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“Yes Momma, I will be home early today” I said and hung the call. I got back to work and the next thing I know its 5 in the evening. I stopped by the store and grabbed some diet coke and chocolates. I still don't understand why my momma asked me to come home early.

It took me only 30 minutes to reach home.
“Hey momma.”
“Hey baby”
“What's the occasion?”
“Your Liam along with his momma are back-”
“Liam? As to Liam Mathews?” I asked with wide eyes.
“Yes! Now how about you go and get fresh. They will be here any minute.”
“Language baby” momma scolded.
I winked at her and went to my room for a shower. I will be meeting my best friend after seven fucking years. Which means I will be meeting his mom, Rose Mathews. I was having a huge crush on her when I was 14. I have also imagined my self in her room. I can now imagine her under me when I am-
I shook my head with the thought and enter the bathroom. She is a single mom and she was only 16 when she got pregnant with Liam and she did everything she could to give Liam the life he deserves. She was so young and sexy and beautiful. I wish I don't have the effect anymore. I took my shower and and wrapped a towel around my waist. I went infront of my mirror to have a look. I must look like a grown person. I dressed in black jeans and white shirt and went downstairs.

“Hey Dylan!” Liam called as I entered the living room.
“Hey Liam! Man you are still so ugly.” I said and he slapped me in my back.
“Language babies” our mom said in unison.
“Both are so creepy” Liam whispered. And I nodded.

The moment I entered the dinning my mouth fell to the floor. Liam's mom is still so beautiful. In fact she is more beautiful and sexy. She was wearing a Green silk top and black jeans. Her cleavage was slightly visible and I mentally smacked myself for looking her like this. She came and hugged me.

"Hey Dylan! Look at you. You got so big and handsome." Wait what? Double meaning?

"Hello Ms Mathews. You are getting prettier than before."

"No. Call me Rose." She said and my eyes got wide for a second but she seemed to notice it. I couldn't help but notice her lips. How would it feel around my dick? Fuck! Dylan stop!

"Rose. I missed you guys." I said and forced myself to look at Liam.

"Okay. How about we have our dinner and talk?" Mom said.

“Sure. Lemme help you, Laura” Rose said and turned to help momma. She swayed her ass as she went and I felt myself aroused.
The crush I used to have is back and I am imagining all the dirty things I wanted to do with her

“So. You have anyone in your Life?”

“Nah. What about you?”

“Yeah. There is one. I mean. I really like her. But nothung exclusive”

We had our dinner in little chit chats.

“Mama, I have some work.” Liam said to Rose “Is it okay if Dylan Drops you home?”

I swear I choked on my food. Is he kidding?

“No Problem. Unless Dylan is fine” and they all looked at me.

“No Rose. I will be happy to do so. ”

With that. They bid good byes to momma and I bid good bye to my sanity.

Their new place was 10 mins ride from ours and while we were seated in the car, I was stealing glances from the geek goddess. Its only been a minute and I felt like hours. Yup! That's the effect she still has on me.
Until she broke the silence
“How's work going?”

“Its going great!”

“You know? You have changed a lot.”

“yeah? How so?”

“Yeah, I mean. Look at you. You turned from cute to handsome in like no time.”

“Seven years Rose. That's a lot of time.”

“Still seems yesterday. Anyways, do you have anyone special?” she asked. YES!! THAT'S YOU!! I internally screamed.

“Nah. Not really. You?”

“This question isn't valid for me anymore. I am too old to be dating.”

“Too old? Have you looked at you? You are too hot to be saying something like this. ”

“You think I am hot?”

“I always did. Still do.” I said as we reached her place.

“Well.. Thanks I guess!”

“For what?” I asked as we entered inside.

“For finding me hot.”

“Oh Come on. You might be getting it everyday.”

“You are the first person in like years to tell me i am hot. No one really approach me. They say i scare them away.”

“Does that mean....???” I couldn't help but think....

“Yes Dylan, No sex till now.”

“Not yet!” I said out bluntly and saw her eyes twinkle. “By the way, nice place you got there.” I tried to change the subject.

“Yeah. That's true.”

“Why both the bedrooms are so far away from eachother?”

“Well, I dont want to hear the grunts and moans of Liam and any girl he brings over.” she said and I burst out laughing.

“So tell me something. Dont you have eyes on anyone?”

“I do, but before You ask me who, help me get a couple of boxes in their place.”

It took us a few minutes to do the work. And I sat on the couch, closing my eyes, relaxing a bit while she went to freshen up. I opened my eyes to footsteps coming towards the door and saw her wearing a Sweat short and a tank top. Her petite body and the way she maintained herself made her look like no more than 25. I looked away as I realized myself gazing at her. I heard her stiffle a laugh and turned my head towards her. I raised my brows and she shook her head in response.

She sat near me with one leg on top of the other and folded her arms, making her boobs to pop up a little. I troedy best not to stare at her. But couldn't help.

Rose's POV

I internally smirked when I saw him trying so hard to behave. After talking for 5 minutes I went to the kitchen counter for drinks. That's when I felt a presence behind me. I didn't need to study rocket science to know who it was and I tried my best to control myself.
Well all my sanity jumped out of the window when his breaths fanned my ears. I suppressed my moans.
“Afraid of your own games, Rose?”

“I do-don't know what you are talking About.”
That's when I felt his arms snake my waist and pulls me closer to his chest. I was so close I could feel his heart beating faster than ever.

“You know it. I can see it in your eyes.” he said and I turned to face him. I gripped his collar.

“Prove it!” I demanded.
He grabbed me by my hair and crashed my lips in one go. His tongue seeking entrance which I wasn't ready to give already. I tugged on my hair making me gasp and he took the chance to claim my mouth. Our tongue moving with each other. And I was loving every second of it.
We pulled apart at the lack of air and were breathing heavily.

“That was-” I started.

“Amazing? God i wanted to do that from a long time!” he said as he attacked my lips again.

I was so lost that didn't realize his hands making their way inside my tank top. I pulled away. There was confusion all over his face.

“I am sorry Rose, I should have asked-”

“Its okay, I want it.” I said and pulled away to get my tank top and tossed on the counter.

Lust swirled over his iris and he made his way towards me. I backed off playing this game until the wall stopped me. He scooped my ass and carried me to the kitchen counter.

“You can't escape from me baby.” he whispered in a husky and I felt a shiver down my spine.

“Then dont let me” I whispered back and looked directly at his eyes.
He took one of his hand to my right boob and started massaging slowly, his thumb flicking my nipples while his other hand slipped inside my shorts and started toying my clit. I couldn't help but moan with all the things he was doing to me. I felt one finger entering my aching core and while his thumb was adding pressure to my clit in a circular motion.

“Dylan, more!”
I said and he entered another finger inside me. Stretching my insides. He increased his pace and I could feel my orgasm building.

“That's it, cum on my finger baby!”
And that's all it took for me.

Dylan's POV

I could feel her insides clenching and that's when she....
“Fuck! Wow..!!” she squirted.

“That's was great.” she whispered, still panting from the orgasm I gave.
I kneeled and gave her wet fold a lick and felt her squirm.
“Dylan, Please!”

“Please what?” she looks all flushed.

“Fuck me damn it!”
I chuckled on her tone. And unbuckled my belt and opened my jeans and boxers on one go. My dick sprang to life and I can see her eyes wide in shock and surprise. I positioned myself between her legs and rubbed the tip of my cock on her clit. She let out a frustrated groan and before she could protest I slammed it all inside her with out warning. She yelled my name at my suddenness and I didn't move for a moment, letting her adjust. Once said she was okay, I moved in a slow pace. I slowly increased my pace as I moved her legs on my shoulders and fucked her like it was what I need. I felt her insides clenching my dick and it triggered my release. I thrusted some more times before I spilled it all inside her. I fell on her chest, both of us breathing heavily. That's when it struck. We didn't use a condom.

“Fuck Rose we didnt-”

“I am on pill, relax.”
And that's when the thought of taking her again came to my mind and got hard instantly. Rose's eyes got wide when she felt my hardness near her entrance.

“Its Not over, is it?”

“We have the night to ourselves.” I said and flipped her on her stomach brought her ass to the air.

We fucked till we both passed out.
This was the most forbidden thing I have ever done. I just finished fucking my best friend's Mom!
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