Runaway Alpha

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40: Unmasked

My eyes widened when I stared down at his burnt face. Even through the burns and heavy rain drops that had begun to fall, I could see the claw mark going across his right eye. The claw mark was from a time he battled along side my father and uncle to go against a group of Vampires that were attacking a human town.

Claw was none other than Uncle Clark; Aunt Amelia's dead husband, father of Caleb and Talia. Vicious growls erupted from my father and Uncle Leo, breaking me from my stunned moment.

"What, not happy to see me?" Claw was smirking as he mocked. His wings sprung open from underneath him and the sharp end of each wing stabbed against my father and Uncle Leo's side. They both howled in pain, releasing their hold on Claw which Claw took as an opportunity to remove his wings from them and lifted himself into the air.

"You son of bitch!" I heard my father shout at Claw. I turned to see that my father and Uncle Leo had shifted back from their wolf form.

"How could you do this to family!" Uncle Leo shouted which caused Claw to laugh menacingly.

"I did this for my family. Amelia and I should had been Alpha King and Queen, she is the first born."

"It's the first born son," my father emphasized.

"And that's why I will get ride of you, once I get rid of that hairball of yours first." Claw spoke with calmness in his voice as he stared at me. I hadn't realized that I hadn't moved from my spot until his eyes fell on me and that's when the shock left and anger build up inside me once more.

I let out a vicious growl and then glanced back at Amira's lifeless body on the wet ground. I whimper escaped me, but I was past the point of anger that all I could think about was killing Claw for taking Amira away from me.

Uncle Leo, my father, and I ran towards Claw in unison and Claw was quick as he moved faster than us with those wings. Claw made sure he didn't use the silver on the glove because he wanted to kill me first before he killed any of them. I would use myself as a distraction for Claw to allow my father and Uncle Leo to attack him. My father and Uncle Leo kept getting hit by Claw's punches, yet neither of them could get a hit on him. We tried to catch Claw as he used his wings to fly a couple of feet off the ground. Uncle Leo succeeded in landing on Claw's back as he flew higher into the storm. Claw grabbed onto Uncle Leo and flew downwards at an incredible speed, crashing to the ground on top of Uncle Leo.

Uncle Leo didn't move.

My father took that moment to strike towards Claw. He was tackled down by three Vamps before he could reach Claw, but I was able to make it pass the Vamps trying to stop me. I had my muzzle open and ready to rip his neck off, but Claw quickly grabbed me by my leg. He flipped me over with incredible strength, slamming me on my back onto the ground. He pinned me down by the throat with one hand and lifted up his other hand which had the gloved laced in silver, ready to strike my in the chest. I had to think quick. I shifted back into my human form, holding back Claw's hand with my now two human hands.

"I have waited for this moment for ten years," Claw said through clenched teeth.

Then he used the sharp end of his wings and stabbed me against both shoulders. I screamed in pain and already knew my arms were going to give out on me any second. As rain fell on my face, I knew this was it, this was how I was going to die. And in the moment I actually felt relieved because I was going to be with Amira again. This thought brought a small smile on my face as I was going to see Amira's smiling face, hear her soft giggles, and smell her lavender aroma once again.

I loosened my grip from Claw's hand and just as I thought he was going to plunge his claw into my chest, black smoke surrounded him. Claw pulled away from me and backed away trying to use his wings to blow the smoke away, but the smoke kept surrounding him. Claw began to cough and flew up in the air to escape the smoke, managing to shout one last word.


Claw flew higher into the air, finally escaping the black smoke and disappeared into the night sky. All the Vampires that were alive, did just that, retreat. Once they were all gone, the garden was deathly quiet as all the wolves shift back into their human form and the Siren warriors slumped to the ground in exhaustion. I stared at the smoke as it solidified into Ky and she landed on the ground with a thud as she lied there lifelessly next to Amira. The rain suddenly stopped falling.

I threw my head back on the ground and lied their while I stared at Amira. I wasn't going to see her again, I was going to continue in this miserable life. I felt just as lifeless as she was, numb to the pain that was shooting all over my body and my heart. I closed my eyes, trying to feel some type of emotion, but I felt nothing.

"Logan!" I heard Devin shout and I heard his footsteps as he ran towards me.

"You okay, bro?" Dev asked as he kneeled next to me.

"She's... gone." I whispered without opening my eyes.

"AMIRA!" I heard Savannah's grief stricken scream.

I quickly opened my eyes and saw Savannah grabbing onto Amira's dress, shaking her. I heard Savannah chanting, but whatever she was trying to do didn't seem to be working as she let out sounds of frustration.

"Come on, bro, you gotta get up." Devin pulled me by my now healed shoulders to a sitting position.

"Check on Ky," I choked out an order to Devin. Devin ran to Ky while I slowly got up off the ground and moved even slower towards them.

"She's still alive!" Devin shouted.

I dropped to my knees next to a sobbing Savannah who had her head rested on Amira's chest. I placed my hand on Savannah's wet shoulder.

"She can't be gone," Savannah whispered. Then she snapped her head up and looked at me with puffy red eyes.

"It's all your fault," she pushed my hand off her shoulder.

"I'm so sorry, Savannah." I whispered as I looked down at my hands.

"Savannah chill," Devin intercepted.

Seth appeared next to us as he carried Sophie in his arms. It looked like Sophie suffered an injury on her leg from when the Vamp grabbed her.

"Oh no!" Sophie shrieked as she saw Amira and then hid her face into Seth's neck.

"Logan! Son! Where are you?" My father shouted as he came running, he was wearing shorts now. My mother followed right behind him, wearing an oversized shirt and was carrying more clothes in her hands. As they got closer, my mother gasped when she saw Amira and covered her face with the clothes. My mother began to sob and my father pulled her into a hug to calm her.

"Where did that bastard go?" My father asked as his face displayed anger.

Before I could answer, a loud groan interrupted.

"Leonardo!" My father shouted and ran to his brother.

"Sandra, hand me a trouser." My mother went running towards my father before handing Devin and I a pair of shorts.

"We should all go inside and get everyone checked out for injuries." I looked up at everyone around me as I put on the shorts and then I turned to Savannah.

"Let me take her." Savannah nodded slowly and caressed Amira's hair before I lifted her up onto my arms.

I stared at Amira's peaceful face as I slowly walked towards the Palace entrance where the lavender covered archway stood. Looking at her, I imagined she was asleep instead. Her hair was drenched from the rain and her face cleared of dirt and blood. Her face was so perfect and her dress was mostly still intact, aside from the tears where Claw had sunk his claw. She had a large slit on the side of the dress which she must've created in order to fight in it. Her blood wasn't visible as it blended with the crimson color of her dress.

I pulled her closer against my chest and placed a chaste kiss on her lips. This was the last kiss that I would give to any woman in this lifetime. No one could or would every replace Amira.

I was going to find a way to kill Claw, even if it killed me in the process.
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