Runaway Alpha

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43: Key

"Caleb, come here boy." My father said as Uncle Leo and I pulled away from our hug. Aunt Amelia nudged Caleb to move towards him and he did so reluctantly. My father placed his hand on Caleb's shoulders and spoke calmly but sternly.

"I know this is shocking news for you, but listen here, you will not do such a foolish thing as to go after your father. You will head to your room and once you've had a clear head after a night's sleep, we will all talk in the morning. Do you understand?"

I could see the scowl on Caleb's face forming as he wanted to argue and that caused the anger in me to keep building. Aunt Amelia noticed this as well and spoke up, but her voice was hoarse from crying.

"Please sweetie, listen to your uncle." Caleb looked at his mother and his face softened. He nodded in agreement and hugged his mother. Watching them like that, I would've felt empathy for them, but my anger didn't want to dissipate. I didn't care for anything, but to find Claw and kill him. I stormed out of the study and I heard my mother call after me. I didn't stop, just kept walking to I don't know where. I just wanted to get away from here as this anger needed letting out.


I turned towards the direction where the low voice came from. To my surprise, it was Seth. I had thought he left with the Witches. In an instant, I had my hand against his throat and pinned him against the wall.

"Where did they go?" I growled at him and he didn't even flinch. For a Vampire, I always found it interesting that Seth was always calm and care-free about any situation.

"Chill Pup, I'm not apart of what they did. I'm a Vampire, remember." I growled at his nickname for me.

"But you know where they went," I snarled.

"Can you let me go first, then we talk." I removed my hand from his throat and signaled for him to continue talking.

"They went to their sacred land. You know, the place that can only be found and seen by Witches." I punched a hole on the wall next to Seth's head. He didn't flinch, but I didn't do that to scare him, my anger was getting the best of me. Seth's face didn't have the smirk he always wore as he spoke again.

"Look, Logan. I know this won't bring her back, but when I was fighting Cairo, this fell out of his pocket." Seth pulled out of his pocket a small octagonal shaped box. The small box had different ancient symbols engraved around it and one symbol that was the largest of them all was of a full moon.

"What is this?" I asked as Seth handed me the object.

"I don't know, but it looks ancient."

I stared at the object and analyzed it for a few seconds, but Seth interrupted as he placed a hand on my shoulder and sighed.

"We'll figure this out, Pup. I'm gonna go get some sleep, I suggest you do too 'cause you look like shit." Seth's playful smirk finally made its appearance and I nodded without saying a word. Seth walked away and I put the small box in my pocket as I walked towards my bedroom.

Devin was waiting outside of my bedroom door when I got there. He was leaning on the door and looking down at the floor as it seemed he was lost in thought. He quickly looked up as he heard me approaching.

"I guess it didn't go too good, I can still feel your anger." Devin's voice was low and stared at me as he waited for my reaction.

"I just want to find him and kill him," I said in almost a whisper and growled.

"I want to find him too, we all do, but we need to be thinking clear headed and have a plan." Devin moved from the door and continued talking. "Look Logan, why don't we do this. Some of the Sirens were badly injured so Jade wants to leave in the morning and make sure they all get back home safe. Why don't you come with us for a couple of days, it would do you some good. You'll have somewhere quiet and away from here to grieve, away from being the Alpha Prince and just be Logan." Devin gave me a sad smile and I felt grateful to have him in my life. I knew what Devin said was the logical thing to do, but I was not in the right state of mind.

"It's alright Dev, I'll be good here. Go and be with your girl, cherish every minute you have with her now." I said while trying to keep my tone sincere because I was being sincere.

"Just think about it, okay? We'll leave tomorrow." Devin insisted and I nodded.

"I'll think about it." Devin nodded with a tight lipped smile, satisfied with me response and then headed to his room.

I opened the door to my room and walked in. As I stepped in, I stopped in my tracks once I looked over at my empty bed. I could still smell her sweet scent of lavender and vanilla. I closed my eyes and replayed the times Amira and I had spent together. The anger subsided a little, but didn't completely go away. It felt like I was with Amira for a life time, when only it was a few days.

Damn! How could that short amount of time feel so long and make my life feel so full and whole.

I opened my eyes and looked at my bed where Amira's torn up, wet and bloody dress lied. That's when I lost it.

I shifted into my wolf form right there in the room, shredding my clothes off. I started breaking everything in sight. The dressers, the lamps, the desk, the chair, the bed... everything. When there was nothing left to destroy, I shifted back to my skin. I sat at the edge of the torn mattress and dragged my hands slowly down my face. That when I saw the small box Seth had given me. The box was on the floor next my shredded shorts and for a short second I saw a white light come from it. I thought I was seeing things, but it lit up again. I slowly crept up towards the box, being cautious that it wouldn't harm me. I reached out and touched it quickly. Nothing happened so I grabbed it and placed it on my palm to analyze it. I sat down on the floor, flipping and turning the small box. Suddenly the box lit up again, but this time the light didn't leave. The light was coming from in between the lines going around the box, making the box look like it could separate. I held the bottom of it with one hand and twisted the top of it with the other. The box sprouted open, taking the shape of four crescent moons. When I looked into the opening, there was a key inside it. The key was made of the same metal as the box, both old and rusted. There were two letters engraved on the shank of the key: KD.

Where did this key belong?

What would I find?

What did K and D stand for?

I spent the next hour just staring at the key like if the answers to my questions were just going to appear. I finally felt my eyes become heavy. I pulled the mattress flat on the floor, not caring that it was ruined. I just needed sleep, but I wasn't sure if I would be able to. I grabbed Amira's torn dress and inhaled her scent, her scent was stronger than her blood which helped me fall asleep in seconds.

I don't know how many hours passed when I woke up with a start, but all I knew was that I wanted to hunt and kill. Hunt and kill every last creature that ever brought pain upon others. My body moved on it's own accord as I pulled on some clothes, packed my duffle bag, and left the Palace without anyone noticing. I swore to myself that I would never look back, not until I killed every last Vampire and than some.

I'm coming for you, Claw!
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