Runaway Alpha

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3: Turpis

Ring! Ring! Ring!

I reached for my phone that was inside my pant's pocket, on the floor near the bed. I pressed the phone to my ear after finding it.

"Yeah?" My voice sounded half asleep.

"Yo bro, where did you go?" Devin's voice was the one at the other end of the phone.

"We'll head back now." I hung up right away.

I passed my hand across my forehead and through my hair. Lia was sleeping on me with her hand against my chest and one leg over mine. I nudged her gently to wake her up.

"Hey. Wake up. We gotta go." I whispered.

She groans softly. "One more minute."

I propped myself on my elbows to move her off. "Dev and Jade just called." I looked at the time on my phone. "Get dressed, it's already six."

I couldn't believe it was six already, we knocked out for a couple of hours after fucking. I didn't plan on hooking up with anyone, but Lia was a freak of a human. After the BJ, we went two rounds of hot and wild sex. The condoms I used were thrown in the waste basket near her bed. We quickly got dressed after I told Lia the time. We made in back to Jade's apartment ten minutes after the call.

"You dog." Devin whispered to me while we sat on the sofa as we waited for the girls to finish reapplying their makeup.

"Don't you start," I warned Devin.

"It's like girls just gravitate towards you." He had his stupid grin plastered on his face and it wasn't going away anytime soon.

"I don't sleep with all of them," I defended.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Devin rolled his eyes as he teased. "Mr. Righteous over here," he patted me on the back.

"Ready to go!" Jade said excitedly when she entered the room.

By the time we made it to the club it was seven-thirty. The club was called Turpis. Yeah, horrible name, just like Devin's shirt.

"Are you sure this is the place?" I asked Devin with a grimace.

"Bro, relax. It'll be great."

"Yeah, it's the hottest club around." Jade chimed in.

We didn't have to wait in line because Jade knew the bouncer, apparently he was a cousin of hers. As we stepped inside, the music was blasting and I could see the flashes on the neon lights. We passed through the long hallway that led to the main area. The club was bigger than what it appeared from the outside. It had six bar stations located along the walls and on the ceiling hung a large crystal chandelier. The DJ was playing EDM music.

"Wooo!" Jade yelled as she dragged Devin to the dance floor. I wasn't one to dance so I decided to head to the bar.

"Imma go grab a drink," I shouted at Lia. She grabbed my forearm, seeming to not want to get sucked into the crowd of people.

"Let me get your house beer," I grabbed the female bartender's attention as soon as we reached the bar. I looked down at Lia and asked what she wanted. "And a Margarita."

I pulled out the cash to pay and took a sip of beer that was placed in front of me. I must've put a face as I looked around, for Lia to asked the following question.

"You don't like clubs, do you?"

"That obvious, huh?" I took another sip of my beer.

Lia nodded with a huge smile on her face. I had to admit, she was growing on me, but I knew I probably wasn't going to see her again after this night. I knew it even more when someone came over to us and asked her to dance. The bartender had just finished making her drink.

"Hold my drink, will ya," she asked before she left to dance with the stranger.

I basically stood the next couple of hours sitting at the bar drinking. I didn't mind it one bit, the female bartender kept chatting away, keeping me company.

"Someone is looking at you pretty hard," the bartender said as she nodded behind me.

I turned around, low and behold, Stella was staring at me a few feet away. How the fuck was she here? Her smile was huge as she almost ran towards me.

"How are you even here?" I asked her once she was got to me, shouting over the music.

"I snuck out, of course. I broke into Scratch's office and found where he'd written where you'd go." She quickly wrapped her arms around my torso and looked up at me. "Aren't you glad I came?"

Before I could say anything, there was suddenly an earth shattering scream. The music died down instantly. There were a couple of women screaming as they ran out of the restroom. I sniffed the air and I smelled blood. That's when Jade came stumbling out of the restroom, holding her neck as blood ran down her body. She was about to drop to the floor when Devin appeared in front of her and caught her.

"Oh.Em.Gee." Stella said right before I ran towards Devin while he held on to Jade.

"What the hell happened?"

Devin didn't answer as he was still stunned by seeing Jade bleeding out. I quickly inspected her neck and I couldn't mistake it, it was a Vampire bite by the shape of the puncture. I sniffed the air trying to find a scent that didn't belong. I had never encountered a Vamp before, but from what I learned at Stronghold, they have a metallic smell to them like copper alloys. Basically, these Vamps smelt like pennies.

I caught the scent and followed it to a back exit, leading to an alleyway. I'm a fast runner even without shifting into my wolf, so I got to the alley in seconds.

"Hey, lil' Prince." I quickly turned around to face the figure that snuck up behind me.

A fucking vampire!

"That girl tasted so sweet." He licked his lips as he taunted. "I didn't expect to find one of them. But now that that's over, I'm actually here for you."

"What the fuck you want? You don't want to piss me the fuck off!" I threatened, but he just kept smiling with that stupid smirk of his.

"Is that so?" He quickly ran towards me and slammed me against the wall while he tried to take a bit at me.

I punched him in the gut repeatedly while I held his face back with my other hand. The Vamp pulled away, quickly jumped in the air, and came crashing down with a punch to my face.

This bastard was not going to get one over me again. I didn't want to shift or else I would be without clothes when I was done killing the prick. There was a metal pipe near the dumpster I tumbled towards and I grabbed it.

The Vamp laughed, obviously pleased with himself, but the mistake he did was letting me recover. I tackled the fucking blood sucker in the middle of his laughing fest. I was on top of him and that's when I dove the pipe as hard and deep as I could into his chest, to it's heart. His blood squirted all over me. I had to hide the body before anyone saw it. I decided to put the Vamp's corpse in the dumpster for the meantime.

I ran back inside the club and found Devin on the floor, cradling Jade in his arms. Lia was kneeling while holding on to Jade's hand. She was crying at seeing her friend hurt.

"Dev!" I shouted as I ran near them. "Is she okay?"

Devin shook his head, "She's gone." I knelt down on one knee, grabbed Jade's wrist and I couldn't find a pulse. "She was just going to the bathroom."

I gently grabbed Devin by the side of his head with both hands.

"Look at me Dev." I could see the sadness in his eyes and it hurt watching him like that. "We gotta call Coach."

Only Ian Scratch could help us in this situation.
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