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36: Party

As we made it past the garden arch, Savannah walked towards us with cake in hand. The cake had a few small candles lit up on it and two big candle sparklers.

"Surprise." I softly spoke in Amira's ear.

Amira's mouth hung slightly open and I was anxiously waiting for the reaction of whether she liked it or not. Amira turned to face me and her face hadn't changed. The next second her face changed to a glare and I almost feared for my life. That was until she flashed me a small smirk, then turned back to the cake as the sparklers died down.

"Make a wish, Meer." Savannah said as she brought the cake closer to Amira.

Amira blew out the candles and everyone cheered. They quickly went back to mingling amongst themselves as Savannah brought the cake back to the small round table. I quickly grabbed Amira, slamming her against my chest.

"You little tease," I spoke against the nook of her neck and let out a low playful growl.

"The look on your face. Are you scared of me, my Prince?" There was a mischievous glint in Amira's eyes as she spoke.

"Petrified." I whispered in her ear and gently nibbled on her earlobe.

"Oh c'mon you guys..." Devin came in between us and put his arms around our shoulders, "not the time to foreplay, it's time to party!"

"Come on Meer, lets get to dancing, the girls are waiting." Savannah pulled Amira to the dance floor where Ky, Jade, Sophie and a couple of Siren warriors were already dancing. Amira dramatically stretched her arm out for me to help her from being dragged, her silliness was amusing.

"You looking empty there, Pup." Seth placed a shot in my hand as he downed his own.

"Hell yeah!" Devin shouted as he watched Seth. "Game on!"

As soon as I took the shot we moved to the bar. Caleb was already there with a drink talking it up with a cute looking Siren warrior. He was touching her on the arm and she was giggling at his flirtatious words.

"Watch this," Devin whispered to me, "it's payback." Dev walked over to Caleb in a hyper manner.

"Yo Caleb, come take some shots with us."

"Can't you see I'm busy," Caleb said through his smile, trying to not act irritated. Caleb gestured to the girl with his eyes so Devin could take the hit. Devin acted shocked like he didn't know he was interrupting, but the next words out of Dev's mouth caught Seth and I by surprise and we tried to hold in our laughs.

"What will your baby momma think of this? She's at home taking care of your baby." The Siren didn't even say anything and just walked away from them after giving Caleb a disgusted look.

"What the fuck, dude, you just lost me my lay for tonight." Caleb was annoyed while Devin just busted out laughing. Seth and I walked closer to them.

"Don't worry pretty boy, you'll live." I teased Caleb as I patted him on the back.

"You never had a chance anyway." Devin said while chuckling. "Jade told me that these warriors live by a strict code when it comes to sex." Caleb just groaned as he took the shot Seth passed him.

"I know this isn't the time to ask, Pup, but what is the plan after tonight?" Seth asked and I knew what he was referring to.

"I'm not sure, man." I started whispering so only the four of them could hear me. "But be aware of any suspicious behavior from my family members, Claw has to be someone here tonight because there are no other relatives that have the knowledge Claw has about the royal secrets."

"Dude, I never even knew this secret." Caleb whispered and then took a swig of his drink.

"Yeah, we aren't told about it until the throne is passed down. Two weeks before I was taken, I eavesdropped on a family meeting, I remember someone arguing and brought it up." I shared this information with them not remembering who the person was that argued with my father.

"So if someone here is Claw, wouldn't he try to get Seth's brother out." Devin said in a whisper also.

"The dungeon is being heavily guarded tonight, no way he will get in there without setting off the alarms first." I reassured him. "So let's try to enjoy this party as much as we can and if Claw doesn't show his face tonight, then we'll begin setting up a plan in the morning." The three of them nodded and at that moment Jade and Sophie came towards us and grabbed Devin and Seth.

"Come on Devy, I want to dance with you." Jade pulled on Devin's arm and he swiftly lifted her up into his arms like a bride.

"You know what dancing leads to, right!" Devin growled at Jade and she began to giggle as he ran to the dance floor.

"You know, my love, we've never danced before." Sophie had her hands around Seth's neck and Seth smirked.

"Anything with you, Strawberries." Seth and Sophie left to dance floor as well.

I watched as Amira passed Seth and Sophie and came straight towards me. I smiled instantly, excited to hold her again. I still can't explain what about Amira had made me fall for her in such a small amount of time, but I wasn't looking for an explanation. All I knew was that I was going to cherish and love this woman for the rest of our lives and then some.

"Finally I'm free of them." Amira said breathlessly and she wrapped her arms around my waist. "Now I'm glad I never went clubbing with them."

"You and me both." I said chuckling. I never liked going to clubs or even dancing, Dev was the one to always drag me to places like that.

"Well I need a dance partner." Caleb said and then finished the rest of his drink. At the moment Savannah and Ky were headed our way.

"Hey Kitten, come have a drink with me." Caleb said as he locked eyes with Savannah.

"I rather die of thirst." Savannah gave him a mocked smile and pulled Ky to walked the other end of the bar.

"Ain't she magnificent." Caleb happily sighed with a grin plastered on his face and decided to shoot his shot by going over to Savannah and Ky. I shook my head in amusement at what just happened in a span of a minute.

"Your cousin really is... something." Amira said and I chuckled as I grabbed her hands together.

"I wouldn't worry about him." I brought her hands to my lips and kissed them. "I'm concern about you and I." I felt my eyes heat up with lust.

"Oh... I guess we can sneak off somewhere for a few minutes." Amira's said seductively as she passed her hand through the ends of my hair and I could see the lust in her eyes. "See you inside," she whispered right before she passed her hands against my chest and walked off into the Palace.

I quickly followed her, looking around that no one was paying attention to us. Once I made it inside, I followed Amira's scent to the Spa room. I pushed open the door and Amira was sitting with her legs crossed on the same seat I found her in the morning doing her nails.

"You ready, my Prince." Amira softly said and a growl abrupted in my chest. I was going to take her quickly and hard, careful not to ruin her dress.

"With you?... Always." I said as I walked towards her while I unbuckled the belt from my pants.

After our quickie, we fixed our outfits to head back to the garden.

"Come, I have something I want to show you." I reached out my hand to help Amira off the chair and she quickly grabbed onto it with a huge smile on her face.

I lead her back out to the garden and away from the party as I wanted to lead her to the maze that held the gazebo in the center of it. As we made in towards the entrance which had an old gate, the gate was opened. I didn't think anything of the gate being wide open so I continued leading Amira through the entrance. About four steps into the maze, I started hearing faint noises and halted Amira and I to a stop. I knew Amira didn't hear the sound because she gave me a confused look. I sniffed the air and could smell a familiar scent, it was Caleb's. Did pretty boy get drunk and drag himself in here? I followed his scent, walking slowly a couple of feet more with Amira and the noise sounded like Caleb was groaning low. I moved a tall shrub of grass out of our way and came upon a scene that made Amira squeal. We found Caleb on his knees with his head between a pair of legs that hung over his shoulder. The pair of legs belonged to Savannah. She had her back against a tree as her dress rode up to her hips and the sound wasn't coming from Caleb, it was Savannah's low moans. As soon as Savannah heard Amira squeal, her head shot up while Caleb didn't care to stop. He heard us too.

"Oh my goodness!" Savannah said and she started to squirm herself off of Caleb.

"Aw, come on, Kitten. I wasn't done." Caleb said as he let go of Savannah. Savannah started pulling her dress down and at the same time started smacking Caleb against his chest as he tried to coax her to continue this somewhere else. Savannah stormed past us, hiding her face. I guess she was embarrassed at getting caught.

"Thanks a lot guys." Caleb sarcastically said to us as he went after Savannah.

As soon as they were both gone, Amira started laughing hysterically.

"I did not expect that tonight." She said through laughter. "She was up on a tree, he was on his knees." I began to laugh with Amira as her laughter was just too contagious.

"Okay, okay, I still have something to show you." I said through my laughter and I grabbed her hand, pulling her as her laughter died down.

As we reached the center of the maze, there stood a gazebo. The gazebo was illuminated by fairy lights, small candles all around, and red rose petals were scattered around the wooden floor.

"Didn't know you were the romantic type," Amira teased.

"I didn't know either." I returned a smirk.

Amira walked into the gazebo and I followed. She looked around and crossed her arms as she turned to stare at me, the teasing smirk never leaving her face. "You did good, Alpha Prince."

A growl erupted within me and in one strong pull, Amira slammed into me, letting out a yelp. I grabbed her face between my big hands.

"You just love getting me started." I smashed my lips onto hers, sucking on her bottom lip.

Amira let out a moan and I darted my tongue into her mouth. Tasting her sweetness, I reluctantly pulled away. Amira steadied herself by holding onto my wrists while I was still holding her face between my hands. I leaned my forehead against hers and whispered.

"But there's something I want to ask you first."
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