Runaway Alpha

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30: Nymphs

Amira and I eventually made it back to the Palace, by this time everyone should have already been up. When we reached the front gates, we found everyone lounging around in front of the palace steps. That's when I remembered that the Nymphs were suppose to be coming in the morning.

"Nymphs arrived?" I asked the guard named Raven as he opened the front gates.

Raven nodded, "They arrived about half hour ago."

Amira looked up at me with a questioning look and that's when I realized I never told her of the alliance we made aside from the Sirens. I gave her a light squeeze of the hand that was already interlocked with mine as we walked.

"I forgot they were coming today." I said while looking down at her with a sheepish smile. Her next words were said softly and held concern.

"So what's the plan with how we're going to deal with Claw?"

"I don't know, but I do know this..." I moved my arm around her shoulders, pulling her to my chest, "we don't have to worry so much now that we have you and Sophie back." I lingered a kiss on her forehead.

"There he is!" The sound of my mother's voice happily shouted once she saw Amira and I. I grabbed Amira's hand and we walked closer to where my mother was gathered with a few people. "Where have you been, our guests have be waiting to meet you."

"Sorry Ma, we went out for an early morning walk."

"How lovely." My mother smiled genuinely, then she gestured to a girl with green hair and green eyes. Instantly I knew she was a Nymph by her small pointed ears sticking out through her hair. "This is Caly. She's the daughter of the current leader of the Nymphs."

"Hello Alpha Prince. We were told you were able to rescue your friend before we got here." The Nymph extended her hand to shake, which I did while still holding on to Amira's hand. "I'm very interested in meeting the Spirit. When can we?"

"I left Ky inside, said she wanted time alone for a while. I'll go see if she wants to make an appearance." Amira answered, taking her first step to head inside, her steps faltered by Caly grabbing her by the elbow.

"You're the Spirit's Witch?" Caly tilted her head slightly with her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Why don't I sense your magic?"

Amira froze on the spot and when nothing came out of her mouth, I gently pulled her away from Caly's grasp.

"Can you give us a moment," I said as I stared at Caly right before heading inside with Amira.

Amira was quiet as we made inside the foyer of the Palace. I wrapped her in my arms and spoke softly to her.

"You okay, baby?" She slowly shook her head up and down against my chest.

"Sorry," her word was muffled against my chest. I pulled away slightly and tilted her head up by the chin so she could look at me in the eyes.

"Baby, what are you sorry about? There's nothing to be sorry for."

"Earlier I said I decided to be happy even without my magic..." She sighed before she continued. "but once that girl sensed me, it made me realize that I'm now a human, I don't belong to this world... I don't belong with you."

I moved my hand to gently cup her cheek and spoke softly but firmly. "Listen to me Amira, magic doesn't define who you are or who you're not. Your fire, your passion, and this beautiful heart of yours defines you. You are strong, brave, and one badass fighter. You don't belong to this world, because this world belongs to you... I belong with you and I'll be damned if you think otherwise."

I pecked Amira softly on the lips and once I pulled away, a small smile crept on her face. She reached out her hand and softly caressed my face and said, "How did I get so lucky?"

"You'll have your answer one day." We turned our heads once we heard Ky's voice and she smiled warmly as she looked at us. Amira and I looked at Ky in confusion at what she said, but Ky brushed off our questioning gaze.

"I've heard some people want to meet me." Ky clapped her hands, snapping us out of our thoughts. "Lets go." Ky walked towards the front door and we followed. Once we were outside, Ky gasped as she stared at the group of Nymphs.

"Calypso?" Caly stepped forward from the group and smiled at Ky while Ky walked towards her.

"It can't be." Ky said in disbelief as she was an arms length away from Caly.

"That was my grandmother, I'm Caly"

"Wow, you're the spitting image of her."

"Thank you." Caly said with a blush. "My grandmother never told me she knew any Spirits."

"Oh.. yeah, she didn't." Ky said as she quickly looked away.

"Logan!" My father's voice called for me, pulling my attention away from the conversation. I turned to see him motioning for me to go to him.

"You okay here?" I asked Amira and she nodded. "I'll be right back," I planted a kiss on her cheek before I walked away. I entered the foyer, following my father.

"Son, I have a surprise for you." We started walking towards his study. "With everything going on, I know you don't want to think about your coronation in a few months, but do you remember your relatives that use to live here when you were young?"

I nodded, remembering when the night I was kidnapped there were family members in the castle and no one heard me get taken.

"I've invited them to move back now that you're here once again." My father slightly frowned, "After your death, I kicked them all out not wanting anything to do with anyone."

"I'm sorry, Dad." I put a hand on his shoulder, giving it a slight squeeze.

"It's all in the past now, son." He placed his hand on my shoulder as he gave a crooked smile. "They've be waiting to finally see you again since I put the word out to the entire family."

I smiled at the excitement in my father's voice. "Can't wait to see them again, Dad."

"Great, because they'll be getting here tomorrow morning." I nodded at his statement right before I turned to walk away. As I reached the door, my father spoke again.

"The Vampire in the dungeon had a message this morning. He agreed to tell us the identity of Claw, but said he will only say it to you."

My father's words froze me on the spot.
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