Runaway Alpha

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34: Preparing

"Son..." My father deeply exhaled.

"No Dad, if I were truly your son you would be supportive of my decisions." I said exasperated.

"That is enough, Logan!" My father's voice rose and because he was the Alpha King, I gave into his command and shut my mouth.

"Take a seat and we will talk about this calmly," his voice still held power. Reluctantly, I did as was told and took one of the two seats in front of his desk.

"Now son... I want you to know that I will always support any decisions you make, but as my son you have a greater responsibility than just deciding what is best for you. You are the future Alpha King and as such, you have to think about what is best for our people and sometimes that might mean letting go of the things you love." My father spoke sympathetically, but held a stern tone.

"How do you know that Amira isn't what's best for our people? She's strong, compassionate, and a hell of a fighter. She is the true definition of a leader and would make a great Queen." I was not going to back down from fighting for Amira and let my father brush her off like if she was just a nobody that I would just let go easily.

"She is not meant to be Queen, she is not a Werewolf." My father harshly sighed but kept his tone calm. "She can't protect us against other creatures, goodness Logan, she's barely a Witch anymore."

"Stop it, Dad." My tone rose as I was becoming aggravated. "I will not let you insult Amira's abilities. If you can't accept her then I don't want to be Alpha King, let Uncle Leo have the throne, he is best suited for it anyways."

"You know as well as I do that can't happen...not as long as you're alive." I sighed at hearing his statement, almost felt defeated. My next words came out almost pleading as I got up from my seat.

"Please Dad... for once, can't I just finally be happy." My father got up from his seat and walked up to me, pulling me into a hug.

"I'm sorry, son." He pulled away from the hug and grabbed the sides of my head. "I want you to be happy." He placed his hands on my shoulders and his next statement shocked me. "So you know what we'll do... once we stop this Claw person, then we will all sit together and find a solution to how we can make it work with having a non-Werewolf on the throne."

"Are you serious, Dad?" I asked with hopefulness laced in my voice. My father patted me on the cheek as he chuckled.

"I'm serious, Logan." I pulled him into a hug of my own this time, ecstatic that I was going to be allowed to be with Amira once and for all. "I love you my son. I don't want to have to lose you from my life ever again."

"Thanks, Dad." I hugged him tighter, "I love you too." We pulled apart because I wanted to ask him something else but he spoke first.

"Now let's go eat breakfast." He headed for the door, but I stopped him before he reached it.

"Wait, Dad." He turned to look back at me. "Could you do me a favor?"

"Anything, son."

"Could you order a birthday cake?" He looked at me confused. "It's Amira's birthday in three days and since we're already having a party—"

"Of course, Logan." My father cut me off before finishing my sentence. "I'll make a call." We spent the next half hour planning how to incorporate Amira's birthday with the party tonight, forgetting all about breakfast.

Once we were done, I went to go look for Amira. I sniffed the air to follow her scent which lead me to a door of a room on the main level that was closer to the garden entrance. I heard chattering from behind the door, once I pushed it open, I was hit with the smell of various oils used in the spa. The spa room had a rectangular shaped jacuzzi pool, a small fire place, lounging chairs with pillows, and a couple of small rooms used for getting massages. All the women from my family and friends were getting spa treatments.

"Logan!" I was met with Amira's big smile as she was sitting on a lounge chair while one woman was working on one of her hands and another woman was working on her feet. Near Amira was Savannah and Jade, who were also being taken care of by other women. Some of the Siren warriors were also getting their nails done across from Amira. I looked around and saw Ky and Sophie in the jacuzzi with others and saw others in the massage areas.

"What's going on?" I stupidly asked as I walked closer to Amira.

"Your mom is the greatest, Logan." Jade excitedly interrupted and I rose an eyebrow in amusement.

"Yeah, she wanted us to look our best tonight so she called many estheticians and nail technicians." Savannah quickly spoke following Jade.

"It's actually pretty relaxing." Amira said to me.

"I'm definitely getting a message after I'm done with my nails." Savannah said to all of us.

"Logan, honey." My mother appeared with a towel wrapped around her body. "You shouldn't be here, this is ladies only time. Go with the men, they're in the bathhouse." My mother started shooing me as she gently pushed me with one hand as she gripped her towel with the other.

"Okay, okay, Mom, I'm going." I chuckled and walked back out the door, but not before stealing a quick peck on the lips from Amira.

I made it to the bathhouse which was located below the main floor. The Palace had another underground room besides the Dungeon. Before entering the bathhouse, there was a small area where the towels and other items were located. I undressed there and grabbed a fresh towel and a fresh pair of swim trunks. I walked into the bathhouse and quickly spotted Devin, Seth, and Caleb by the bar. The other twelve people in here were inside the three pools or at the bar. I realized that there were way more women in the Palace than men.

"Yo, Logan. Where you been?" Devin shouted as soon as he saw me.

"You missed all the fun." Caleb followed.

"Yeah, you missed Devin trying to take ten shots back to back." Seth sucked his teeth then smirked, "He choked after the third shot." Caleb and Seth both laughed.

"Ya put something in that shot, I just know it." Devin glared at Seth and Caleb as they laughed even harder.

We spent the next few hours in the bathhouse until it was time to prepare and get ready for the party. When it was almost time for the party, I was in the garden to make sure everything was set up for Amira's surprise.

"Everything's all set?" I asked the maids and butlers that were out in the garden. They all nodded and I smiled satisfied at the site before me.

The garden was perfect. It was a huge garden that had a couple of tall trees and different breeds of flowers planted everywhere. There was a small bonfire started in the middle of the garden. There was a garden arch at the entrance from the house to the garden. The arch was decorated in Lavender flowers just like Amira's scent and white Roses.

Fairy lights hung over and around the garden to illuminate the area. Tables and chairs were decorated in white fabric and the centerpieces were of more Lavender flowers. The round table that held Amira's lavender colored birthday cake was decorated with a Happy Birthday banner attached to the table cloth. Balloon letters that spelled Amira surrounded the table. The rest of the garden had the typical party stuff; DJ, temporary dance floor, buffet tables and a fully stocked bar.

Amira was definitely going to be blown away with this surprise and I couldn't wait.
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