Runaway Alpha

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38: Teamwork

With fists clenched, I turned around to come face to face with Claw. He was wearing a long black cape like a Vampire in those bad old Dracula movies. He also wore a black masked that covered his entire face, only being able to see his mouth and chin. I was seething with anger at the fact that he dared to ruin this gathering. I quickly glanced in the direction where I saw my father and Claw arguing. My father was surrounded by five Vamps, but none were attacking. It seemed they were just there to hold my father off so that Claw was able to get to me. We were outnumbered by a lot of them. I don't know how Claw, a Werewolf, had so much influence over this many Vampires.

"You failed to kill me when I was a child and you'll fail yet again." My canines had begun to elongate as I was ready to face off with Claw and finally unmask him. One corner of Claw's mouth pulled up in a small smirk, but right before any of us could do anything, Claw was tackled by a black wolf with small patches of grey fur. Claw fell to the ground on his back while the black wolf held him down with it's paws. Claw gave a short laugh as he stared up at the wolf.

"Ah, its so good of you to join us Leonardo." Claw said to the black wolf and he quickly flung the black wolf off of him. I couldn't believe how easily Claw removed Uncle Leo from him.

At that moment, a Vampire came sneaking up near me and I quickly shifted before it was able to reach me. I bit down on the side of a Vampire's torso. As it screamed, I yanked his flesh off and once he was on the ground, I dug my claw in its throat. I howled for a short moment and four more Vamps came towards me. I let out a vicious growl and at once, the four of them came at me. Wildly, I tried taking a bite at them, but they were too quick. I was punched and stabbed by their claws multiple times. My claws had caught them multiple times also, but these Vamps were healing at a speed that was faster than they normally healed.

A dark brown wolf came crashing into two of the Vamps as they had me trapped in a circle. Then a grey wolf came slamming into the other two Vamps. It was Caleb and Devin. I recovered quickly from my injuries and went closer to Seth and Cairo. Cairo had Seth on the ground, punching at his face, fist after fist. I ran towards Cairo to tackle him off Seth, but he saw me coming. He dodged my tackle and this gave Seth the chance to get the upper hand.

Trying to come to a stop, I skidded towards some Sirens as they were fighting off other Vampires. I saw Jade holding her own in her fight with a vamp, but noticed another Vamp coming from behind her. I quickly ran to the Vamp and bit on his head, removing it from its body in one swift move.

From the corner of my eye, I spotted Ky running towards us and shape shifted into a wolf. Not a werewolf, a regular wolf. Ky let out a vicious bark and balls of black smoke came shooting out her mouth and hit the Vamps. On any other given day the balls of smoke would've instantly killed the vamps, but this time it didn't. I knew this had to do with the weakened link because of the loss of Amira's magic. The balls of smoke temporarily injured the Vamps, giving the Sirens enough time to attack and finish them off. With Ky helping the Sirens, I quickly turned away to get back to Claw.

As I was running, I glanced over for a moment to see if Amira was still okay. Sophie and Savannah were keeping close to her and using fire balls to defend themselves against the Vamps. Their fire balls weren't as strong as Amira's once were. When a Vamp got past Sophie and Savannah, Amira would fight them off with a sword that was in flames. I felt pride in knowing that this badass of woman was mine.

I ran towards the direction where I last saw Uncle Leo and Claw, but they were no where to be found. I spotted Seth and Cairo while Devin and Caleb were standing between them.

"You damn pups, I don't need your help!" Seth yelled at them. "I can handle my own brother!"

"Oh, but dear brother, it will be even more satisfying killing you all by my hands," Cairo mocked. "But too bad I only have time to kill you, brother." Cairo said right before he finger whistled.

A huge Vampire appeared next to Cairo in an instant. I had never seen a Vampire that bulky, big, and physically dangerous.

"Take care of the hairballs, Ambrose." Cairo ordered the bulky Vampire.

I snarled aggressively at Ambrose. Devin, Caleb and I began circling Ambrose as he got near us. I could hear Seth and Cairo begin to fight again. Caleb attacked Ambrose first and was quickly taken down with a powerful punch. Caleb whimpered, but seemed to be okay. Devin and I ran towards Ambrose together and he dodged both of our attacks.

Devin and I ran towards Ambrose again. He dodged me and quickly caught hold of Devin by the neck. I had to act quickly. I lunged at Ambrose, but he quickly slammed his massive arm across my chest. I landed on my side with a loud thud on the ground. Trying to get up as quickly as I could, I turned just in time to see Savannah shoot fireballs at Ambrose. The fireballs landed on his arm and he let go of Devin.

Savannah kept shooting fireballs at Ambrose's chest. With this distraction, I ran towards Ambrose, aiming for his legs. Caleb came running next to me and we both bit into each of his legs. Ambrose grunted as our teeth sunk into him.

Jade came out of nowhere and because she was a Siren, she had the power of a Siren, Jade put her arms around Ambrose's neck and had him in a choke hold. Ambrose didn't falter as he grabbed onto Jade's arm, trying to pry her away. A Siren warrior appeared and grabbed onto Ambrose's arm that was on Jade. Devin bit onto Ambrose's other arm as soon as he recovered.

It was difficult trying to kill Ambrose. His body felt like it was made out of steel. As I was trying to think of a way we could kill him, a sword was suddenly pierced into his chest. Ambrose screamed and I looked up to see Amira hanging onto the sword. She tried to push it deeper into his chest, but she wasn't strong enough.

"Ky, I need help!" Amira yelled as she grunted.

Ky came seconds later in the form of her black smoke and surrounded Amira. Amira began to glow red and I noticed how the sword was starting to move deeper into Ambrose's chest. Ambrose let out another yell as he was finally meeting his end. One final push and Ambrose's body went limp and we all released our hold on him. Amira stopped glowing and Ky went back inside the ring on Amira's finger.

"Thank you Ky, rest." I heard Amira whisper. I think Ky had exhausted herself for the first time since the link weakened. More Vampires came running towards us. Devin, Caleb, Jade and the Siren warrior intercepted.

"SETH!" I heard Sophie yell.

I watched as a Vampire caught Sophie by her leg as she was trying to defend Seth from being attacked by other Vampires while he fought Cairo. Seth instantly tried to go to Sophie's aid, but was stopped by Cairo. Out of nowhere came a white wolf with patches of grey spots all along her face and legs, ripping the Vamp off of Sophie with her muzzle and slammed the Vamp to the ground. The wolf was my mother and she bite into the Vamp's neck, killing him.

I was already running towards Cairo right after nudging Amira to stay close to Savannah. I knew Cairo would take advantage of Seth's distraction and so I tackled Cairo away from Seth. Cairo and I went tumbling and rolling on the ground. Once we came to a stop, we quickly got up and started circling each other.

"You don't know when to mind your business, hairball!" Cairo hissed. "I was going to save you for the Boss, but I guess I'll be the one to kill you!"

I looked around and saw that everyone was now occupied with defending themselves from one Vampire or another. I snarled at Cairo and instantly, we collided with each other. We dodged each other's attacks and as soon as I clawed Cairo against his chest, I felt someone on my back and a sharp pain under my arms in what would be considered my armpits if I wasn't in wolf form. This wasn't good.
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