Runaway Alpha

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8: Kitchen

I let out a loud gasp and touched my neck as I shot up to a sitting position. It was just a dream.

I grabbed my phone and it was midnight. I got off the bed, put on some sweat pants and headed to the kitchen for some water. That dream had me messed up.

I walked out of the room and it seemed everyone was still asleep, I hadn't woken them. I grabbed a empty glass from the cabinet and filled it up with water from the tap. Drinking, I thought back to the dream. Fuck, did I really want this Witch?

"Hi." I almost choked on the water when I heard her voice.

She scared the shit out of me, I didn't even sense her. No one has ever been able to sneak up on me like that. I quickly turned around after placing the cup on the counter. She had an amused look on her face.

"Did I scare you?" She teased as she leaned against the entryway.

I subconsciously rubbed the back of my neck. "Nah, you just caught me by surprise."

A small smile appeared on her face for just a second. Yeah, I looked like an idiot in front of her.

"You just coming in?" I asked her. I finally took notice of her appearance and damn she looked sexy. Tight black jeans, a leather jacket, and delicious red lips.

"Yes," was her short answer. I thought she would clarify even more, but I was wrong. I leaned back against the counter and stared straight at her and she returned the stare with a raised eyebrow.

"If you don't mind me asking, where'd you go?"

"Out." She said in monotone.

"Okay, I guess you do mind." I moved away from the counter, not taking my eyes away from her. "How am I suppose to trust you?"

I think this caught her off guard because her eyes widened a bit. She sighed. "I have things I can't share with you just yet."

I tensed because I felt this was something huge. I wanted to know now, I was tired of all these mysteries in my life.

"I don't need your help if I'm being kept in the dark. The past ten years I've been in darkness." I said with hurt evident in my tone.

Amira seemed to empathize with me as she sigh and finally said what I wanted to hear.


"Okay what?" I said confused.

"I'll tell you what you want to know." She stepped closer to me and suddenly placed her hands on either side of my temples.

My mind started swirling like if I was being sucked into a black hole. It stopped as soon as flash of a memory appeared in my mind. It was a memory of the birth of a child and a cloud of black smoke appearing next to the newborn. The smoke transformed into a person that I couldn't quite make out. The memory played in my mind like a movie scene. The instant I pulled out of the memory, I grabbed onto Amira's wrist as I slightly stumbled back.

"What the hell was that?" I was in shock which made my voice louder than intended.

Amira removed herself from my grasp and took a step back. "Do you remember when I told you about Familiars?" I didn't have to answer as she continued explaining.

"What you saw was the day of my birth and the person that appeared from the black smoke is... my Familiar." Her voice was soft and low.

"What? How is that possible?"

" I don't know how it's possible, but as you can see, Ky appeared the day I was born." I passed my hands through my hair as I tried registering this information.

"Ky is the reason you're still alive." Amira suddenly stated. "Spirits were known for their prophecies and Ky's prophecy is that you are the Alpha King that will keep the world from going into total chaos."

"Me? Why me, I'm nothing special?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Amira's eyes soften at my words, "You are meant to do great things." She extended her arms, asking permission this time to place her hands on my temples. "Here, I can help you see."

I didn't say anything and just took steps closer to her. She gently placed her hands on the sides of my head. I closed my eyes and this time I saw different scenes play out of an older version of me. The older me was helping out different species of supernatural creatures from unfortunate situations.

When it was done, I slowly opened my eyes and Amira was staring at me, her hands still holding my head. We stood looking deep into each other's eyes for moment and then she spoke.

"You must be careful once you return to the palace, there will be many attempts against you in the coming days."

I slowly and gently removed her hands away from my face, but I didn't let go of them once I lowered them.

"I will be." My eyes didn't leave hers. She was the one to cut our mini trance by clearing her throat and removing her hands away from mine. She moved away, ready to head to her bedroom.

"You should rest up, important day tomorrow."

I nodded. "See you in the morning."

The next morning Devin and I woke up to Savannah and Amira in the kitchen with breakfast ready. We each took a seat at the table after dropping our duffle bags near the exit. I stared at Amira and I stared a little too long until someone cleared their throat. I looked at Devin with an amused expression on his face.

"I really enjoyed having you two here," Savannah said to Devin and I. Then she gripped Devin gently on his forearm, "I hope you move on from your loss. If you ever need anything, remember, you can call me." Devin gave Savannah a half smile and before he could say anything, Amira spoke instead.

"Sav," there was a warning in her tone.

"What?" Savannah whispered in annoyance looking at Amira and removed her hand off of Devin.

Knowing Devin, he would had jumped at the chance to flirt back. Devin was always a natural flirt, but I knew he really liked Jade though... maybe even loved her. He hadn't hooked up with anyone since meeting her. It was going to take a lot for him to ever move on from her loss.

Breaking the tension between Amira and Savannah, I cleared my throat and slowly got up from my seat. "Thanks for everything you've done, but we should probably get going."

Devin nodded at me and turned to Savannah, "Thanks for everything Savannah...Amira."

We grabbed our duffles and headed out. Amira drove us until we reached the clearing out of the forest. As Devin got out the car I stood inside for a minute to speak to Amira.

"I wanted to ask you something." I stared into her eyes. She didn't break eye contact and just nodded.

"Before I head to the palace, do you know how my parents have been."

Amira had on a sad smile. "It's tough for any parent to lose a child, but I think they've dealt with it as best they could."

I smiled at her words. "Thanks."

She grabbed my hand that was resting on my thigh and she squeezed it gently. "Everything will be okay," she tried to reassure me.

I nodded, squeezed her hand gently in return, and pulled away. "Take care." I moved to open the car door when Amira suddenly grabbed my hand again to stop me.

"Wait." She took out a small bottle filled with green liquid. "Take this. You'll need it."

"What's this?" I asked confused.

"It's to cover your scent." She turned my hand over and placed the bottle on my palm. "With one drop on your tongue, your scent will be covered for an hour."

I nodded and as soon as I stepped out the car, Amira sped off.

"You two have some serious sexual tension." Amusement evident on Devin's face and I just glared at him for saying that.

"Let's go," I shoved Devin by the shoulder with mine and he just laughed. It took us about half hour to walk to the palace, I didn't want us to shift as to not cause any unwanted attention.

I was finally going to see my parents after so many years and truthfully, I was afraid. Afraid that they'd be upset with me for running away and making them believe I've disappeared forever.
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