Runaway Alpha

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Ky's POV

Three days later...

The sound of thunder was heard right on time. It felt the same as it did twenty years ago, the day I was reborn.

This night was now her turn to be reborn...

The night was cold and bright. The air in the forest smelt of damp moss as I walked on the needle-covered path. The smell alone would help anyone develop an interest and love for all living things. I could feel nature already creating new life. This land was beautiful.

I made it to the entrance of the dark cave, I haven't been here since my first lifetime. The centuries old cave where all Witches were put for their final resting place.

Three days ago, I watched as the Alpha Prince fled from the Palace. I knew what he was planning to do and I had to let him do it. It was destined that he go on this path, as devastating as it will be for him. What I didn't see in my prophecies was this moment, the start of his second chance.

For the past three days I've been researching on why and how I received Amira's magic once she died. Spirits usually die once their Witch does. I have never heard of a Spirit ever surviving their Witch's death. That was what led me to my research as I guessed that with the added connection she and I shared, that was the cause of me still being alive. I had always planned on telling Amira about our connection one day, but I was afraid to. Afraid to go back to my memories and have to relive my past life through her questions.

I took one deep breath before entering the cave. I didn't need to breathe before, but once I received Amira's magic, I felt the oxygen enter my body and I never felt more alive during the last twenty years.

I stepped foot right into the cave and descended my way through the dark space. Turning left and right multiple times, it never seized to amaze me every time I've come to the cave. The markings and symbols on the stone walls. The unearthly beauty in which the cave glows due to the limited colorful plant life. After about ten minutes of traveling through the cave, I finally found it.

Her resting place.

As I approached, I used magic to push open the stoned tomb covering. There lied her body just like how Snow White was when the Evil Queen put her under the sleeping spell. She was just like Snow White, 'lips red as a rose, hair black as ebony, and skin white as snow'.

But she wasn't sleeping and no Prince was coming to wake her.

I preserved her body since the day of her death, but it was time she returned to this world.

"It's time you came back to us," I whispered to her.

I placed my hands against her chest and recited the spell to transfer the magic I gained from Amira and transfer it into her. Once all the magic was transferred, I recited another spell. This spell would use up the magic in her and awaken her other half.

"Let your beast take over," I whispered to her again once the spell was completed.

I watched her for a few minutes until finally, her eyes started to flutter open.

A smile crept up on my face as I stared at her big and bright eyes.

"Happy Twentieth Birthday."
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