Runaway Alpha

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31: Dungeon

My fist connected with Cairo's stomach for the fourth time. He was laughing like a lunatic as he coughed.

"Little Prince."

Cairo had a huge grin on his face like if being down in this dungeon wasn't effecting him at all. He was bloody and dirty as he hung against the wall with his arms and legs chained against it. His cuts and bruises weren't completed healed yet due to Vampires' slow healing abilities. I had started to punch him because he decided to start talking about Amira. There were two guards standing outside of this small cell to make sure no one interrupted us.

"That's all you got... pathetic," Cairo mocked. "Look like you don't care that I tortured the lil' Witch... Ah, I can still hear her sweet screams... it's like music to my ears."

My hand tightened around Cairo's throat and he let out a deep chuckle as he felt my hand squeezing tightly because he knew I wasn't going to kill him yet.

"You'll regret ever putting your hands on her when I'm through with you." I slammed his head back hard against the wall before I let go of his throat. He continued chuckling as I distanced myself away from him.

"Tell me who Claw is?" I demanded and Cairo stopped chuckling, a stoic look appearing on his face.

"I just wanted to officially meet the lil' Prince face to face before I kill you. I will kill you when you least expect it."

"The hex really got some of you Vampires delusional. You will be rotting in this cell for a while until we decide to finally put an end to you." I said with clenched teeth.

"Ah, the hex...a curse and a blessing." Cairo said and then he winked.

His words suddenly stirred something in me and I started to get the idea that there was something more to their meaning. There was only one option I thought of that could provide me with some real answers, I had to take the chance even with the limited effectiveness. I slowly took steps towards Cairo, I didn't say anything to him and he stared at me with a questioning look. He had no idea what was about to happen as my canines extended out of my mouth.

"You can't kill me, you need me." Cairo stated with amusement in his voice.

"I have other plans." I said right before I slammed my hand against his face, pushing his head away to expose the side of his neck. In the next second, I bit into his neck. Seth had explained earlier in the day that I wouldn't get a clear picture, but it was better than no information at all.

"What the fuck?" Cairo shouted while I drank his blood.

I yanked myself away from him as soon as I felt the burning sensation, tearing a small piece of his flesh for good measure. Cairo was yelling all sorts of things at me, but I couldn't make out the words as I slowly walked backwards until I hit the cell wall opposite Cairo. I couldn't hear Cairo as the voices of his memories were playing in my ears. I closed my eyes to try and piece together the words and that's when flashes of his memories started to appear. There were too many scenes playing out, it wasn't how it felt when looking into Seth's memories. I decided to concentrated on the mask as I spotted it in the memories, the same mask that Claw wore. As I concentrated, a memory finally pieced together, but the picture was fuzzy, I couldn't clearly see the features of their faces, but I knew who they were by their voices.

"I can't believe that hairball is alive, I thought I killed him years ago. Are you sure that Witch isn't lying to us, Cairo."

"I'm sure Boss, when have my talents ever failed us."

Claw slammed his fist against the flimsy desk in anger and then got up from his seat.

"Have the Witch track him, I need to make sure that it's him."

"I'll personally go myself to his location once she's locked on him, I'll take Ace with me."

"Good, he's the quickest we've got. He'll be able to dispose of that hairball in no time."

Cairo nodded and he turned to walk out the room, but stopped and turned back to face Claw who was already seated behind his desk.

"What is it, Cairo?" Claw said without looking up from some object he was staring at in his hands which I couldn't quite make out.

"Boss, why does it matter if he's dead or not, we can take over the throne regardless?" Claw snapped his head up at Cairo's question. He stared at Cairo for a moment, but finally spoke.

"As my most trusted Vampire, I will let you in on a sacred royal secret." Claw glanced at his object once more before storing in back in his pocket. "The Alpha King title and the powers that come with it are transferred to an heir every generation. Once it's passed down to the next generation, it can no longer be transferred back to someone from past generations. If I kill the current Alpha King before he transfers the title to his hairball, I can gain the power and pass it to my own heir. So you see Cairo... if that hairball is not dead before his twenty first birthday, I will never get the chance to gain the power that only an Alpha King can wield."

Cairo nodded sternly, "I promise you, Boss, I will kill the Little Prince myself when the opportunity arises."

"I know you won't disappoint." Claw said as he stood up from his seat. "You know what happens to people who disappoint me."

Cairo's eyes slightly widened as he watched Claw about to remove the mask off his face.

The memory started to faze away before I was able to see Claw's face. However, I was able to catch some type of scar marks on the side of his face when the mask was slightly pulled off.

"Do you hear me!"

I heard someone's voice yelling and when I opened my eyes, I was staring at an angry Cairo. He must have been yelling at me while I was looking into his memory.

"I will kill your lil' Witch as you watch helplessly before I kill you!"

"Thank you, Cairo." He went silently when he heard my words. "Thank you for sharing your memories... now I know his plan."

I turned to walk out of his cell, but before I stepped out, I left Cairo with one last thought.

"See you in two days... that will be your last day in this world."
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