Runaway Alpha

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4: History

I felt a bright light hitting against my face. I slowly opened my eyes and was blinded by the light. I got off my bed and walked towards the light coming from my opened bedroom door. As I reached the door, I suddenly felt like I was about to be sucked into the light. I yelled once I was forcefully pulled into the vortex.

I went flying through and in seconds, I landed flat on the hard ground. I pulled myself up and as I looked around, it looked like I was in a forest. I fixed myself and started walking towards a small light up ahead, through the trees. The light vanished once I got close to the clearing where it was coming from. There stood a hooded figure standing at the edge of the cliff.


The figure only slightly moved their head towards me. I couldn't see who it was.

"Hi Logan," the cloaked figure whispered, bearing a sultry female voice.

"Who are you and how did I get here?" My voice came out rugged as I demanded answers.

"A portal." She said as she fully turned to face me. And there I had my answer of who she was. Those golden eyes stared at me from under her hood.

"Amira?" I whispered. I couldn't believe it was her. The girl with the golden eyes that had never left my thoughts. She said we would meet again, but after so many years, I thought it would never happen.

"Yes, it's me." She dropped down her hood and my jaw practically dropped off my face. I had never seen someone so beautiful. My trance was interrupted when she spoke.

"I saw what happened tonight."

"You were there? I knew I saw you outside the shop." I said as I took a step closer.


"Why didn't you come to me?" I asked because maybe she could've saved Jade from the attack.

"I was tracking the Vampire." She had begun to say. "When I saw you that morning, I didn't know you would be out of Stronghold. So I had to stop him, but he got away from me." She opened her dark jacket, revealing a large and fresh claw mark along the side of her stomach.

I stared at the redness of her wound, but could tell it was already healing. One thing caught my attention from what she said.

"Wait, you know about Stronghold?"

She nodded at my question.

"You will soon learn many things, but for right now, you must prepare. The one who wants you dead is working with the Vampires." I took two steps towards her after she said that.

"Wait, what?" I said in disbelief.

"It's time for you to go back to Avery Falls..." She turned her back to me, stared at the horizon, and pulled her hood back on. "You're ready."

I placed my hand on her shoulder and gently nudged her to turn back to look at me. Her big beautiful eyes just stared into mine.

"How am I suppose to get there?" I asked as I removed my hand from her.

She looked down at my hand and then back to my eyes. "Go to Ian, trust him."

She quickly turned back to face the horizon. "Now go. We'll see each other in a few days."

"But..." before I could finish my sentence, I was pulled backwards at full force.

This time I landed on something soft. I scrabbled to get up and as I looked around, I was back in my bedroom. I looked at the time, 3:00AM.

"Crap." I said to myself.

I sat on the edge of my bed. I played back everything that happened tonight and everything Amira had said. I couldn't believe I had to deal with Vampires now. Vampires have been in hiding for as long as I could remember from our history.

Centuries ago, Vampires and Werewolf use to live in peace. Everything changed when the Vamps wanted to use humans as slaves and basically rule over them. The details are fuzzy on what happened, but it was written that the first Werewolf Alpha King sought the help of the Spirits to hex the Vampires. So in turn, the Vamps' abilities were weakened. They longer had the power to go against the Werewolves.

I got off the bed and walked to check in on Devin. I know that after tonight he must not even be able to sleep. His door was slightly ajar and I knew he wasn't doing so good. I could hear his low sobs and I wouldn't blame him if he kicked me out, but I needed him to know I was there for him. I couldn't imagine losing someone you never got a chance to actually be with.

I slowly pushed his room door open. In a whisper, I said: "Hey, Dev."

He turned his head to look at me and started rubbing his eyes to make the evidence of his tears go away. He sat up against his headboard, but didn't say anything. I sat on the corner of his bed and watched him.

"I have to tell you something." My voice sounded guilty and Devin noticed.

"Why you sound like that?" Devin straightened himself.

"I know who killed Jade." I whispered it, but Devin still heard.

I hadn't told Devin about what happened in the alley. He was just too out of it that I didn't want to stress him even more. After the cops showed up, we were questioned about what happened. Mayor Scratch had shown up after questioning and I led him to where I dumped the Vamp's corpse. He sent some men from Stronghold to take the body away before any humans found it.

"What!" Devin climbed off the bed and stared at me with anger. "Why didn't you tell me... who was it?"

I stood up and backed away from Devin as I didn't know what he would do in this state.

"Please, Dev. Relax and let me explain." I kept my voice down, not wanting to wake Cindy and Ben.

"How can I relax when Jade's gone!" He whisper shouted and dragged his hands down his face.

"You'll need to sit for this explanation." I nudged him to sit on the bed as I grabbed his desk chair to sit across from him. He calmed down a bit and did as I asked.

"Oh boy. How do I even start." I took a deep breath and finally said it.

"My real name is Logan Avery. I'm the missing son of the Alpha King and Queen."

Devin's eyes widened, "What!?"

"Shhh! Let me finish."

"But this is huge!"

"I know, I know... but someone wanted me dead and they still do."

I paused to take another deep breath and held Devin by the shoulders to see the remorse in my eyes.

"Jade was attacked by a Vampire... that Vamp was after me. I don't know why Jade was caught in the middle."

Devin stood quiet with a pained look on his face.

"I have to go back home. Find out who's behind all this," I stood up off the chair, "..and stop them."

"I'm going with you."
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