Runaway Alpha

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28: Surprise

I felt like I was being pulled out of a whirlpool. When I opened my eyes, I was back in the library.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" Seth asked with curiosity.

I shook my head, taking in everything that I had witnessed. "So, you betrayed your own kind."

"I told you. I would do anything to keep Sophie safe."

"I believe you." I empathize with Seth as I thought of everything I would do for Amira. "We'll talk later about getting answers from Cairo. Our girls must be wondering where we went off to all this time.

Seth smirked, "You know you were only in my memories for like two minutes, maybe even less."

What? It felt like I was there for at least an hour. Seth chuckled seeing the expression of disbelief on my face as we walked out of the library.

I left Seth and headed upstairs to my room. I found Amira still asleep. She was exhausted from everything she had gone through, but she looked like she was resting peacefully. It was still real early in the morning so I decided to let her sleep while I prepared my little surprise for her. I caressed her hair and kissed her on the cheek, causing her to stir a bit.

"Logan?" Her voice was low and groggy.

"Shhh.. sleep, baby. I know you're tired." I whispered.

Amira slowly nodded her head and quickly fell back asleep. I caressed her cheek with my index finger before moving away from the bed and headed downstairs to the kitchen. The palace was pretty quiet as everyone was still sleeping this early, it was around six thirty in the morning. Once I entered the kitchen, the sound of people talking filled the room. The cooks and servers were busy starting to prepare breakfast for everyone.

"Good morning, Prince Logan." One of the cooks said as she smiled. "Breakfast is not ready yet, would you like anything to drink?"

"That's okay. I actually came here because I wanted to make something for a small picnic." I placed my hands against the counter as I stared at her shocked expression.

I smirked knowing what she was thinking. "I do know how to use a stove. Don't worry, I promise I won't burn the palace down."

"Oh... okay. There's extra pots and pans here and the pantry is over there." She hesitantly pointed to the cabinets and pantry door.

"Thank you." I said as I reached the stove and turned the oven to 375°F. I started grabbing ingredients quickly.

It took me about an hour to get everything set up. One of the servers brought me a wicker picnic basket that came with the plates, mugs, and cutlery attached. I was sure this plan would help Amira take her mind off things. It was seven thirty in the morning when I headed upstairs to my room to change and wake Amira up. As I walked into my room, I stopped in my tracks as Amira was already awake, sitting on my bed with her legs crossed and fully dressed. She looked sexy as hell in all black, wearing a mini leather skirt and an oversized sweatshirt. Black made her eyes shine bright and made those delicious red lips pop.

I grinned as I walked a little closer to her. "I was just coming to wake you."

"I've been up a while so I asked Ky to bring some of my clothes from home, now that I can't magically do it myself." Amira turned away, not wanting to show me the sadness on her face.

In an instant, I went to her and pulled her onto my lap as I sat down on the bed. "Baby... everything will be alright. We'll think of something to get your magic back, trust me." I kissed her on the cheek. "Let me go get changed to take you to your surprise."

"I don't like surprises." She mumbled to herself.

She squealed as I quickly pushed her back onto the bed and hovered on top of her. "Too bad, baby, 'cause you'll be getting plenty from me." I gave her a quick kiss on her lips and then got off her.

"You would've gotten zapped right about now if I had my magic." She shouted, and I heard the amusement in her voice. A deep laugh came out of me as I walked into my closet.

I grabbed Amira's hand as we walked out of my room once I was done getting dressed. I wore a black tank top and denim jeans. Everyone was going to start getting up soon and I suddenly wanted to leave with Amira unnoticed. We made it to the kitchen door without anyone spotting us. As soon as we entered the kitchen, I groaned.

"Well, well, well... Where are you two sneaking off to?" Devin smirked as he bit into his bacon. Of course he was going to be in the kitchen, it was Devin, the food scavenger.

"You're eating without Jade?" I began to tease. "What will she do when she finds that you didn't think to wake her and hogged all the food to yourself?"

Devin's eyes widened after hearing my words and he ran out the kitchen without a word like if his life depended on it. Which it probably did. I was just thankful he didn't touch the basket I prepared. Amira let out a short giggle as she watched him run.

"Okay, lets hurry before anyone else comes. I don't want them disturbing us." I said as I grabbed the basket with a blanket and the keys to the Jeep.

"A picnic, really?" She teased as she wore a bored look on her face.

"You'll love it. Now come on." I pulled her ahead of me and slapped her on the ass.

When we got in the car, I blindfolded her. She argued about it, but eventually gave in. I didn't want her to notice where we were headed. I drove towards the forest and headed to a place that was peaceful and quiet. Amira was quiet throughout the drive because she was still annoyed about the blindfold and about surprises in general.

"We're here." I announced as I put the car in park.

I quickly got out the car, grabbed the picnic basket, opened the passenger door and helped Amira slowly get out the car.

"You can take the blindfold off." She quickly removed it.

"You brought us to the forest, how romantic." She sarcastically said.

I chuckled lowly, "Come on, grumpy. This way."

I held her hand and led us to the waterfall we stared at a few days prior. The waterfall created a small pond that travelled through a canal underground, connecting to the sea.

"I know you like to come here." I whispered in her ear.

Amira was standing in front of me, staring at the waterfall as I had my arm loosely wrapped around her neck. She turned her head and looked up at me with a raised eyebrow, questioning how I knew.

"Savannah wouldn't shut up the day we met." I smirked. "She really wanted us to get together."

Amira let out the cutest snort I'd heard as she stared back at the waterfall. "Sav talks too much."

Her huffed respond amused me, "I'm glad she does."
I placed a lingering kiss on her cheek and whispered, "Time to eat."

I placed the basket down, grabbed the blanket and placed it flat open on the ground. Amira sat on her knees while I moved the basket between us. She watched as I started pulling items out. The basket contained two small mason jars full of orange juice, two yogurt parfaits topped with granola and fresh blueberries, two chocolate chips muffins, two peaches, and coffee.

"Savannah again?" Amira asked amused and I just winked at her.

She grabbed the muffin first and took a huge bite out of it, in a very unlady-like fashion. "Mmm, this is really good. I need to meet the baker to have them make me more."

I chuckled, "I'll gladly make you more."

Amira was shocked at gearing this that she instantly stopped chewing and slowly swallowed what was in her mouth. "You made these?"

I nodded, "Yup. And I can make many more things that your precious mouth can try."

"I can't wait to try." She whispered softly with a smile on her face as she leaned in, placing her lips to mine for a few seconds.
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