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33: Family

I was in deep sleep when I felt something against my abdomen, but I ignored it and continued to sleep. Then I felt it again, felt something warm. I shifted slightly on my bed and the feeling was gone once again. As I was about to fall into a deep sleep again, I suddenly found myself feeling aroused. My eyes shot open and when I looked down at my body, I was met by those beautiful golden eyes.

"Fuck, Amira... wake me up like this everyday." I let out a low growl as Amira took in all of me into her mouth. I felt myself getting harder at the feeling of her warm and slick mouth moving up and down at a painfully slow pace. It was torture, but it felt great.

I grabbed the back of her head with one hand and gently gripped her hair, pulling her away. I sat up as my other hand grabbed underneath her arm, lifting her upward so that we were face to face. I kissed her hungrily while at the same time I lowered her onto my throbbing dick and thrusted into her soaking entrance. Amira placed her hands onto my shoulders and moved slowly up and down. When we broke the kiss I didn't like that she was still in my T-shirt, I wanted to see and feel her soft naked body. I stopped her movements and pulled the shirt over her head in one motion.

"You are fucking gorgeous, baby." Amira smiled at my words and placed her hands back on my shoulders.

"Make love to me, my handsome Prince." She whispered and started moving up and down my hardness. Another growl escaped me from hearing those words. One arm snaked around her waist, moving our bodies impossibly close, and my other hand grabbed onto her ass cheek to help her movements. My mouth quickly caught one of her breasts, sucking and licking her hard nipple. Amira let out various little moans and gasps as she used my shoulders to steady her trembling body. She was getting close so I decided to take full control to finally bring her to the orgasm she has been dying for since waking up. Amira didn't know what she had started by waking me up the way she did and I was going to show her so she never forgot.

Amira and I eventually made our way downstairs for breakfast after our early morning activity which continued on in the shower. We were among the last to make it down the steps to the foyer. Everyone was waiting for the arrival of my family as my father instructed us all to meet at the foyer before breakfast. The night before, my parents announced to everyone that we would be having a party in the large garden because we needed to enjoy ourselves after all we had been through. I didn't think it was a great idea because who knew when Claw decided to strike, he sent the Vampires to the Palace once before and it ended with Amira being taken. My mother ended up calling a few seamstresses to take body measurements of us all and we weren't going to find out what our outfits looked like until a couple of hours before the party.

"Ya finally decided to join us." Devin said with a smirk plastered on his face when he saw us. "Ya too." I turned around to see who else he was taking to which ended up being Seth and Sophie.

"Not our fault we know how to please our women, Wolfy." Seth responded with a smug look on his face while Devin's smirk fell. I snorted in amusement at Seth's words as Sophie softly slapped Seth on the chest, scolding him. Jade whispered something into Devin's ear which brought the smirk right back on his face.

"Good morning." Ky appeared with a huge smile on her face. "Are you all excited for the party?" Before anyone could answer, we were cut off by my father speaking and everyone, including the Siren warriors, turned their attention to him.

"Good morning, everyone. We will be having breakfast once everyone is here. I wan't you all to meet and get to know each other, now that we are allies." My father looked at the Sirens, "Thank you warriors for your help in protecting the future of this village and many more like it."

My father turned his attention in my direction and spoke, "Son, come here."

I had Amira's hand interlocked with mine and as I pulled her with me and took my first step towards my father, he spoke again. "Just you, Logan."

A low growl abrupted in my chest as I stared at my father in anger of him still not accepting Amira even after all she had done for us. My father didn't even react to my expression and just stared back with his usual grim look. I felt Amira's hand on my chest which made me quickly look down on her.

"It's okay, I'll be okay." My face softened at hearing her words. I wanted to fight this, but the look on Amira's angelic face told me she didn't want me to so I just nodded and let go of her hand.

I walked towards my father as he was already almost out the door to the front of the Palace where I assumed he wanted us to wait for the arrival of the family. It was silent for a couple of minutes until my mother appeared beside us.

"They're here." My mother said with a big smile on her face as a couple of black SUVs pulled in front of the Palace gates. We watched as one by one, members of my family stepped out of the SUVs. A raven haired, blue eyed woman stepped out of one of the cars with a guy who looked around my age and a little girl about ten years old. The trio walked up the steps and when they got to us, my mother spoke again.

"Amelia! I'm so happy you made it." My eyes widened a bit realizing she was my father's twin sister. My mother and Aunt Amelia embraced in a hug and kissed on the cheek.

"Aunt Amelia? Holy smokes." I grinned as I walked to her and wrapped my arms around her shoulders for a hug. When we pulled away, she held me by my elbows and looked at me up and down.

"My sweet nephew, I can't believe it's you." She moved her hands to my face and placed them on my cheeks. "You have grown to be a handsome young man." She held a warm smile as I had a lopsided smile on my face.

"I'm the handsome one in the family." The guy next to Aunt Amelia said after clearing his throat. I stepped back and looked at the guy.

"It can't be," I shook my head in amusement. "Fucking Caleb, I didn't even recognize you, man."

"Wuddup punkass." Caleb said before we both chuckled and gave each other a pound hug.

"Look at you sporting a beard, you fucking pretty boy." Caleb flashed a cocky smile at my comment, showing off his dimples.

"Don't hate cuz I still look better than you."

Caleb has the same color hair as his mother, sporting it short on the sides and long in the front. He has brown eyes, both of his ears are pierced, he's sporting a stubble beard, and has many tattoos all over his arms and hands. We're the same height at six feet and same build, lean and muscular.

"What's with all you boys and cursing all the time." Aunt Amelia scolded us.

"Sorry Mom."

"Sorry Aunt Amelia."

Caleb and I said in unison.

I looked down at the little girl attached to the side of my aunt. She had the same dark hair and blue eyes as my aunt and father.

"And who's this little one," I crouched down to her level.

"I'm Talia." She said as she let go of her mother. She wrapped her arms around my neck, lying her head on my shoulder.

"Mommy has told me so much about you." I smiled and looked up at Aunt Amelia.

"It's great that we finally got to meet," I said as I patted Talia on the back.

Talia removed herself and I stood up seeing the rest of my family standing behind my aunt and cousins. There were about thirty more relatives I had yet to meet and I couldn't recognize any of them. Being away for ten years, it wouldn't be hard to believe how much the memories of my family had faded.

"Where's Uncle Clark?" I asked Aunt Amelia.

"Oh.." Aunt Amelia frowned. "He passed shortly after you were gone."

"I'm sorry, Aunt Amelia. How did it happen?"

"A fire." Is all Aunt Amelia would say about it. "What got me through it was finding out I was pregnant with Talia." She caressed Talia's face.

"Okay, enough of the sad memories," my father intercepted. "Let's all go inside and settle in, breakfast is waiting." We all walked inside and most of them that were waiting in the foyer sat on the stairs. I guess they got tired of waiting for us. My father grabbed everyone's attention.

"We can head into the dinning area for breakfast and everyone can introduce each other. You have all morning to socialize and then it will be time for the garden party tonight as we all deserve a break from the madness of this world."

My father gestured to the dining room, "See you in the garden at 6PM sharp."

"Yo cuz, any of these ladies single?" Caleb rubbed his hands together as he watched everyone walk into the dinning room. I shook my head and chuckled, even as a kid Caleb was a cocky bastard, looks like that hasn't changed.

"Go grab a magazine, pretty boy." I responded and he chuckled at that, remembering what we did as kids. As werewolves, we mature faster than humans so at just nine years old, Caleb and I use to sneak magazines from our Uncle Leo's collection. Boy, did our dear uncle get furious when he found out we knew he had those types of magazines.

"Nah, I see a shorty who's looking a bit lonely." He said before he dashed into the dining room. When we entered the the dining room, our plates were already set up with food in front of every seat. Caleb was seated next to Savannah and as Amira and I took the seats next to Savannah's other side, we heard Caleb's comment.

"You like big wieners, I see."

Savannah choked on her water while I tried really hard to stop myself from laughing. Amira glared at me, I knew she wanted me to stop my cousin.

"Savannah can take care of herself." I whispered in Amira's ear.

"You are disgusting!" Savannah got up off her seat and walked out the room. Amira was going to get up to follow her, but I stopped her as I wanted her to finish eating.

"What?" Caleb shrugged as he looked at Amira and I.

"Oh man, that's classic." Devin burst out in laughter. "Who is this guy, Logan."

"Caleb, Devin. Devin, Caleb." I introduced. "That dirty mouthed guy is my cousin."

"Shit man, I never would had said that to a girl." Devin slammed his hand on the table, amused. "Good luck recovering from that one, bro." Caleb just smiled and began eating the sausages Savannah had left on her plate.

"Great wieners!" Everyone at the table silently laughed at Caleb's words.

I looked around to noticed that my father hadn't entered the dinning area with everyone else, my mother was seated at the other table with my Aunt Amelia and other relatives. I got up and told Amira that I would be back quickly, I really needed to talk to my father. I knew exactly where my father would be as it was always the place to find him. I knocked on the door of his study and walked in without waiting for a response. He was on the phone and from the sound of it, he was making final arrangements for the party. Once he hung up, not waiting for him to be the first to speak, I came right out with what I wanted to say.

"I need you to accept that Amira is the girl I've chosen to be with. I'm going to ask her to marry me."
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