin would when he teased. "But I have a new purpose now... Sophie is my purpose."

I stared at him intently and after a few seconds I nodded. "Okay," I leaned back against my seat and Seth reciprocated the action. "I need to know what happened to you and Sophie... you two are the only leads to finding and stopping Claw. We already know your brother isn't gonna talk, but I'm going to still have a talk with him later."

Seth nodded in agreement, but then his smirk appeared again. "I'm kinda tired of answering twenty questions, how about if I just show you instead."

"Show me?" I leaned forward, curious as to what he meant.

"There's a way I can show you, but you might not like what you have to do."

I raised an eyebrow. "What's that?"

"We have kept this a secret for our security... but thousands of years ago when the Spirits hexed us, we gained other abilities that would insure we had a means of survival. One of those abilities, we call, Blood Memory."

"Blood Memory?"

"What are you a parrot?" Seth stupidly grinned and I growled a warning. "Okay, sorry... but yeah, Blood Memory means we can share our memories with others through the drinking of our blood. It also works in reverse."

I raised both eyebrows in surprise. "Are you serious?"

Seth nodded. "But it only fully works if the blood giver willingly gives their blood. If the blood is forcefully taken, the memory won't be as clear as you would want it to be."

"Why would you tell me this?" I was now skeptical of him.

"Let's just call this, my way of earning your trust." He winked and extended his arm. "What do you say?"

I started to think if I should really do this. This would be better than him telling me as I would be able to know if he was lying. And maybe I would also be able to find clues in his memories about Claw.

"Okay, I'll do it."

"I already see it, you and I are going to be great friends." Seth chuckled lowly.

"I doubt it." I muttered and Seth's chuckle got louder.

"On a serious note. Once you drink my blood, it will burn for a bit as my memories transfer to your mind." Seth said as he brought his extended arm closer to me.

I grabbed his forearm and hesitated. "Don't think about it, Pup, just do it."

I glared at him and his grin grew wider. I took a deep breath before my canines extended and I pierced right into Seth's wrist. It only took a couple of seconds of drinking his blood when I started feeling the burn. Vamp blood tasted disgusting, it was like swallowing a bunch of pennies. All at once, it hit me, flashes of memories started to appear. I let go of Seth's arm and leaned back against the chair, closing my eyes. The memories were finally piecing together and began to play like a movie in my mind.
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