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2-The Mafia Boss


What a shitty day! I almost missed my flight to Italy, almost left my luggage at the airport and almost got killed. Too much for a 21 year old.
Well that's what I think. Not my daddy dearest though. He says we should be ready for the worst being from a mafia family. Not that I am from a mafia family, my dad was the right hand of the Italian Mafia, Leonardo Russo the well known Mafia's in Italy, from years. The D'Angelos have been serving the Russo's from years.

So now as their only heir, they made sure that even as a girl, I should be no less than a guy. My mom died giving birth to me and my Dad is too loyal to think I about second marriage. So here I am the guy of the family. I hope that goes for having different guy every single day.

Very funny!
Nah! Just kidding LOL!!

So here I am, infront of my house. I pressed the door bell and I heard the door opened. My Dad was their with a smile as big as Asia, greeting me with a huge bear hug.

"Oh baby girl, I missed you so much. You should come home more often." Yeah right. He still treats me as his baby.

"Now you don't have to worry, am not leaving any soon." I said and tiptioed to kiss on his cheek. least I tried. I am just a little above 5'1 where as he is more than 6'3. Guess that's the only thing I got from mom's side. He laughed as I failed and lifted me to let me kiss his cheeks. Ohh! How kuch I missed my old man!!

"Are you hungry?" My dad asked.
"I am starving!" I said and let out a deep sigh.
"Why don't you go get free, we have something to talk too." He said and started heating up the food.


I changed into the most comfortable PJs and headed downstairs. The aroma of home and dad's food was a bliss.
I saw the plates ready and sat on the chair.

"So? What is it that you wanna talk about?" I asked.
"As you know. The D'Angelos have been serving the Russo's from years. And you are currently the last D'Angelo. So....I was thinking-" I cut him.
"I know where this is going." I stated as I swirled my food with the spoon. I was more worried about my confidence in mafia wars. If I am capable of-

"If you don't want then I will talk to Leonardo and find someone else. But I needed to talk to you."

"No dad! I am just worried of I can do my best or not." I said and looked up to see my dad eyes soften.

"I don't wanna risk your life baby. You are my only family and the remainder of your mother."

"Dad No! You won't be risking my life. You have taught me too well. Its the best I can do to keep your legacy going. I want to do this."
I could see the pride and happiness as I said so. It made me happy to know that he trusts me.

"Can you tell me briefly about what I will be doing?"
"You will know everything tomorrow. Just know that your boss name is Lorenzo Russo."
"Okay. Is he hot?" I blurted out and slapped my palm on my mouth as I realized.
He narrowed his eyes on me. Wow, its weird.
"I really hope you won't try to end up on his bed, young woman." I looked everywhere but him.
I just wanted to leave the place soon as possible. We ate our lunch in silence and I told my dad that will be partying before I will be drowned in new mafia responsibilities. So he suggested me a club downtown called the blue moon.

I went to my room and unpacked the main bag where all my party dresses are kept. And went to take a nap. I still had hours to get ready.


It was 8 in the evening and I am all dolled up. I was wearing a burgundy bodycon dress that was quite contrast to my pale skin and my dark brown hair loose which reached to my hip. My lipstick as the same color as my dress and I wore a laced heel that reached my mid thighs. Satisfied with my look. I took my car keys along with my phone and purse and headed to the bar.


30 mins later, I was in the bar near the drink counter. Drinking my 5th red wine and And checking out guys. And just then I felt it. Ever felt being watched. From a distance. Yes, exactly. That's what I felt. I looked around and saw a man in suit with the tie loosened up. I couldn't see his face properly. Even without seeing I knew by the way his body relaxed, he was hot and hell. I turned around to the bartender and handed him my card and he waved it off. I looked confused.
"Its been paid."
"Who paid?"
"He's sitting over there." And directed me to the man who was looking at me. I thanked him and walked towards the mystery man.
I breathe hitched as I saw him. Chiseled jaw, light stubble on face, kissable lips and more over, the greenest eyes I have ever seen. And he looked a little over his mid thirties and he looked familiar which I couldn't remember. He offered me to sit and I realized I wasn't just staring at the person, I was gazing at him and I could feely face heat up with embarrassment. He might have notice my face all flushed as he chuckled and I found myself squirming ony seat.

"Thank you for the drinks. It was really nice of you."
"No big deal." He said as his eyes grazed me over again. I could feel myself all red under his gaze and I don't know why. I am never this shy and nervous infront of any guy.

I looked at him as he stood up and gave me his hand "Can I have a dance with you?" He Asked. Aww, that's so gentleman of you. I wanted to say even if I got an dangerous and don't you dare fuck with me vibe.
"Sure." I said and flashed a sexy smile at him and took his hand.
He guided me to the dance floor and I started moving my body according to the beat. I turned around with my back facing his and started moving against his chest and body. I could feel his growing member and I rubbed myself all over him. After a few minutes, he turned me around and grabbed my ass and I put my arms around his neck. I reached his chest with my heels. I smelt like whiskey and cigarettes and his cologne was driving me crazy. My breath hitched as I felt him squeeze my ass a little and he said "Look at me." With a husky and Commanding voice. I couldn't but obey. As I did I saw his eyes getting dark with lust, desire and.....possessiveness? I don't know.

I could feel his breath on my lips and we kept staring at eachother's lips for a few seconds unless His lips slammed to mine. We got lost in the kiss. He was the one to break the kiss and we were catching our breaths. He tilted my head and kissed my neck and whispered "You wanna take this to the room?" I couldn't form any words so instead I nodded. We exited from the bar and booked a cab as I was feeling dizzy to even drive and drove to a hotel room. Keeping hands off eachother was out of choice.


As soon as we entered the room pulled my dress over my head in one swift motion and took a step back to take a proper view and saw his lips curved into a sexy smirk. I was only in my lace panties and my heels.
I went to him and took of the blazer and the shirt off him while he unbuckled his belt. He took out the packet of condom and placed it on the nightstand. Now he was just in his boxers and his big hard member was popping out, ready to devour me. He came towards me and kissed me hard grabbing me by waist and carried me to the bed.

He slowly untied the lace of my heels and took it off my feet. Once the heels were gone, he kissed my ankle and his hands made their at up my thighs. His touches firm yet soft and he rubbed circles across my panty line. He was nibbling on my thighs as he started to pull of my panties. As I was completely naked and exposed to him I felt him part my legs with his knees and look at me. His lips dropped to mine and he started rocking his hips against mine. He was still in his boxers. I was sure there will be a lot of marks as he was sucking on my skin.

He took off his boxers and my eyes almost popped out of the sockets. I sure am not a virgin but I haven't had sex in like 2 years. He took the condoms from the night stand and rolled on over it. As if he read my mind he whispered "I will be gentle, I promise."
"I don't want you to be gentle."I whispered back.
"Are you sure? You don't know what you are asking for." He said and I felt a shiver run down my spine. But I am not backing out.
"I am sure. Just Do-" I was cut off and screamed as he slammed into me with a really hard thrust and stayed still. After a few seconds he started moving inside me with deep yet slow thrusts and I gasped-moaned with every thrusts. His speed was increasing with each thrusts and my moans turned into screams of pleasure. He grabbed both my wrists above my head as he slammed into me. He took control and I loved to be in his control. I could feel my orgasm building. He lowered his head and licked my earlobe and and that's all it took for me to cum. It wasn't much later when he flipped me to all fours and slammed me from behind. Why hasn't he cum yet? Was all I could think as I screamed in ecstasy. I could feel my second orgasm building. After a few more thrusts I felt his body jerking.
"I am going to cum." I moaned
"Cum with me." And we came together.
He fell on my side and we both were breathing hard. I lifted my head and he turned his head towards me.
"You wanna share initials?" I asked
"Do you want us to?"
"Is there any way our paths are gonna cross again?"
"May be. Maybe not. But we have all night and I want you to scream my name." He said and I blushed.
"Call me Nora."
"Enzo." He said and smiled. I smiled back.
He grabbed my hair and kissed my jaw and neck and asked "Are you ready for round two?"
I nodded and rolled us over and I found myself top of him. And we fucked all night and I passed out on my unknown orgasm. I lost count after 7.

Next day

Enzo drained out all my energy last night and it was around 7 when dad called me and told me to be ready by 10. Enzo was sleeping while I sneaked out with a note

I am sorry Enzo, got an emergency call and didn't want to wake you up.

I reached home and went straight to take a shower. I came out of the shower and got dressed in a black jeans and buttoned shirt to look a little formal. It was almost 10 so I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to the Russo's mansion.

As I reached the mansion the guards let me in and I saw my dad waiting for me. I mumbled "Good morning Daddy" and he greeted back. We were heading to the office room and I found myself getting a tad nervous. But I shooed it away. Dad opened the door and was the first to enter as formalities aren't necessary!
"Good morning Lorenzo."
"Good morning Uncle Giovanni." Wait! I know that voice.
"Eleanora, come in." My dad called in a civil voice. As I entered I nearly choked on the air.


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