Runaway Alpha

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2: Apartment

After the sparring match, I had to make my way to work at the restaurant after taking a quick shower at home. The restaurant was called Luna Plenum. I was actually one of the cooks for the only restaurant located in Stronghold. I learned to cook from Cindy. At first it was just something she used that would get me to open up, but I started to enjoy it and my dishes would actually come out tasting really good.

The place was slow during the start of the day, so I took my break early and walked to Mayor Scratch's office, which was located five minutes away from the restaurant. I was going to let him know that I would be using my pass for the next day. As I reached his door, I was going to knock when I heard him mention my name while he spoke with someone on the phone. He must have been too wrapped up in the conversation that he didn't sense me outside his door.

"Logan has really grown into a fine young man. He will soon be ready for what he was born for."

There was a pause and my guess was that he was on the phone with this person he was talking to.

"Don't you worry, I will speak with him soon."

I knocked on the door quickly so that he wouldn't sense me now that he wasn't distracted.

"Come in!"

I pushed the door open and walked in. Mayor Scratch smiled when he saw it was me.

"Ah, Mr. Hill. All ready to use that pass?"

I nodded. "Yeah, I'll be using it for tomorrow. I'm taking my brother with me."

"Of course, of course. Sit." He gestured to the chair in front of his desk. He sat in his seat and pulled out a folder.

"Now where will you two be headed?"


"The party town. Should have known with that brother of yours." Mayor Scratch chuckled lightly as he wrote it down on his paper.

I stared at the Mayor curious to know what he knew about me. I did know he wasn't a threat because he had plenty of chances to kill me if he wanted to. He looked up and caught me staring, but he just smiled genuinely.

"You're all set, Mr. Hill. You and your brother have fun tomorrow, stay safe." I nodded and walked out of his office.

Bright and early the next morning, Devin and I left the border of Stronghold in a Jeep that Mayor Scratch provided us with. We rode the two hours into Eroda and stopped at a men's clothing store. According to Devin, we needed to look on point tonight.

"This place has the best outfits for a cheap price." We were staring at the shop window, the place looked kind of sketchy. I turned around quickly as I saw the reflection of someone I haven't seen in a long time. When I looked behind me, there was no one there. I could've sworn I saw a pair of golden eyes reflecting on the window.

"Hurry up, bro." Devin didn't even notice what happened as he was already halfway through the door.

Devin ended buying a collared shirt designed with black and white abstract art and the collar being red in color. It was a very ridiculous looking shirt that he rolled up the sleeves to his elbows. He paired it with black slacks and black dress shoes. I kept my outfit simple. A short sleeved, white buttoned down dress shirt that showed off the tattoos on my forearms. I paired it with black slacks and black dress shoes.

I don't know why we were dressed up so early when we weren't going to the club until the night. I got my answer when we stepped out of the shop.

"Devin!!" The dark skinned girl with bouncy curly hair ran straight towards Devin and they started making out with each other.

Jade was a human that Devin met on a dating app. He hadn't stopped mentioning her every chance he got. If his parents or anyone in Stronghold found out about how serious he was about being with her, he would have to go rogue. Devin wouldn't be able to handle being a rogue, he's too selfless.

I cleared my throat, making them stop and Jade turned red from embarrassment.

"Your friend is cute, Devy. He's perfect for Lia." Jade told Devin as she waved over her friend, who she left behind when she ran to Devin.

Jade's friend approached us and she instantly redden when she looked at me.

"Lia... this is my brother, Logan." Devin introduced.

I extended my arm and Lia hesitated to shake it. She was cute, but not my type, too timid and self-conscious.

Devin and Jade ignored us as they whispered to each other, giggling

"I'm sorry about this." Lia's said in her small voice.

"For?" I raised an eyebrow at her and she quickly lowered her head.

"For being stuck hanging with me. Those two over there are going to be in their own little world."

I let out a small chuckle. "Nah, it's cool. You seem cool."

Lia looked up at me and a smiled appeared across her face.

"We're going to my place." Jade announced.

I glared at Devin and he just smiled smugly.

Jade and Devin started walking and we followed.

Three hours later...

Lia and I were watching a movie while awkwardly sitting in Jade's sofa. I chugged down a beer to forget the sounds of Jade and Devin coming from the bedroom. They'd been at it for the last hour.

"Um, do you want to get out of here?" Lia asked.

"Yes, please." I said as I got off the sofa. "Anywhere but here."

"I actually live upstairs." She decided to finally inform me.

"And you had us here just sitting through this." I shook my head and finished my beer.

"Sorry." Her voice went softer than it already was. "I don't usually invite people over."

I gave her a side smirk listening to her justification. "You hungry, got anything upstairs I can cook up?"

"You cook?" Her eyes widened at this little info about me.

I winked at her as I passed her to open the front door. "Lead the way."

Lia's house was homey and organized unlike Jade's. I was in the kitchen, whipping up salsa di pistacchi. We sat down at the table once the food was ready. Lia's eyes widened when she took her first bite.

"Wow, this is really good."

"Glad you like it." I responded.

"I love it." It always felt good making people happy through food.

Lia handed me a beer from her fridge after we were done eating. Her timidness was slowly dissipating and she wanted to give me a tour of her apartment. I didn't care for one, but I'd do anything to buy time before having to go back to those two horn dogs upstairs.

"Lastly, this is my room." I finished the beer as I looked around. The walls were painted pastel pink and she had stuffed animals perfectly aligned at the head of her bed.

I placed the empty beer bottle on her night stand as I sat on her bed and grabbed a stuffed bear.

"Childish much?" I teased as I waved the bear in the air at her.

"Oh, shut up." She came towards me and tried to snatch the toy back. "Give it." I laughed a little at her reaction.

I moved it away from her and she straddled herself on my lap to grab the bear. I fell back on the mattress as she pushed her body against mine. I stopped laughing and stared at her with a raised eyebrow and it was like she had just realized she was on top on me. Her eyes widened slightly, but then she suddenly leaned down and planted her lips to mine. I threw the stupid bear to the side and grabbed the back of her neck with one hand and caressed her thigh with the other. I buried my tongue inside her mouth, but she pulled away to get some air.

"Fuck, you're sexy." Lia said right before she kissed me again. I flipped her over where I was hovering over her and continued kissing. I started giving her open mouthed kisses down her neck and breasts. At the same time, my hands went up her thighs, sliding beneath her dress. But then she stopped me.

"Wait!" She pulled herself to sit and I moved off of her.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I moved my hair away from my face.

"Nothing's wrong..." she placed her hands against my chest. "It's just, I wanted to make you feel good." She pushed me back against the bed and started unbuttoning my pants. She kissed along my V cut and my dick was already erect.

"Holy fuck," I mumbled when I felt her hot and wet mouth wrapped around my dick. I watched as she bobbed her head up and down in a slow rhythm.

That whole timid persona was all a facade.
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