Runaway Alpha

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32: Moment

"How'd it go?"

The second I exited the dungeon, Devin and Seth were waiting for me.

"Claw is definitely someone high up in the family."

"My brother actually spilled?" Seth had a look of shock on his face.

I shook my head and muttered, "Blood Memory."

"I'm guess you were able to see something, I'm amazed that you were even able to."

"What the heck is blood memory?" Devin asks.

"Nothing, man... it's a Vampire thing." Seth grinned at Devin and nudged him on the shoulders.

I raised an eyebrow as I watched them, "What's going on here?"

Seth grin got wider and put an arm around Devin's shoulder, "Little Wolfy here and I have become great friends."

"Yeah, whatever man." Devin shrugged Seth's arm off him and started walking away. "Just stay away from my girl." Seth's laughed as he watched Devin leave.

"I think I'm gonna like it being around you wolves." Seth turned his attention to me and I just stared at him with a bored look.

"Just keep out of trouble," I told him before walking away to my father's study. I had to go give my father an update on how things went in the dungeon. As I reached my father's door, I hear his voice shout out from the other side.

"You don't have to knock, son." I pushed open the door and stared at him as he looked over some papers and notebooks.

"You always did know when I use to sneak to eavesdrop on your door." I let out a small chuckle which my father reciprocated.

"You always wanted to join in on the meetings because you were excited to become Alpha King." My father looked up at me and smiled as he remembered memories from my childhood.

"No Dad.. I wasn't excited to be the Alpha King, I just wanted to be exactly like you." I said to him and his face softened at my words.

"Everyday that you were gone, I prayed for a miracle."

"I'm ready to pay back whoever it is that took me away from my home." I said with a look of determination.

"Yes," my father nodded with his stoic face appearing back on his face. "Did the Vampire tell you his leader's true identity?"

"No, but Dad..." I went and took a seat on a chair in front of his desk. "It really is someone in the family, he knows things only a family member would know. Claw knows about the secret on how the transfer of the Alpha King title goes. He wanted me dead so he could take the title from you because with no heir the title and its powers can be transferred to any sibling or first cousin." My father's face contorted to anger as he heard my explanation. "How are we going to deal with Claw? I know he doesn't have a Witch as an advantage anymore, but we know nothing about him and he could strike any moment, we wouldn't even see it coming."

"What about the Spirit? History has written about how powerful they were."

"Yeah, but Amira explained that they only became as powerful once they got together with their Witch counterpart. With Amira's magic gone, we don't know how it will effect Ky."

"I see." My father said as he collected his papers and put them inside his book. "Well, good thing we will have the family coming tomorrow. We will have an eye on them all until someone slips up. Claw is bound to make a mistake the more he gets closer to you."

"I don't know about this Dad, Claw seems smarter than we think."

"Son, we have time to think of a plan, we will get together later on tonight to talk more. Go outside and hang out with your friends, I know you need a break from these last few days."

I got up from my seat with a sigh, "Okay Dad, see you later."

I walked out of my father's study and headed outside where I had left everyone. When I stepped outside, I quickly spotted Amira standing with Ky, Savannah, Sophie, Jade and as they chatted. Amira was smiling happily as she spoke to them, her smile was beyond beautiful and I hoped to be able to keep her smiling like that for the rest of our lives. The Siren warriors were in small groups, sitting on the ground talking amongst themselves. I noticed that there were less people out her and then it hit me that there were no Nymphs around, and where were Devin and Seth? I walked up to the girls to ask where everyone had gone to. As I walked up to the group, Amira's back was towards me and as I got closer they didn't hear me come near, they were too focused on whatever Amira was talking about.

"Happy to see everyone getting along." Amira and the girls slightly jumped when they heard me. I quickly wrapped my arms around Amira's waist from behind and kissed her on the cheek.

"Geez, Logan. Don't do that." Savannah said while she caught her breath and dramatically put her hand against her chest.

"Sorry, Sav." I chuckled lowly, never releasing my hold on Amira.

"You guys are just too cute." Jade chimed in which made me chuckle again.

"Where is everyone else?" I finally asked them.

"The Nymphs went back home. Caly said if you ever need their help in the future, they will be just a call away." I nodded at Ky's words.

"Where are Devin and Seth."

"I don't know, Seth wanted to talk to Devin so there weren't any tension over drinking Jade's blood." Sophie said as she was looking around to see if she saw them anywhere.

"Devin can be a fool sometimes, but I still love him." Jade said with a grin plastered on her face and I laughed at that. At that moment we hear laughter and when we all look to see where it's coming from, it Devin and Seth laughing hysterically while carrying an arm full of snacks.

"Where have you two been?" I shouted out to them, making them both stand up straight and stopping their laughs like they were caught doing something they shouldn't. They both looked at each other quickly and when they look back at me, they bursted out in laughter again.

Watching my friends around me, my allies, and my beautiful girl... I felt blessed to have met them and knew we would get through whatever Claw had planned for us. But in this moment, hanging out in front of the Palace, I wanted to enjoy the short break of peace we had and become better friends before we had to deal with the battles that lied ahead.

I wished many times to go back to this moment, a moment where I thought nothing could break us... but how completely wrong was I.
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